Saturday, December 17, 2016

They Wouldn't Fool Us, Would They?

I suspect after the Obama people are forced to leave their offices, word will begin surfacing of the different, secretly funded, black projects arranged by the DNC and the Obama administration. They must be terrified about these projects being uncovered and why not? They were, after all, illegal and constitute a number of costly scams perpetrated upon the American public. Time will tell but all the anti-conspiracists say conspiracies cannot exist because people cannot keep a secret. I agree. Yet, there are also paper trails. Follow the money. Did you know the parents of the Sandy Hook kids who were allegedly shot had their mortgages paid off that very same Christmas? Hmm? Did you know all those funerals were closed caskets? Did you know you can't locate those parents anymore -- they seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. So many questions about these arranged events that cannot be answered adequately because if the truth were to come to light, oohhhh somebody would be in big trouble and it would be revealed to the public the extent of the oligarchy and its inherent corruption.

Eventually, a whistleblower will step forward. Numerous other shootings are highly suspicious as well.

Boston bombing? How about Boston bullsh*t?

Fake news? You bet it is. Wholly designed to change your mind about firearms in the hands of American citizens and the rights of the citizenry when it comes to illegal martial acts. House to house searches without a warrant? We are being duped by the government and international organizations. The US is still a sovereign country and, at least on paper, American citizens are still free to voice their opinions over what is happening to their country.

Why are the Democrats making such a fuss about losing? The answer is simple enough. They know it is only a matter of time before Trump's new administration takes over and discovers what has been happening. All those progressives who threatened to leave the US if Trump were elected? They need to leave in order to avoid prosecution. The jig is up.

The question remains how much more damage will Obama inflict before his crew is run out of Washington? Will we see indictments and prosecutions in the coming years? No doubt. Trump has indicated as much. He wants to expose the conspirators and clean house. We'll see. Meanwhile, it is so much fun to watch the Democrats implode after years of blustering and cheating and lying.

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  1. They want to make it against the law to even ask questions! It's called CYA! Cover your ass!