Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doom And Gloom

When a government turns against its citizens, patriots become potential terrorists overnight. That's what happened in the US when the Democrats came to power. Democrats and neocons brought socialism, globalism, and deteriorating sovereignty into office with the promise of a global government. They then declared white, Christian men to be the greatest threat to the country. That should have been the first and only hint we needed to rise up and take our country back. Yet, we did not. Instead, bureaucrats and party shills were given all the government jobs and all the fancy grants. The rest of us were placed under surveillance.

Now that the Democrats have actually begun to admit their goals of global dominance (that's what Dr. Evil wanted too, right?), suddenly there's nothing wrong with communism and the loss of personal freedom.

They've lied to us. They've lied to us about what is right and they've lied to us about what is wrong. We American citizens are now members of social experiments by meddling political hacks like Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan, McCain, ad nausea. If any of these folks are your personal heroes, then you should get a life. They lied to us about their agenda. They've broken the laws of the land and operate outside of the Constitution, claiming the old "living document" argument in order to justify their need to corrupt every institution they touch.

Yes, you!
Here's the thing. Most American men do not have the wherewithal or the cajones to make a stand. They are afraid of losing their phony baloney jobs, or they're afraid of being arrested, or maybe even murdered by the storm trooper authorities. Fear is a great motivating factor -- it can move you to do nothing at all and that is what has happened in the US. There is also the matter of ascertaining the truth. The media is wholly an extension of the US (and global) government and so its lack of truthful reporting obfuscates reality. The Progressives & neocons have committed numerous staged incidents in order to further their agenda. The media plays right along. If you want to know the truth about anything these days. the mainstream media is not the place to go. On one hand, there is the truth; on the other hand, there is what the media tells us.

The lack of truth has become an epidemic. They call it fake news. I call it dishonesty and I see it everywhere. As an example, it seems wherever I go these days, I run into veterans from one of the many wars my government has participated in over the last sixty years. More and more often, these guys tell me about their heroic exploits, the medals they won, the numbers of enemy combatants they killed, their participation in famous military outfits like the SEAL teams or Marine Recons, or Green Berets, or some other killer/assassin role. Everywhere I go, I run into these guys that tell me they are trained killers. What a load of crap. See Don Shipley @ Youtube. The worst is when you discover your own family members making up crap about their service exploits.

Wanna be a big man? Well, just tell everybody what a badass you are. Then you'll be just like the lying media and the political hacks that you keep watching on television.

So. The government has turned on us. As a result, we've turned on one another. It appears (at least so far) that President Trump would stop this slide into globalism and the resulting chaos. If he does not, I can practically guarantee somebody else will, but it won't be by placing edicts from the White House or Congress. Rather, it will be in the form of rebellious acts of public expression and the suppression of local political shills.

If Trump is not successful in his presidency, war and bloody revolution will likely come to America. Will you participate? If so, which side?

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