Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Megafauna: Where Did They Go?

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Once upon a time, there were lots of other large animals like the Elephant roaming the earth -- for instance, the Wooly Mammoth. We refer to these extinct creatures as Megafauna. The Megafauna disappeared only recently, in the range of tens of thousands of years, and scientists do not know why. The two main reasons that have been speculated are over-hunting by man and climate change (I know, let's blame it on climate change -- why not a plague or an apocalyptic asteroid strike?). Those who say it may be climate change have very little evidence (like, none) besides claiming that there isn’t enough evidence for the other explanations. As for the over-hunting theory, most scientists say even if it were true, there may be very little archeological evidence. So, the Mystery remains unsolved. What do you think might have happened?


  1. They went out for coffee and never came back.

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    1. In the words of Andrew Dice Clay, "Ohhh! Bada-bing! Give the man a kewpie doll!"