Saturday, June 10, 2017

Turn It Off

If you are a regular visitor to the North Texas Drifter, you've likely read that you should stop watching television. You haven't done it yet, have you?

Why? They're not telling you the truth so why do you keep tuning in? As a matter of fact, they're telling you what to think and generally, because you watch television, you don't have a clue as to what is really going on out there. Oh, you may think you've got a handle on the MSM news, but you don't.

Fox News isn't going to save you. Neither is MSNBC. Or CNN. They are all outlets for propaganda and they are all making a fool out of you.

Six corporations worldwide own all the news outlets. How easy it is for them to keep the population in the dark and manipulate knowledge, truth, even their understanding of human nature.

You, that's right, YOU need to quit watching that mind-numbing crap.


  1. without the tv i have nothing to do.

  2. Grow a garden. Whittle a bust of Obama. That nothing to do crap doesn't fly. You're just phukkin lazy.

    I haven't owned or watched TV for over 30 years. Trust me, there's stuff to do. And you'll be better off doing it

  3. Quit watching TV and I guarantee that eventually you'll find something better to do. Television is a passive brainwashing device. Don't you want to think your own thoughts?