Saturday, August 13, 2016

Thoughts From The Internet

The internet is kind of like an interactive encyclopedia. You can find practically whatever you're looking for. Sometimes you find answers that stop you in your tracks. Well, here are some questions that might do that as well. These were actually found on the internet in places that would lead one to believe that whoever asked really wanted to know.

• How do we know if rocks aren't actually soft, but tense up when we touch them?

• Are kids small or are they just far away?

• How do blind people know when they wake up?

• If swimming is such good exercise, why are whales so fat?

• If dolphins are so smart why do they live in the ocean where I throw all my trash?

• Why is the element of surprise not on the periodic table? Is it hiding somewhere?

• Can I trust atoms knowing that they make up everything?

• Coconuts have hair and produce milk. Why aren't they classed as mammals?

• Why does this Rorschach guy only paint pictures of naked men?

• Need to share money with someone? Dont share 50/50! Share 60/60 so everybody gets 20% more cash.

• The first person who copied someone was in fact very original.

• Preventing childhood obesity is as easy as taking candy from a baby.

• What if every country has ninjas, but we only know about the Japanese ones because they’re rubbish?

• Imagine being completely naked in a room full of people who speak a different language and everyone wants to touch you. This is the life of a dog.

• Because telescopes work using mirrors, we'll never know if there are any space vampires.

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