Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Triggered While Powerless

This snowflake was triggered by Trump's election.
Please pray for her speedy recovery.
Oh boy. US Democrats are following a dangerous path. Starting with a boycott of the President's inauguration and including their boycott of committee votes on Trump’s cabinet and their pledge to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee, Democrats resemble a party pushing for a not very well thought-out secession movement.

I heard it called the Trump Derangement Syndrome, but that’s really too kind because it’s not a temporary crazy reaction. Nope. Instead, it’s a calculated plan to wreck the presidency, whatever the cost to the country.

Things never seen in the modern era are rapidly becoming common. Impeachment talk started even before Trump was elected. He was met with a lawsuit the minute he took the oath.

Chuck Schumer. Nancy Pelosi, and the top Dems in Congress led a demonstration Monday night, as if they are community organizers. And Obama couldn’t bear the irrelevance after eight days out of office and felt compelled to encourage disruptions.

This is Third World behavior and it’s now the M.O. of one of America’s two political parties.

Then there’s California, the epicenter of Dem strength. Radicals there, spurred on by pro-Mexico immigrants, are talking about splitting from the United States and they might get a proposal on the ballot. I say we take their wine and let them go. Yet, back to reality, it's not going to happen, at least, not in my lifetime.

If California did secede and its 55 electoral votes come off the board, Dems would never win another American election.

Secession is one way the swamp could drain itself. Sally Yates’ way is another.

The acting attorney general was rightfully sacked the instant after she climbed aboard a soapbox and refused to defend Trump’s executive order in court. It would have been a more admirable gesture if she had the decency to resign. Instead, she thought she could defy the president and keep the job.

Her choice was not a minor act of insubordination. It was a public challenge to the constitutional authority of the president, a power left to Congress and the judiciary.

As a result, she was shunned and hid in disgrace. Oh, wait, that’s what would happen in a better world.

In this one, Democrats hailed her as a “patriot” amid predictions a political star is born.

My prediction is that Dems are digging their own grave and their revolt against the President's legitimacy will serve to boost Trump’s popularity. Most Americans will conclude he is honestly trying to fulfill the mandate he won and that the fevered rush to destroy him is neither principled nor patriotic. Greater still is the effect that all the whining and sour grapes attitude is taking on "normal" people. Simply put, most citizens find it hard to believe the Democrats are actually getting away with all their statements and actions. The act has grown old.

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  1. Berkeley is on lockdown due to a snowflakestorm because a conservative was scheduled to speak on their campus.

    RWR knew what to do. Gov. Moonbeam - not so much.

  2. All this nonsense goes directly back to George Soros and American communism. They want to destroy America by any means at their disposal.