Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Great 21st Century Migration

The US has kept big yearly numbers for immigration in the past few years -- through Obama's term. But that was and still is, part of the larger game to destroy white hegemony and a constitutional government that can't work for everybody just because no persons of color were in charge when the original document was written.

As I'm sure you've heard, the numbers of illegals are in the millions and they are unaccountable -- which drives people nuts because of the lack of associated tax collection, wages being sent back to Mexico and not recirculated back into the economy (it's a global economy now, man, get yer head screwed on straight), disease -- remember the Ebola scare? -- and also to varying degrees because of a perceived threat from Islamist terrorists. Crazed fanatics at the border literally dying to be in America. Exploding with happiness.

Yes, you know what? The public responded with the election of Donald Trump. He's the guy who talks openly about a wall. Because of it, he's been deemed a racist and an enemy of the globalists. Yet the Democrats have made a public spectacle of themselves, exposing their modus operandi and dirty tricks and nasty temper tantrums for the entire world to see. While it makes for fine television viewing, it's not a very well-thought out strategy, in my estimation.

You know, when you think about illegal immigration, you think about cartel thugs, gardeners and landscapers, men who work in the heat of the day, and nannies and those guys that came to repair my roof after the big hail storm, but that's about it because that's how the media portrays immigrants to the public. They're either the baddest of the bad, like Scarface, or a young man dressed like a cowboy, or a woman with a baby. Remember the Super Bowl ad of the Hispanic lady and her child? Did it tug at your heartstrings? It's okay if it did because it was designed that way.

On the other hand, if you call them undocumented workers, you think about the numbers of people. It's not so personal that way. From the stats, you can see most are starting from the bottom up. These folks are laborers, mostly unskilled; they are dirt poor, uneducated, unsophisticated, and likely feel they have nothing to lose. A night in the pokey, a sandwich with a bag of chips, probably Doritos, and a free ride back across the border is no big deal.

That's the usual course for our neighbors from the south.

And maybe it's not a big deal. After all, Jorge Ramos said this week the US (the Southwest? Texas? California? Arizona and New Mexico?) already belonged to Mexico. Huh? Well, the idea is to erase the border and allow sovereignty to fade away as well. Mexico, the US, and Canada would merge into a socialist union. That's the progressive goal.

What the almighty powers are not telling us (because we are the great unwashed) is why is it so important to uproot people from their homes in the Middle East and Africa (Syria, et al) through wars of our own making and then transplant them by the millions into Europe, Scandinavia, and North America? Bear in mind, for years and years, these same folks referred to the US as the Great Satan. We don't see Saudi Arabia opening its arms to its fellow Arabs. Why not? Because they are calling the shots and they don't want all the human refuse either.

Perhaps the deep reason is to intentionally mix bloodlines, to mix races with the intent of what, exactly? Is the idea to permanently remove social discrimination by making everyone look more like one another?

Maybe. I don't get Illuminati email updates, so I can't be sure. An anthropology professor once told me that to get rid of war, populations had to be mixed. He was partly right, I think, in the sense that it would be hard to bomb folks you know, but Americans have done it before. The professor's idea was that the increase of new DNA should be brought into a society via the use of an exchange program where women volunteer to repatriate and inter-marry, thus the addition of the new bloodlines are subtle. A massive immigrant program such as we are witnessing is likely to be designed to destabilize society by causing a strain on resources as well as an in-your-face culture-to-culture facedown.

It's not really a matter of having compassion for others. Rather, it is a common sense desire for protection against outsiders and peoples whose cultures are very different. The media, as usual, has not been honest in its reporting on why the Great Migration of the 21st Century is happening because the nasty secret is that world destabilization is the goal. Out of the following conflagration will emerge... what? Something better? Fat chance.

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