Thursday, December 29, 2016


America is divided. With the election of Donald Trump, we can only wait and see if the collective progressive forces eventually come to their senses and drop the animosity. Meanwhile, there is no time like the Christmas holidays to illustrate the political divisions between family and friends.

They say young, disaffected savages are gathering in shopping malls across our fair land and using social media to coordinate attacks which really are just a front for the sickness of rampant materialism. They want to steal. They want the new Nikes and the new Xbox game where you can shoot, kill, and rape indiscriminately in virtual reality. They want to cause mayhem because they've been told Donald Trump is going to take their birthdays away and they especially want to show whitey that they are no longer on the plantation.

They want guns and drugs and televisions and new cars and the right to rap. Rapping is a privilege declared by the Constitution and by God no one is going to keep the rappers from rapping in this country!

Anyway, we're divided. We just don't see eye to eye. I, for one, am sick of it. Aren't you?

Back when Obama got elected the first time, eight long years ago, I was not nearly as vocal against the lying, cheating, communist dictator he became as I am now. Now, it is clear that what we have seen is a grand effort to not only transform the political landscape of the US, but also to attack Christianity, white males, and any American institution that supports what used to be called freedom.

Ah, but the commies have co-opted the word. Truly, these days "freedom's just a another word for nothing left to lose." They've chopped up our freedom and parceled pieces of it back out to us, calling them "rights." Since they claim God doesn't exist, naturally it is the kind and benevolent US government that defines and distributes these "rights". So, we have learned, some folks have more rights than others under this arrangement -- and I'm not talking about rich, white, land-owners. I'm talking about the mindset that uses social media to arrange and conduct flash riots in shopping malls.

But I get distracted. Eight years ago, I was at my sister's home using the internet. After being fired from my job months before and subsequently divorced, I was on the job search (a lost cause but I was going through the motions). My sister began talking about Obama and how he was going to change everything. There was going to be fairness everywhere! Blacks, and gays, and women and immigrants from North Africa and Nicaragua were going to change the face of the country! She was so excited that finally the earth was going to be transformed into a wonderful place without war, without poverty, no disease, no hunger, no prejudice, no hate -- why, it was going to be a divine transformation and Obama was the agent of change.

My sister and her husband and grown children are not highly educated but he has done well by making money the old-fashioned way: lying and cheating. Typical car salesman. I expressed my doubt that Obama was the second coming and my sister lost her head and attacked me both physically and with an onslaught of profanity that would have made my shipmates back on the USS Rupertus proud. Shutting down my laptop, I retreated to the safety of my truck. She followed, screaming profanities with son #2 telling her to stop, that I would never return otherwise. But she didn't stop until I was halfway down the winding driveway. Like I said, that was eight years ago. You'd think an apology would be forthcoming. But then again, you don't know my sister. She refuses to apologize for anything. Ever. Okey-doke, see you later.

In my extended family, I have a cousin by marriage that is a couple of years younger but we hung out as kids and were friends in our youth. We even went to high school together for one year. He was an only child and so was coddled and spoiled by his parents and went to college at SMU while I bounced around in state schools and wound up at UNT, working odd jobs to pay for tuition and books. I hit a dead end my senior year and so dropped out, joined the Navy, and volunteered for gunboats in the Delta.

My cousin, whose name rhymes with what a hare-lipped dog would say, later proudly told me that if he had been drafted, he would have fled to Canada and that would have been an act of true courage far outweighing anything I could do. Upon my return from the war, I went straight back to school, took odd jobs again, struggled, and eventually came away with a handful of degrees and certificates. My cousin took a job with his father and has worked the same job ever since.

We drifted apart after one drunken evening when he told me that if he never saw me again, he would never give it a second thought. He wasn't even mad at me, he just had no use for me. I was a hippy non-materialist born to oil field trash with crooked teeth, an embarrassment to any acquaintance on their way up the socioeconomic ladder. It was hurtful but it wasn't the first time my crooked teeth and sparkling disposition ran people off. This is the guy who offered me a thousand dollars to murder his adopted younger brother. Of course I didn't do it. Are you crazy? Turns out my cousin had sexual identity problems as well.

Personally, I believe if you've got the equipment, you're a man. If not, you're a girl. Some people want to argue about it. It wasn't shocking to discover his only child turned out to be homosexual. My cousin also had a portrait of Bill Clinton over his fireplace. I kid you not. I'm sure he swapped it out for a nice big picture of the current First Family of Federal Fools.

I called him up a couple of years ago and he didn't recognize my voice. When I told him who I was, he made sure to tell me he was finally making six figures. He didn't invite me to dinner or wish me good luck. Basically, he sounded miserable, but then again, he always did.

Like I said above, I've had it with these snowflakes whether they are within my tiny circle of influence or not. I sense I am not the only freedom-loving libertarian out here who feels the same way. I've been saying for some time that a reckoning is coming. I still believe it to be true. Obama has been wildly successful in further dividing American society. I have neighbors who scowl at me because they know I am a writer and a proponent of freedom. I have book reviewers panning my books on Amazon because they don't care for the fact I am from the great state of Texas and a white Christian male.

The pushback on these folks is going to be monumental and may even result in overt civil war. I no longer fear such existential threats and, to be honest, would welcome the opportunity to go to war again with something worth fighting over. As Matt Damon would say, "How do you like them apples?"

Democrats, progressives, whatever you want to call them, are traitors to their country. They are cowards unwilling to think for themselves who will steal everything you've got if given the chance. Let's just not give them the chance again -- okey-doke?

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