Saturday, May 6, 2017

Live And Let Die


  1. Saw PMac @ AAC two or three years ago. Awesome show. We were first row balcony off of stage right. When the flash pots exploded during L&LD, you could feel the heat (and vibrations).

    I had long lamented not seeing him during the WOA '76 tour (during college I purt' near wore out a Maxell cassette tape of the concert double LP commuting from Euless/Grapevine to Denton every day. Similar to missing the Eagles @ DCCA on the HC tour (to which I had tickets for the asking from a record industry family friend, but had to work that night), I'm convinced that the 21st century shows by both were probably better than their '70s versions.

  2. I saw PMac @ Texas Stadium in early 80's (I think) with nosebleed seats in the back. Mac was a dot on the stage but they had big screens. What a great concert. Hey Jude!