Wednesday, November 9, 2016

He Won!

Trump won. Call him President Trump now, I guess. It is indeed a sweet victory and I certainly hope what happens next is that the slide into tyranny and socialism is stopped cold.

We will finally get some answers on many of the staged incidents around the country and don't forget that Trump promised to reveal who really pulled off 9/11. As if we don't know by now, anyway.

What will happen to those in office who we know have committed crimes? What about treason? Obama will pardon many on the way out but he can't pardon those who haven't been convicted. The country needs to track down the traitors, including crooked Attorney Generals, State Department murderers, those on the take, those who have sold favors to foreign countries and those who have gotten rich off the backs of the American tax-payer.

Trump also said he would make the terrorists stop attacking if elected. You know how and why? Because he knows ISIS is a US proxy, that's why. It's time my readers began to accept that fact and do the right thing which is to petition the government for peace. That war in the desert against Assad in Syria? It needs to stop.

Investigate Sandy Hook and Aurora and San Bernadino and the rest of those so-called mass shootings. Bring the actors to justice, if they can be found. That includes Gabby Giffords and her husband.

Why were the polls so wrong? Because the DNC and the media colluded. That needs to be fixed. The mainstream media needs to be called into account. George Soros also needs to be called into account for messing with American politics. Will Hillary go to jail for her crimes? Perhaps share a cell with Bill? If you didn't see this coming, isn't that something of a hint that your perspective on America and how things work is skewed? Maybe it's time to change something in your outlook.


  1. It's like a miracle and that's why I am still suspicious. Anything but Hillary!