Saturday, July 1, 2017

Faster Than Nascar, Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

While the studies on the speed of light have not fully disproven the theory that it is the fastest we can go, there is increasing evidence that it might actually not be accurate. Some point out that dark energy seems to go at a faster rate than ever as time goes on. They also have observed that if the Big Bang theory is correct, the universe expanded way quicker than light speed when the cosmos were in their infancy. Some scientists in carefully controlled experiments have even managed to clock pulses that actually beat out the speed of light. While how or why we may be able to go faster than light speed is not yet certain, it seems that we may not be as limited as we previously thought.

With all that said, we're not ready to go around announcing to family and friends that the absolute speed limit for light is NOT 286,000 miles per second.  Not just yet. It is likely the explanation will not be so simple. Remember, mass is transformed (or broken down) as it approaches the speed of light and so all mass must convert to light waves in order to achieve such speeds.

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