Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Sunday Edition (.016)

Welcome to the 16th edition of the NTD Sunday Edition. Things are getting even more interesting in the US presidential race with the media totally in the sack for the Democrats. Truly an amazing failure of how the American political system is supposed to work. However, as they always say, it isn't over until Pelosi squeals.

I typically begin my daily data review with a look at the Associated Press headlines. Now, everybody knows AP is a total propaganda news service for the establishment, right? Today's top headline was that Illinois (perennially Democrat-controlled) had passed new rules for domestic workers; that is, those who work as servants to other Americans. By the way, do you have any servants? I don't, although I wouldn't mind having my own personal welder or maybe a mechanic to work on my old truck. Anyway, the new rules guarantee domestic workers are not sexually harassed, get a day off every week, and that they make minimum wage. Oh, thank you, great state of Illinois, for granting these rights to thy domesticated workers. What would butlers and nannies do without the oversight from the righteous assembly of Illinois legislators? How are you going to make sure people aren't sexually harassed? Put a bag over their head? Make 'em wear a moo-moo?

• Caucasian Irishman Conor McGregor gained revenge against an earlier loss to Caucasian Stockton fighter Nate Diaz in a hard fought, five round decision Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. It was a highly anticipated Mixed Martial Arts affair sponsored by the UFC. McGregor was victorious but Diaz said that he thought he'd won. "They're not going to let a guy like me win," said Diaz. His statement reminded me of my own presidential aspirations.

• Trump was definitely looking and acting presidential in Louisiana on Friday. Note that I don't pay attention to polls, but the press says he's up by 2 points on Hillary today.

• New York state is now considered the least free state in the union. Go here.

• Bruce Caitlyn Jenner's reality show concerning his gender identity transformation, I Am Cait, has been cancelled after two seasons. I never saw it. Was it entertaining?

• They say half of all refugees are muslim. The enemy is not at their gates. They're at the front door of your house. While you may think that you're doing the world a service by sponsoring or helping our country's enemies (what insanity is this?), all you're really doing is fueling our own demise. Why do the democrats want to flood the US with third world muslim refugees?

• Ya think the 2016 presidential election is rigged? Trump says so and personally, I agree. The whole game is fixed. Trump also says he will stop all the terror and chaos if he is elected. Furthermore, he says he will do it quickly. How can he do it? He knows these events we see unfolding on the television are staged events put on by covert groups with the permission of key local authorities. From the office of the president, it should be relatively simple to hunt down the covert groups responsible, whether they be Mossad or CIA or simply some good-time-Marys bankrolled by Soros or some perverted Saudi prince. I guarantee Trump already has a lengthy list of guilty actors (Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Aurora, South Carolina, Dallas, Florida....)

Ya think I'm nuts? Yeah, maybe so. Figuring out how deep the corruption goes makes me a little woozy sometimes. On a side note, you're either against evil or for it. There is no neutral ground. Freedom is good. Slavery, lies, manipulation -- all that is bad. Is that clear? I don't really know how to make it any simpler.

• I look for valuable news in the sciences to include in my weekly missive, although with all the bogus events and made-up stuff released via the Associated Press and Reuters, or UPI, there is no telling what's real and true anymore. The media is publishing fake news stories just to get you to click on the link (somewhere that click = .2568 cents). Well, if some stories are faked, then I guess I can pass along my own.

Kitties without fur would be too cold.
It's astounding, actually. Finally, we can diddle with our genetic code enough to ensure our children will be hairless. That's right. Completely devoid of all that pesky fur. No more hair growing from embarrassing or uncomfortable places. Your ears and nose are safe! No more painful plucking! Conversely, we are excited to announce that genetic scientists are working on ways to change skin into alligator scales or kitty fur. Your choice. I'm going for the kitty fur in a nice pastel.

• George Soros has given $650,000 to the BlackLivesMatter radical racial political organization to help destabilize American society. Pretty cheap price, come to think of it.

• I see Time magazine has an article in the current issue condemning internet trolls and blaming them for the ills of society. This is the sort of propaganda we'll be bombed with until more restrictions are put on the internet which should be pretty easy since control of the internet was handed over this week by our glorious leader King "O" to an international, UN-controlled group. Freedom of speech on the internet? Not so much. Learn how to use proxies.

• The George Soros computer hack has revealed communiques and close links to UN migration representative and former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland.

On the United Nations website, Sutherland is described as a “strong advocate for promoting practical action to increase the benefits of migration” and has routinely made comments against national borders and national sovereignty in Europe. Sutherland has even called for the European Union to “undermine the homogeneity” of member states.

 What this brouhaha indicates is that all this immigration and social upheaval is a planned exercise by global elitists, including Barack Obama and the minions of George Soros. Their goal is a world without borders -- noble, perhaps, but incredibly misguided.

There's lots more news, but you have to be concerned about the reality of it all. They're only telling us what they want us to believe. Get it? Have a nice day and don't forget to question all authority.

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