Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Establishment News Boondogle

The establishment media, seemingly unaware of its plummeting popularity and waning influence, continues to attack alternate conservative news sites and blogs as well as purveyors of the truth. The progressive narrative paid for by the DNC, George Soros, and the Obama Administration is being rejected -- much to the amazement of liberals everywhere.

“No one listens to the Washington Times,” one reporter said. “The people know who really spreads the fake news: you. Pathetic.”

The so-called “mainstream media,” which itself is notorious for spreading fake news, is now attempting to shut down all opposing views in the wake up to their devastating election failure.

Whether the lies of WMDs, which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands, or “hands up don’t shoot,” or the belief that children were shot and killed in shooting attacks by someone with Asperger's -- the establishment press is the ultimate purveyor of fake news.

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