Thursday, April 6, 2017

Drug Tests For All!

The Decatur, Texas, local paper claimed some unspecified person or persons requested outgoing school superintendent Rod Townsend institute drug testing on students. The proposal was quickly re-defined to affect only those students who compete and are involved in school activities and also those students who are deemed "at risk." So, the program, if instituted, will cost 50 or 60K a year, will profile students for drug use, test them, and then if the student is caught with drugs in his body, I suppose he'll be punished and/or sent to rehab or counseling which is sure to break mommy and daddy's bank.

The unnamed person or persons said drug testing was needed because Decatur High School has a drug problem. Who is this unnamed source with all the inside knowledge about Wise County and why is Rod Townsend even listening? As is often the case with the Wise County newspaper, it is not what is said that is most relevant and most interesting; rather, who is making these claims about drug use at DHS? Apparently, the editors at The Messenger do not want us to know.

Anyone living in Wise County knows that the drug of choice is alcohol. After that is speed. Truck drivers love that sh*t and sometimes I think 8 in 10 Wise County men are or were truck drivers.

What needs to be done first in Wise County as far as drug testing goes, is to test all government employees once a month, including law enforcement. Then maybe we can consider testing our own children.

In related news, yesterday Jerry Jones asked the NFL to let his Cowboys smoke pot without consequences in the off season.

Here's an update on the DHS drug testing discussion: It was school board member Marsha Hafer who claimed drug use as a problem at the high school. “I’ve been approached by parents on this issue more than any other subject,” she said, then concluding “It is a problem.” So, it was nameless parents who claimed DHS has a drug problem?

Board member Wade Watson said the threat of drug testing would be a deterrent for student drug use. “For $50,000, if we save one student, it’s money well spent,” he said. For God's Sakes, man, we must think of the children! It's arguments like Mr. Watson's that have broken more than one municipal budget and led to out of control political correctness. You want to save children? Get their fathers involved in raising them.

They should drop the matter altogether unless, like I suggested above, they test everybody. Teachers and administrators included. Ya'll might be surprised to discover how many speed freaks are teaching your kids and working for your local school.

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