Friday, November 4, 2016

The Great Rip-Off

I know most of you out there think it's cool to get the best deal, to negotiate the best price; you know, to give less than the asking price. Some of you even take this notion further and say, what the heck, if I can get it for free, then good for me. That's sort of a car dealer mentality. A rape and pillage mindset. Customers are seen as a source of income and nothing else. Oh, sure, we like to say we are in a service industry and our goal is to serve. That sounds good on the company web site but in my experience, that's BS. Especially among car salesman and bankers and lawyers and shall I run down the list?

You're saying why should you feel guilty for ripping off people? Everybody does it, right? And what's the point of life, anyway if not to become richer and more powerful than other folks? Right. Is that your reason for being?

It has been revealed to the American people that they have been hood-winked. Plus, it's ongoing. Everything is corrupt and rigged now. The legal system, the tax code, our leaders. I still hear vague complaints from the Left about conspiracy notions and you see them attempt to laugh away the charges against them but the obfuscation is not working. The truth is coming out. Communists have infiltrated and taken over. There is no conservative/liberal divide in the political parties anymore. It's all about the play for pure power and the direction the world will be headed after November 8th.

Liberals want a world where their chosen pseudo-intellectual college prof gets to describe how the future should look. And it's a weird, wacky future where the weak and effeminate are invited to play in the NFL and given the opportunity to become SEAL team commandos. They have us all taxed until we have no choice at all. They may allow you to go to church but you better leave that magic act on the church steps -- that stuff won't fly in the workplace.

The Left and the Right agree on one thing and that is that the police are justified in their murderous civil power in order to protect a corrupt system and the elites who sit atop that system. Why do the cops do it? Two, simple reasons. They like the violence and they are paid well for it.

We have a few more days until presidential election day. So far, it has been an enormous Democratic Party lie fest that is being revealed to stretch back for years. The DNC has conspired, stolen, murdered, and pressed for war in order to cover their crimes. Why do you think so many are saying that if Trump gets elected, they will move out of the US? It's because they are likely to be indicted if they remain in the US. This is not hyperbole on my part. These people, literally thousands of Americans, have committed treason in addition to support an illegitimate regime of communist thugs.

We are living through an epoch I like to call the Great Rip-Off. Your own conscience has been taken from you. Many believe Hillary needs to be "appointed" president merely because she is a woman. Yet, it makes no sense. All the same, I've talked to plenty of so-called Christian women out here on the great rolling plains of Texas who have justified their choice by saying it's time we had a female president. Really? Why is that? Next time, you might say, we've never had a Jew for president so we need to vote for one of those even if they did kill Jesus. Why? Because we've never had one of those and it's about time. And no, I have nothing against Jewish people. It was just the first articulate example that came to mind. Calm down.

Everything is for sale, even your vote. Certainly your morality. Ever since you discovered Cousin Cody likes other boys, you've accepted there are some things beyond your control and so what if some old sky God says it's wrong? You like to point out that they also approve of slavery in the Bible. Of course, you haven't actually read those parts but one of your friends down at Planned Parenthood said so.

You say you're going to vote your conscience. The problem is, you don't have a conscience. Instead, you have a bottomless ego that weighs out all your options. Is it good for me? Okay, how good is it? What's my cut? What do I get out of it? Can I live with a compromise?

If you vote for Hillary, here's a sampling of what you'll get:

1. Continued war.
2. Repeal of 2nd Amendment.
3. IRS command and control.
4. No choice in healthcare except for abortion. Abortion will be on demand.
5. Shrinking individual rights.
6. Expanding government. Already the largest employer in the US.
7. Expanded governmental powers and police powers.
8. Centralized (federal) police presence.
9. A war against patriarchy, Christianity, and white American men, especially those from the Southern US.
10. Two realities. A Democrat-controlled, pro-government narrative, and an underground, "true" history.
11. Massive unemployment.
12. Massive immigration.
13. A ruined economy. We are well on the way already.

White, Christian males need not apply.
I, for one, would like to suggest that if the country is going to be destroyed in this manner that we eat Democrats before we eat the rich. I'll have mine sauteed, perhaps tempura on the side. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

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