Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Sunday Edition .011

Yankee propaganda rolls on. The New York Times says the recent shootings in Dallas show a nation torn over racism. Baloney. The nation is torn over political philosophies. The communists got themselves elected through satanic Alinskyite tactics and now all we ever get from the media and the authorities are lies and social manipulation. Oh, be sure and have a nice day anyway.

• Obama says he wants more federal control over all police departments across the country. Well, of course he does. I heard Mark Levin predict Obama's desire for federal oversight as a result of the shootings in Dallas, to which I responded, "It's illegal! States' rights! So what? Let's do it anyway!" *sarcasm*

• Holy canoli! Whites were killed by cops twice as often as blacks in the USA last year even though statistically 50% of all crimes are committed by blacks.

• Is this following statement true? Nonwhites commit at least 90 percent of all violent crimes in America, and the least white cities are the most dangerous, an analysis of the latest Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) crime statistics has revealed.

Even though the FBI and the US Census Bureau does its best to deliberately hide the nonwhite crime plague—by ascribing all Hispanic crime to whites, even this devious tactic cannot hide the full extent of black and Hispanic crime in America.

This fact becomes even more apparent when the crime rates for cities with majority nonwhite populations are compared, and when the FBI’s own “most wanted” lists are studied for racial categorization errors.

The official federal government’s definitions of race—as used by the FBI—only have the following categories: “white,” “black,” “American Indian or Alaska Native,” and “Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. All Hispanics are added to the “white” category, along with all North Africans, Arabs, Middle Easterners, and Jews.

The FBI’s (November 2015) list of most wanted murder suspects in the US is a case in point. It contains 71 suspects—of which only six are actually white.

Some 51 of the remaining suspects are nonwhite Hispanics. Nonetheless, the FBI has classified all 51 of these people as “white.” (The remainder are correctly classified as “black.”)

Some examples from the FBI’s “most wanted murderer” list serve to illustrate the point:

1. The FBI wanted list describes one Cesar Villarreal as follows: Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Race: White (Hispanic)

2. Santino Mario Garcia is described as follows: Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Race: White (Hispanic)

3. Moises Galvan Gonzalez is described as follows: Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Race: White (Hispanic)

The deliberate misclassification is done with the express purpose of boosting the number of crimes which the FBI ascribes to its “white” category.

This is done because the federal statisticians are aware that if they correctly identified these Hispanics as nonwhite, then it would be impossible for even the controlled media to hide the overwhelming nonwhite crime plague.

As the FBI refuses to correctly classify offenders by race, it is only possible to make assumptions based on their own “most wanted” lists.

Using, for example, the FBI’s “most wanted murderer” list, it would seem to be a safe assumption that only a fraction of the suspects identified as “white” by the federal agencies are in fact European-Americans.

Using this “most wanted murderer” list, for example, it would not be unreasonable to assume that only 11 percent (or 6 of 51 suspects) of all the murders crimes ascribed to “whites” by the FBI, were in fact committed by European-Americans.

• Our untrustworthy media claims 20 vets a day commit suicide. Who knows if it's true? However, if it is, what does that indicate (other than recognizing more troops kill themselves in a year than we lost in Afghanistan over the same time period). It says the military (mostly men) is offing itself at an incredible rate. The VA is so screwed up, it's quite possible they got the numbers wrong.

• Speaking of the VA, have you had the opportunity to walk around a VA hospital or have to deal with the bureaucracy? To run the gauntlet requires the patience of Solomon, the fortitude of Daniel, and a high tolerance to pain. I've personally been in VA hospitals in Honolulu, Oakland, Albuquerque, and Dallas. Every time was a nightmare of incompetence and confusion. I recently paid the Montague County Veteran's Service Officer a visit to see about seeking compensation for a broken hand that healed incorrectly and is now palsied and full of arthritis. The idiot (oh, I'm sorry, he likes to call himself "Murph" -- I prefer "Smerf") sent off for my medical records and when they came in he informed me the broken hand was not mentioned, therefore it did not happen. Great. Now I feel like committing suicide too. I know, I know, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

• Here is a random blog post from a Breitbart article on Veteran suicides:

"I am a combat vet and I lost 7 buddies from my unit to suicide since we got back. I am of the mindset that if someone wants to kill themselves, they should find a way to turn those hopeless feelings into vengeance and start eliminating domestic enemies, leftists, illegals, tyrants and despots who have hijacked our government, and the muslim enemies we fought against that our treasonous government is now importing! Let's not kill ourselves, let's take out the traitors!! I came home to a cheating wife and a treasonous government lost everything a man man lose. I will not take myself out, I will fight the traitors!!!"

• Ronda Rousey's boyfriend was ranked #7 in the UFC but he got his clock cleaned last night by Junior Dos Santos. Browne's performance was so poor, it got me thinking again about how it is very possible that many professional fights, both boxing and MMA, are fixed like everything else in our society. Coincidentally, Ronda looked like an amateur in her last fight too. Could be she was a paper tigress all along as well. Maybe the UFC gave her and her boyfriend a couple's discount.

Everything is fixed and manipulated now. Don't believe what the MSM tells you. Even video can be manipulated. Think CGI. If they can pull off an operation like 9/11, what else can they accomplish? I'll tell you what else -- practically anything. But then again, it's pretty easy to deceive the masses who have been lulled to sleep and fed a steady diet of moral and cultural bullshit all their lives. It's really too ba-a-a-ad.

Obviously, my cats have been watching too much television.

Does this get your attention? Good, because despite what you might think from your preconceived and malformed opinions, even though many of us southerners love Dixie, it doesn't make us automatically hate people of color. The truth is, we don't. I'm a pussycat, actually. Meow. But, the thing is, I cannot stand by and allow actions like the police shootings from last week to go by without commenting.  It was wrong and it was murder carried out by state operatives (police). These kinds of actions by our trusted authorities cannot be allowed.

In case you need further reminders:

Police brutality and cold-blooded murder must stop. The police should have to answer to stricter laws than the general population. An eye for an eye.

All I've heard from the local bloggers this week is what a hard job the police have and that they should be paid gobs of money for putting their lives on the line every day. I disagree. I disagree strongly especially when I see two cold-blooded murders in one week. Those murdering cops aren't heroes, so why do we allow such actions to take place? It's no wonder people of color are upset.

By the way, I personally have worked many extremely dangerous jobs for minimum wage and nobody got killed.

Check out this photo. They held this black dude down and shot him point blank because he had a pistol in his pocket. With these kinds of actions, why are we surprised when an enraged sharpshooter opens up on police in downtown Dallas?

I know there are plenty of folks out there who believe that everyone should (must) submit to all forms of authority. I'm not one of those guys. I hope you're not either.

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