Monday, September 26, 2016

Presidential Debate Impressions

Hillary comes across as a bald-faced liar, albeit a professional one. Another way of saying the same thing is that Hillary Clinton is a practiced politician in her speech and manner. She looks ill. Her hair is a sprayed helmet. I wonder if she is wearing an earpiece. Is somebody feeding her facts and figures? Putting words into her mouth?

Conversely, Donald Trump flounders in business details.

It's turning into the attack Trump show. Whatever the topic is, Hillary digs into Trump. I guess that's the game, eh? The commentator is arguing with Trump! Hillary stands there and grins. I wish somebody would ask her about David Koresh and Vince Foster and so far, no Benghazi!

It is the attack Trump show so far.

Hillary is relaxing into it, continues attacks, Donald is stuck in the headlights.

Trump is doing better. The crowd cheers for Hillary. Crowd cheers back at Trump's reply. Hillary is making more personal suggestions. Trump says "it's not nice" to do that.

My first impression is that Hillary came off better, although it's a snarky, pissy performance by her. Trump didn't panic but I can't say he won the debate.

What bothers me is that Hillary is a known liar and so whatever she says is subject to question. The commentator guy was clearly on the establishment side and practically grilled Trump while Hillary gets a pass. Commentator guy interrupted Trump numerous times. Not once did he interrupt Hillary.

My next scary thought is that Hillary is probably going to be the next president because... omigosh, drum roll, please. The game is fixed. The history has already been written. Now, it's going to be crammed down our collective throats. In the end, we'll end up asking for their solutions. I hope my kool-aid is raspberry-flavored.

Two debates to go. You're only as good as your last performance, so Trump will learn and do better next time because he's that sort of guy. A lot of fighters will drop the first round to get a good take on their opponent. I predict an angry Hillary in the next debate. Her anger is the tell. If she's not angry, then the fix is in and she's going to be the next president.

More damning information is set to be released by Assange in October. That may overshadow any debate results.

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  1. Oldest son (24) watched the debate, and thought DJT did well. I skipped it, figuring there'd be ample opportunities for commentary.