Saturday, December 24, 2016

Flattiregate, Or, The Dark Underbelly Of Wise County

Oh, the humanity!
Funny things happen in small town, Texas, revealing the character of the people in charge. What we see when the curtain is pulled back is that these guys and ladies of our local law enforcement and government are as susceptible to matters of the ego as anyone else. Heck, they're probably more susceptible because it takes a big ego to run for office and then, once you're there, you canter around on a high horse just to let people know you are not one with which to tangle.

I've never understood why anyone would make a career out of public office anyway. You know, I'm going to yield on that statement. People like their lofty positions because it gives them power and a damn good income in poor Texas counties. However, if I see someone who has been in an elected office for eight to forty years (or more), I see someone stuck on the public rolls. Hey, give somebody else a chance.

That's the way it is in most Texas counties. The people in charge want to remain in charge. It's the natural course of political employment. Now, what's really funny is when these types do not get along as is the case in Wise County. Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Clay Poyner got caught deflating a tire on a vehicle belonging to Chris Beard who is a local fire chief. Well, they got it on video, so Beard calls Steve Sanford of the Bridgeport Police to investigate. Sanford was afraid of stepping on toes, so he called the Wise County Sheriff to help conduct an investigation!

Time and money, boys. Think about what the heck you're doing.

I used to respect all of you, but you know what? No longer. You're a bunch of official crybabies. If Beard and Poyner have some deep-seated disagreement, why don't they arrange a time and date and step into a ring somewhere and pummel one another into friendship? They could make it a charity event and raise money for the relatives of dead police dogs.

Well, it ain't going to happen because the truth is, as much as these guys bluster and bitch and moan, they are stuck in a paradigm. These guys have official state hammers and every problem passes through a gauntlet of official process -- it's just the way the mind of a government worker works -- and so every problem looks like a nail.

Let's face it, these guys weren't the brightest kids in school.

Respect the man or the hat?
I tried to find photos but more and more government officials are wiping the net of their pictures because apparently they are afraid of being stalked for their own acts. Poyner's picture was available and I must admit, he presents a pretty scary countenance for a Justice of the Peace. I mean, he's shaved his head and he wears a Van Gogh beard with a huge drooping mustache that actually conceals his face. I wonder how he eats with that thing hanging over his mouth. You can't even tell when he's smiling. Maybe he doesn't smile. Who knows? When he talks, it's like he's throwing his voice; who knows if his lips are moving?

I could not find a decent picture of Bridgeport police chief Sanford or anything for Chris Beard, although I have substituted a photo (to your left) for dramatic effect.

The reaction to Poyner's little crime is completely out of whack. Why don't you boys lighten up? I am generally a conservative voter, but if I get the opportunity to escort any of these good old boys from office, bank on it, I'm voting against them. All of them. Crybabies, bullies, and big egos. Typical government workers.


  1. Yes, I know the fire chief and police chief are not elected offices but if they're going to act the fool, then they ought to be fired too, or at the least sit in a pillory on the town square for 24 hours. That's right. 24 hours. Thrown a blanket over 'em when it gets dark. Citizens are encouraged to pass by and throw rotten vegetables at the sour pusses.

  2. big fish, small pond.

  3. These guys are arseholes. I like Lane okay because he keeps his mouth shut and he has a real reputation for caring about the truth. Those other guys? They're too full of themselves. I agree w/TommyBoy -- give somebody else a chance! But not a democrat!