Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday News And Views

It's Easter! Happy Easter!

Hired Leftist thugs attacked President Trump supporters in Berzerkley, California and the mayor instructed the police chief to stand down. They want Trump supporters to be beaten. These California mayors and the mayors of so-called sanctuary cities in the US are likely to see a pushback they cannot control. And the Democrat-inspired civil war continues. Lawsuits for everyone! Eventually, somebody went to work because 16 rioters were arrested.

Maxine Waters continues to make asinine remarks about anything related to the President. She is bold along with her massive stupidity as she calls for the impeachment of President Trump on the grounds of... GROUNDS! We don't need no stinking grounds! We don't need to give a reason to impeach Trump! He's racist! That's all you need to know!

In other Democrat hand-wringing this week, now the global hand-warmers say we have only 10 years to save the planet. That's not much time. They better get busy and begin attacking more conservatives in the streets or else, ya know, the ice caps are going to melt and we're, like, going to drown. Or something.

President Donald Trump has appointed freedom of conscience and religious liberty defender Roger Severino to head the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). What a stroke of genius. You see, Severino is a Christian.

Draining the swamp, one government agency at a time.

Even with all the news that does find its way to the American public, you can't really believe anything you see or read these days. It's ideology versus ideology so pick a side. There isn't going to be any room for conscientious objectors. You won't be able to stand on the sidelines without being hit. The Democrats and globalists appear to want to force confrontation. Okay, so let's give 'em what they want. See you in Berzerkley.

There are lots of side-shows in the news. The real work is going on without much fanfare. For instance, are you aware that beginning after the election of Donald Trump to the White House, peadophile rings across the nation were being busted up and members arrested? These include several prominent Democrats, so I've beel told. One rumor claims the wealthy head of a car dealership in Weatherford was arrested, but it cannot be verified.

Is North Korea a problem? Not really. Another side-show.

Global domination by one, misinformed, hungry-for-power group. Now, that's a problem.

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