Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What A Crock!

Why would US President Trump take the US out of the Paris International Climate Change Agreement?

Because Climate Change (global warming/cooling) is a hoax/strategy perpetrated on the world by our globalist masters, that's why. If you think the climate is changing, then do something about it. Like, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. But leave the rest of us alone!

Climate change! What a crock!


  1. Greatest hoax of the modern era? Well, maybe, but remember we've also got the attack on 9/11 and a handful of fake public shootings around the world that could also qualify as the greatest hoaxes of the modern era.

  2. 1) If "manmade climate change" (nee "global warming") is so dead certain, why has there been so much cheating, deception, and disregard for data that defied the "consensus?"

    1b) Why have so many of the computer model predictions been wrong, when the results are observable in real life?

    2) What is the temperature of the earth supposed to be?

    3) Is it not true that scientists are more likely to confirm findings that will ensure their continued funding? You can easily purchase a consensus.

    4) Even if climate change is happening, and even if it's caused by human activities, and even if the consequences may be dire, when has massive international government intervention been effective? Even disregarding the 99% corruption that occurs, other than redistributing money (usually to UN bureaucrats, often to warlords and tyrants, occasionally to the cause it's earmarked for) what have they accomplished?

    All of this to say that a healthy skepticism of climate change alarmism is a rational response, and that massive government intervention should be viewed with a suspicious eye.


  3. Environmentalism is a secular cult.

  4. I've no problem with climate change. It changes all the time - always has and always will.

    What frosts my gizzard is the grotesque scam the U.N. is perpetrating, aided and abetted by legions of sycophantic simpletons. It's envy - the U.N. bureaucracy (with sympathetic U.S. politicians) would love to throttle the U.S. economic engine, and have us line their pockets in the process.

  5. I get it. The government wants me to rearrange my life and belief system so that they can better take care of me.