Monday, February 27, 2017


In the English language, the days of the week are named after Saxon gods (except for Saturday, which is named after the Roman god of agriculture). Sunday is named after the sun, Monday after the moon, Tuesday after Tiw, Wednesday after Woden, Thursday after Thor, Friday after Frige, and Saturday after Saturn. I fear some minority groups may be agitated after learning of this.

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  1. Here are the days of the week in Swahili. Why can't we use these words? Monday - Jumatatu, Tuesday - Jumanne, Wednesday - Jumatano, Thursday - Alhamisi, Friday - Ijumaa, Saturday - Jumamosi, Sunday - Jumapili.

    We'll have to make some adjustments. For instance, you will never meet friends for drinks at TGIF's anymore. Now it will be TGII.

    In bowie, Texas, instead of the first Monday flea market each month, it will be first Jumatatu.

    The great Moody Blues song, Tuesday Afternoon, will be re-recorded and re-named to Jumanne afternoon.

    We can do it, and pretty soon, nobody will know what the hell they're talking about.

    What about months of the year?