Sunday, October 30, 2016


My hat triggered a lady in Walmart today. I had forgotten I was wearing it and was absorbed by the frozen chicken when I heard someone say in an overly loud voice, "He probably likes Hitler too." I looked up and saw a middle-aged woman, neatly dressed, every hair in place, a bit overweight, walking beside her husband (who was a big guy but looked a little embarrassed.). She was looking at me and suddenly it all registered and I realized I was the target of her comment. I smiled at her and felt sorry for the big guy. The triggering was all my pleasure and I am now shopping around for another stars and bars ball cap. Something I can wear to more formal events. Like church.

Special Report & Update (as well as a warning)

Holy canoli, Batman! I know that woman! As it turns out, the woman in Walmart who chastised me is the lady I used as an accountant for the past three years. We only see one another once a year and her hair is different every time. I look different too because I cut my long hair! So, we didn't recognize one another. At least, at first. I wonder if she has realized who I am. If not, she will when it comes tax time again because she will no longer do my taxes. Her husband (the big guy in the story above) is/was a Montague County LEO. Same with her son who got shot a couple of years ago (he survived, the shooter didn't).

Anyway, as I stated in a post last year, she is a true believer when it comes to progressive policies and the Democratic Party. I think she might be a little crazy too. It is truly scary when you consider who is walking around out here among us and what sort of power they have -- in her case, a LEO husband. My fair guess is he is also a believer. Over the years, I've met a number of ATF officers and FBI people (especially females) who toe the federal line and would like nothing better than to arrest and/or harass people over what they wear or what political party they support.

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