Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Russian Hackers?!$!?

So what does it mean when we're told the US Department of Homeland Security will manage the 2016 Presidential elections? Does it mean elements within the federal government have rigged the election? Sounds like it, eh? At least, that's how Obama and his gangsters are scaring the American public this week.

Have you noticed? It's something every week; some new government interdiction into government and law and now, a shrill sound coming from Washington so they can have full control over the election process.

When are we going to learn? These people are criminals telling us we must listen and obey. We must curb our speech and learn to be loyal to the state. We must realize our efforts to maintain personal freedom and control over our financial lives are misguided and not good for the collective. The collective is all. We are the Borg, assimilate, assimilate, assimilate.

All that conspiracy nonsense about covert, communists groups and shadowy billionaires financing operations to overthrow governments and stage incidents to further influence citizen's perceptions... all that stuff about the attack on 9/11 and the subsequent wars against fanatics in far-off places... all that stuff about mad killers and the second amendment... it's all arranged and fixed just like the US presidential elections.

Therefore, it's no surprise that our sold-out, criminal government has announced that they are going to be in charge of the elections. How else can they guarantee the results?

They say they have to do it because Russian hackers are too big of a threat and they might skew the election results. Do you really believe that nonsense? Maybe you believe the Clintons are innocent or that Obama has the safety of the Caucasian race in mind? Hmm? Will they be at the polls? Will they work alongside UN observers and members of the Black Panther political party? Can I get a hell yeah!?

Isn't it great how the country is finally coming together?

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