Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fear Me, America!

For those out there alarmed at the prospects of war with North Korea, I can only say that once again you have been duped. What is it exactly that makes you think North Korea is a threat anyway? It's a lot of hand-waving to distract you from other matters.

The greatest threat to you, my friends, is the loss of your freedom. The global elite think they know what's best for the sheep and the cattle. You see, there are far too many of us. We've been allowed to breed way past what nature can provide, or so they tell us. The truth is, there are so many of us now, if we discovered what was behind all the lies and greed and wars and corrupt governments and banks and were moved to action, we could easily overpower our leaders and their paid stormtroopers.

To make matters worse, we're all going to die because of the blinking climate change. They say the discussion is over. No more debate. We're all gonna die.

Before that happens, however, the government and the media says we must drop our old-fashioned morality and accept new ways of having sex. I don't know if I'm up for that. Additionally, those of us in America must stop believing in borders and national sovereignty because, you know, it's not good for a global perspective. Yep, we're going to change our laws to be more inclusive. We're adding sharia law to municipalities so Muslims will feel more at home. Heck, Christian churches are being pushed out anyway for being patriarchic. Well, that's okay, you can still be a Methodist.

Plus, there is no room for bigots anymore. Yes, I mean you, white America. You've been pampered long enough. Your free pass is over. No more free speech for you.

The globalists and the forces of the progressive left now control your television set and whatever your little mind thinks about. Make no mistake, it is they who anoint our leaders. They want you to be afraid and they do not want you to have faith in anything beyond their control. You live by their rules.

Still concerned about North Korea? Don't be. In a show of force this week, NK splashed two rockets that were intended to send fear into the hearts of all Americans. North Korea has between 10 and 24 nukes, or so they say. The US has thousands. Task Groups from the US Seventh Fleet are presently cruising the waters off the Inchon Peninsula and armed with enough ordnance, nuclear and otherwise, to make North Korea little more than a memory.

There's plenty to be wary about, but North Korea isn't one of them; unless, that is, you're vacationing in Pyongyang.

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