Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fake News Web Site

For your internet edification, here is a fake news site. Why it is still up is anybody's guess. Anyway, it is full of blatantly false, misleading, disinformation. There is even a blurb that is designed to make you think Israel is behind the site. Oh, come on.

The Left is just starting with this nonsense. The purpose is to obfuscate the truth and make it more difficult to prosecute the traitors who have been selling out sovereign America.

World News Daily is named so that people will confuse it with World Net Daily, a conservative Christian web site that the left-dominant press would have you believe is a purveyor of fake news. Well, World Net Daily is a solid conservative news site operated by Joseph Farah and targeted by communists and leftists. The Commie World News Daily doesn't even say who their contributors are or who runs the show. Of course, it's not likely they would admit to being Marxists now, is it? It's the New World Order Media that holds the copyright. You know who they are funded by? George Soros, that's who.

I hear is going to check Facebook's facts. Snopes has been getting it wrong for years. Their disgrace will be complete after the first year of Donald Trump's presidency.

Have a nice day everybody and remember, don't believe it unless you can imagine it!!! Just because Brian Williams says so certainly doesn't make it true.

Edit There is a news story on the fake site -- World News Daily -- that says Hillary Clinton had a fling with Yoko Ono. That may just be true. Pretty gross, huh?

Edit: Here's another one designed with a lot of clickbait. Clickbait? That's one of those articles that says something like Ten Reasons Blah Blah Blah. They get money every time you click and follow the page. What you read is propaganda, lies, disinformation. Thanks Mr. Soros, for this crap. It's no wonder Americans are so scattered. Here's another. And another. By the way, these bogus sites are "progressive" operations. It ain't Russian hackers unless Soros hired them. The conservatives aren't playing these types of games (yet).

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