Tuesday, August 23, 2016

McGregor/Diaz II

I watched the McGregor/Diaz fight again last night and can safely report that my conclusions are the same about the outcome of the contest. McGregor won by pummeling Diaz more often than Diaz pummeled McGregor. Furthermore, McGregor proves himself to be a master tactician and a consummate martial artist who tenaciously earned his victory. Diaz was good too, just not quite good enough. Conor was the smaller man by 20 pounds or so and it showed when the two men squared off. Diaz towered over McGregor and looked huge, landing heavy shots of his own. McGregor, however, didn't go down whereas Diaz was knocked down three times in the first two rounds. There will probably be a rubber match one of these days but if I was Conor, I'd wedge in a couple of money bouts first. The UFC is going to make McGregor defend his title again against Jose Aldo and that means McGregor now must drop back down to 145 pounds. McGregor was 168 prior to the Diaz fight and by all indications had a tough time putting on muscle weight for the contest. In any case, both McGregor's and Diaz's stock has risen as their popularity has grown. We'll be seeing both of these guys in big fights in the near future. Conor McGregor is the biggest draw in the UFC organization, maybe in the world. Tell me, would you rather watch Floyd Mayweather run from an opponent for ten rounds or watch real warriors slug it out for three five rounds?

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