Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fake News

Man, it is so nice to not see Hillary Clinton on the news, although the Democrats are still trying to negate the results of the 2016 presidential election, if you can believe it. It has become obvious (it did some while back) that the Democrats will not allow losing, if they can do anything about it. They want to change the results of a lawfully held election just because they lost.

Simultaneously in the news are items about how it has been "discovered" that fake news is being released in bundled news and fed to Americans. The fake news may say something totally outrageous or it may be just another straw man argument for hating Trump. In any case, people like Mark Zuckerburg say they are going to fight this new source of creeping propaganda -- although it is people like Zuckerburg who made it happen in the first place. These rich techno types are in the bag with the Obama Administration and the globalists.

What fake news, you might ask? Well, the stuff I started spotting a couple of years ago I traced back to one of George Soros' news organizations. At the time, I could not determine who owned the so-called news services but it has come to light since that it was Soros' money. It starts out as click bait, something provocative to catch your interest and so you follow the link to a story about, well, anything -- it's not just politics although recently a lot of it has been like those you see for the Ten Sexiast women Alive. Within the articles are blatant lies. The truth is, if you have to ask, then you are so far out of the information loop that chances are you are not going to accept it because you didn't see it on the evening news. You are one of them. You think the old Drifter is mad as a hatter, but you like to surf in and see what the latest revelation is about anyway, don't ya?

It's about fake news. We were awash in fake news and propaganda during this year's election cycle. The stories were accessed through legitimate web sites, news sites and social platforms. Why do "they" want us to read their fake news? It's the same answer as to why they want us to vote for Hillary -- it is so they will be in power.

They lie to us over and over again. They continue to restrict our freedom and tax us all the more while they get rich on our backs and "control the narrative." Truth has been a casualty. Even among scientists these days, the truth goes to the highest bidder. For clarification, simply look at the ongoing argument over climate change, or global warming, or whatever the communists are calling it this week.

On the other hand, there is a sense of justification. I was right and the whole lot of them were wrong. If you voted for Hillary, chances are you have issues. Like, you drink too much, or take drugs to control your mood swings, and maybe it was like Tom Hanks says and Jesus and Mary were actually husband and wife and escaped to France after He survived the Crucifixion. That's the kind of crazy shit Democrats and Progressives like to foist on the public. They would rather have you on your knees before Obama than on your knees at church.

In any case, once again, I was right and they were wrong. Trump is the next president and that ain't no fake news!

On a last comment about the fake news stories -- the establishment will use it to claim more power over what can and cannot be released for public news consumption. Mark my word for it. You heard it first here. Bloggers beware.


  1. I'd wager that at least 1/2 the news we receive from MSM is made-up. They are feeding us BS every day and Americans are confused and lost as a result.

  2. Organized groups of people run government-approved scams in order to creating an anti-gun mentality pursuant to a limited ban... leading eventually to a full ban.

    The media runs stories like Sandy Hook and Aurora and other shootings without questioning the narrative. Because they are controlled. These shootings are little more than theatre with paid actors and the full protection of the authorities.

    This is 'fake news' as well, designed for an agenda and it should be exposed. How many black ops go on every day within the US? Who foots the bill?