Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Sunday Edition (.015)

Welcome to Issue 15 of the Sunday Edition for the North Texas Drifter with all the illusions, lies, and staged events that we call reality these days. On a personal note, I enjoyed an afternoon trip to Denton this week. I love Denton with all the thrift shops and music stores and the energy of all the young people, even though so many are totally misguided in a political, spiritual, and educational sense. Denton is a college town. Always has been, so it goes without saying there is an atmosphere of political correctness. You can't say certain words and phrases in public without being judged. The "progressives" say that's the way it should be. I say the truth is always better, but that's just me.

• More shootings, but this time it's a mystery. Newt Gingrich wants to know the motive behind the murder of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who Julian Assange suggested could be the source of the DNC email leak.

Rich was gunned down in Washington DC last month in unexplained circumstances, with his killer not taking any of Rich’s possessions or money.

Seth Rich
During a television interview earlier this week, Wikileaks’ Assange implied that Rich could be one of the sources of the DNC email leak that embarrassed Hillary Clinton. Other mysterious deaths have also been connected to the leak.

Wikileaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s killer.

Appearing on the Mike Gallagher show, Gingrich dismissed claims by the media that the entire story was just a conspiracy theory, asserting that it was “worth talking about” and that if “Assange says he is the source, Assange may know.”

• I may have commented on this before, but it's worth considering that the father of the guy who allegedly shot up the gay nightclub in Orlando attended a Hillary Clinton rally last week in support of her and gun control. He even made a statement to the press and brought his own Hillary Clinton campaign sign. Unsettling, eh? It is a very odd situation. Was the Orlando shooting another false flag? If it was a false flag, whoever is pulling off these social engineering, media-enhanced stunts is getting bolder and bolder. On second thought, you can't get much bolder than the towers coming down in 2001. On the upside, it does look like he is coping well with the violent death of his son.

"What the...? What are you doing here?"
Oh yeah. Old news, but remember anyway. Muslim shooter, maybe gay, maybe not, shoots up Pulse nightclub in Miami, takes hostages in bathroom, desperate tweets, phone calls, negotiations with police, cops bring in a friggin' robot with a bomb and blow the guy to Allah's promised land. A couple of weeks later, there's this dude's dad, grinning to beat the devil at a Hillary Clinton rally in Florida. What the...?

Well, I'm not going into all the details because there are enough floating around out there anyway, but something is twisted in Washington, specifically with the people in charge and old Hillary herself too.

Think about it. The father of the gay nightclub shooter at a Clinton rally. Naturally, that particular piece of shocking news has faded into the past already for the news outlets.

• The Dixie Chicks female vocal group is all down on Donald Trump just like they were for George Bush. Don't those women know they're losing fans by supporting communism??

• It looks like the Clinton Foundation should be investigated for racketeering. There's more than enough evidence coming to light that money was given to the foundation in exchange for favors from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's State Department. Additionally, the Department of Justice (Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder) squashed attempts to start such an investigation. Blatant political maneuvering over treasonous activities.

When I was a kid, we used to nod and wink and say Mexico was the most corrupt place on earth. What did we know? We grew up and finally realized we were already living in the most corrupt place on earth and it was the place we called home. We didn't have to go to Mexico to find corruption. It was right there beside us all along.

• Donald Trump says Obama is the founder of ISIS. Wouldn't you like to know what he's talking about? Plenty of people have said for quite some time now that the US and Great Britain and Saudi Arabia are responsible for the creation of ISIS. ISIS was created and is funded to give the world a useful boogey man to promote instability in some places (like Syria -- America's illegal Proxy War) -- and to instill fear into American citizens so that we will allow the government to take away our civil liberties. You see, our civil liberties are a threat to the globalists. Remember, Trump also wants to tell you who was behind the attack on 9/11. Was our own government complicit?

• Almost forgot. After another police shooting of a suspected black criminal trying to run away, Milwaukee is paying a price with rioting and burning and generally a madcap anti-white mini-revolution. This will likely play out much like Baltimore with the feds coming in and doing studies and blaming a racist culture within the Milwaukee PD. The final conclusion will be that Milwaukee and Wisconsin State Police should be under federal supervision. Obama wants government tentacles all the way down to the dogcatcher, apparently.

Ya think George Soros might be bank-rolling these idiots? He's the kingpin behind the Democrats' desire to turn America into a communist state. 

All this immigration business around the world? Why now? What's the deal? Well, the "progressives" seem to think countries around the world, especially western countries, need to have their populations "salted" with the blood and religious mores of third world cast-offs. In this way, George Soros and his comrades will undermine sovereignty and constitutional law. They want to collapse the West under the pressure of foreign immigration. The United Nations and Goldman-Sachs are some of the tools used by the globalists to achieve their ends.

They think, of course, that they're saving the world and it's okay to lie, cheat, steal, and murder to get us there. And where exactly is there? It's a big old multicultural campfire where everybody sits around at night drinking Coca-Cola and looking at the stars because there wasn't enough money after the collapse of capitalism to afford a place to live. Will our leaders be there with us? Not hardly. We've re-invented royalty and why should we expect them to soil their feet to spend time with us, the proletariat?


  1. Who knows what is real anymore? Gov't & media is corrupt. It's all about the pursuit of powr forget the truth forget notions of God and right & wrong. US politicians need to be executed, expelled, purged from the US.

  2. Hillary has gone on record that her foundation will not accept donations from foreign governments or corporations if she is elected POTUS. I predict a great surge in donations before the November election.

  3. Despite being on record, Hillary will continue to take bribes as long as she can breathe. Can you imagine her as president? What a looming catastrophe for our nation and the world.