Saturday, August 20, 2016

Early Bird Announcement

Epiphany III by Wen-JR
Xylanthia. All new characters in a stunning, three-book science fiction series by Thomas C. Stone. Pending ebook release, Summer 2017. Possible early ebook release of Xylanthia, Book 1, by Christmas 2016.

Author Thomas Stone is in fine form as he returns to his Braithwaite universe in a wondrous tale of interstellar exploration, time travel, and intrigue. A scientific survey team has been sent to the steamy swamps on Xylanthia in pursuit of knowledge and profit, but Xylanthia is a place where anything can happen and often does.

"Time reveals the universe at play. It exists only as an abstract in the present moment; time must move before it becomes real."
-- Arai the Bedoran


  1. Looking forward to reading entire series! Any drawings, artwork, teasers? Cooper's Press as publisher? Can't wait to read it! More info please!

    Gordon A. Getty

  2. Can't wait! Mr. Stone you are my favorite writer!


  3. Can we early order?

  4. Are these new books PG, R, or what? General audience? Teen?

  5. The Xylanthia series is intended for everybody! General audiences! Children of all ages! Adults, young teens, bring 'em on!