Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dancin' with Mr. B

Did anybody else see this (besides the entire world)? This video was taken at the Dallas Memorial to the fallen police officers on July 12, 2016. Is George on drugs? Is this how our globalist masters show unity?


  1. Or maybe he's making fun of the whole affair because he knows it's a sham?

  2. I'm not seeing any comments about this anywhere. That alone raises my interest. Very interesting.

  3. What the... ?!?

  4. Why is nobody talking about this?

  5. Nothing fm the MSM. Zero. Zip. Nada.

    I don't think Bush is drunk (although he might be). It's think it's more likely he's gone insane from the 9/11 cover-up and all the subsequent secrets and cabals and misleading American citizens, then walking out on the country with the explanation that there's going to be a new world order.

    They forgot to tell us the US Constitution was deemed invalid and communism offered the soft tyranny the world needed.

    They all should be lined up and shot along with their supporters -- foreign AND domestic!