Friday, July 8, 2016

Terrible Events

Terrible events in Dallas yesterday illustrate the march toward the destruction of the USA. The attack on police was likely a planned event. Red Flag, or whatever you call it. As awful as it sounds, one must ask who benefits from the chaos and what may happen as a result.

Someone is pulling strings, manipulating individuals as well as groups of people. The gun control lobby will benefit from the attack. Black Lives Matter is becoming a radical terrorist organization along with other leftist organizations that the Obama administration regularly ignores.

The stew is cooking. Everything that happens now is connected and I don't mean in a higher state of consciousness sense. What we are seeing is the ugliness of covert political and social manipulation by globalist sympathizers.

They want to restrict the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution by hook or crook. Revolution would suit their plan because then all pretense could be dropped.

PS If I don't see blood and guts, then I am never quite sure events happened how the media related the incident. It may sound cold, but we simply can't believe whatever the authorities tell us anymore.

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