Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trust In Government?

These days, when I hear a news report about some shooting, I no longer automatically trust the media to give me the truth of the matter. There have been too many questionable incidents that have occurred in the US in regard to gun violence. It has been suggested numerous times that these incidents are arranged by parties with a political ax to grind.

Check out all the liberals surrounding the Sandy Hook incident. Or, any of those other shootings as well. Before the bodies have turned cold, they are all over the media, shouting for more gun control, more government oversight, blah blah blah. Doesn't that seem just a little suspicious to you?

And all those victims. Have you tried to look up and verify that these shooting victims really exist? I have and I cannot trace a single one nor can I find the survivors. They make a statement to the media and then disappear. Would the FBI lie? Would the head of the FBI lie? Of course, James Comey would lie.

Powerful political forces are putting on bogus displays of violence to influence the American voter and stir up emotions. Both political parties do it. Don't believe me? Then do your own research but whatever you do, do not believe the mainstream media on these matters. They are lying to us.

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  1. Nobody but socialists and globalists believe in big government anymore. Big government protects slavery.