Saturday, November 19, 2016

Arrival Review

I downloaded a webcam of the new sci-fi movie, Arrival, yesterday and watched it last night. It was not so good. Entertaining but full of movie moments we've already experienced, like the giant alien spacecraft mysteriously standing on its end lending an impossible, awe-inspiring appearance to its arrival. I said its arrival but there are twelve of these enormous UFOs that spread themselves around the globe and wait for the humans to learn their language.

Al right, I have to admit webcams are not so hot and a lot of the time you can't really tell what is going on or what the actors are saying but you get a general sense of what is happening. What I picked up was not good. Apparently, the point of the movie was that aliens want us to cooperate with one another in order to be better stewards of the planet. In other words, Arrival turns out to be a propaganda piece for the New World Order and the climate change crowd. The message of the movie was that if we don't all become communists and share our oatmeal, then we're all going to die because of competition, shortage of resources, and all the rest of that sort of dismal futuristic speculation.

And so the movie Arrival moves along at a snail's pace with flashbacks and a back story that spins off into unreality. The main character is a female linguist trying learn the aliens' language. She is played by Amy Adams, an Amy Shumer lookalike and assisted by Jeremy Renner (who?) and Forest Whitaker.

I'll give this one a 1/2 thumbs up. If you get stoned before you watch it, I'm sure it will be more entertaining. IDMB gives this one an 8.5 out of 10 which is about as good as it gets at IDMB but the score is way off the mark. Does this movie suck? Why, yes, it does. Don't waste your time.

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