Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Only Hope

Liberal Democrats in the USA are on a mission. They are angry they lost the presidential election and their political party has fallen, yet it has not stopped the most caustic attacks I have ever witnessed in American politics and culture. They've made no bones about it, they will not quit their yelping and gnashing of teeth until President Trump is either impeached, ineffective, or dead. The political game continues to divide the American people by race, by sex, by class, by religion, by any means in order to destroy perceived white hegemony and transform the nation from a constitutional republic into a pure democracy. By the way, pure democracy is communism, in case you needed a quick review.

Now, I know some of you snowflakes out there think communism sounds like a pretty good deal. I mean, you're given a shitty little apartment along with a stipend for food and if you're lucky, maybe you'll be given a job picking up after those who rule over you. That's right -- the Pelosis and the Clintons and the Obamas of the world. Elite communists working to destroy what is left of American freedom.

For pity's sake, there's not much left anyway. Political correctness, propaganda, and outright brainwashing have taught the American viewing public that skyscrapers can burn up and fall at free fall speeds and that we need to go to war against the a-rabs while we invite millions of them into our country. Yes, that makes sense. Come on, how gullible can you be?

Want to destroy a sovereign nation? Here's how: Open the borders and let all the country's enemies in. Any cultural war we may perceive out there appears to have already been lost. Most of our politicians are sold-out globalist elitists. Any one of them has more money than I will ever hope to see and they keep on passing dehumanizing legislation. Good Lord, the Democrats want to re-write the Bible.

The only hope for America -- and I mean this -- is that Donald Trump indeed does turn out to be a conservative tyrant. The Democrat Political Party and the march towards globalism can be stopped, despite what the little red atheists say. Trump will have to institute martial law and arrest members of the government. Democrats are traitors to their country and the law of the land. They have lost their way and do not deserve positions of respect or power. The swamp is polluted and dangerous for the rest of the country. Drain it. Out, out, now.

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