Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crooked Wise County Contractors

Last April, a fierce storm came through and battered my little home on the range. I had to find help in repairing my roof and replacing six windows. Nearly two months after the fact, the Farmer's insurance appraiser finally made it out and agreed to give me some money to help fix things. It has not been enough and I'm dipping into my own retiree's pocket to cover costs.

While helping the roof repairman, I came close to cutting off my right index finger. Two thousand dollars later, me and the Wise Regional Health System managed to sew things up but my finger is sorta screwed up. Okay, my bad, I guess.

Today, working on five months after the initial storm that opened up my house to the elements, I finally have my windows replaced. I still have drywall to do and tape and bed and painting and trim work, and on it goes, but the windows are finally in.

The windows fiasco took twice as long as it should because first, I couldn't get anyone to come out to help. When I finally did, the wrong size windows were ordered and the mistake was not caught until we started installing them -- which is another thing, if I'm paying someone to install my windows, why am I working alongside of them? Well, because the contractor indicated to me I would be compensated for my time and that was one way to reduce the final bill.

I got the bill yesterday. Not only was I not compensated for my time and no adjustments made to the final bill, but the contractor actually went over the original estimate by a hundred and sixteen dollars.

I had originally told the guy his price was too high and we should be able to do the work quickly and avoid racking up unnecessary hours. The contractor did not give me a breakout of his expenses, only lump sums. When I asked how much his laborer was getting paid, I received a vague answer but was able to ascertain that I was paying the guy hired to actually do the work for $50 an hour. We're not talking about skilled labor here, either.

Anyway, I questioned all this with the contractor while he sat before me at my kitchen table. The thing is, prior, we had sat down and I had told him what I could pay and what I expected. In the end, it was as though he never heard a word I said. When I complained, he told me the bill could have been higher, suggesting that he considered padding it even more. At that point in the conversation, I thought about getting up and fetching my pistola, but that would prevent me from the satisfaction of knocking him down and sitting on his chest while I went all UFC on him. Fortunately for him, that didn't happen, but he has no idea how close he came. Soy loco, jefe.

This guy goes to one of the big Baptist churches in Decatur and is generally liked by people -- until he contracts to do a job with you. If you know this excuse of a man, my suggestion is to be careful dealing with him. He's a rip-off. This dude is sixty years old, tall, brags about being an ex-marine, and shuffles around on bad knees. Very friendly until you tell him he's ripping you off.

You know, on the other hand, I have run across so many self-professed Christians out of Decatur who turned out to be lying cheaters that sometimes I think Wise County must have been gifted to Satan in some covert deal.


  1. I know exactly who you're talking about and I'm not surprised to hear he tried to screw you. It's all smiles and jolly time until you get the bill from that guy.

  2. hypocrite baptists no different than hypocrite methodists, presbys, cathlos, and on it goes. all holier than thou