Friday, July 1, 2016

Pesky Free Speech

Talk about me? I'll sic Google on you.
The North Texas Drifter blog site has fallen by 2,800 hits a month since Google began fixing the search engines and switching over to HTTPS. Let's see, the last month the Drifter had the same numbers was February of 2014. Well, it was a long. tough road getting the page hits up just to watch the masters of the internet decide they didn't like what I was saying about Hillary as well as the trainloads of communists and illegals in my country. So much for free speech, eh?

Try this:
And The Candidate Is...

Or this:
American Women And The End Of A Nation

Here's a good one:
Don't Turn Away This Time

There are plenty of other examples of political commentary on the North Texas Drifter and those posts used to get lots of hits. I mean, it's election season, right? But I am getting zero hits on any of my political pieces at this time and for the last six weeks. Want to know why? Because Google fixed the game, that's why.

Oh wait! It's a conspiracy theory! Ha ha, right? Nothing to worry about. Everybody return to their desks and get back to work. We don't have time for this nonsense; there's a country to run and despots to elect! Vote for a knife in your back. Vote for Hillary!

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