Friday, December 16, 2016

Truth? We're All Out. Come Back Tomorrow.

Facebook and other large online social media networks have decided to hire fact-checkers to discern whether or not something deserves to be news. Yep, in Zuckerburg's effort to coerce the world into his vision of something akin to his wife's home town (in China), Facebook went out and contracted with companies that are controlled by George Soros. You know him, right? Big commie from eastern Europe with more money than sense?

So anyway, when they begin to make efforts to control the narrative, it's time to find a new social network.

Have a nice day, everybody! Merry Christmas!

PS Apparently, the truth is what the rich and powerful say it is.

Edit: If you're skeered of them Russkin hackers, give me a call. For a nominal fee, I can harden your network, set up your firewall, and clean your PC while I'm at it. No Russkin hacker will ever be able to view the pictures of your kids or your gay pornography collection. Guaranteed.

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