Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Sunday Edition (.008)

TV, junk food bad for fertility.
Do you believe that the world straightens itself out? That when some catastrophe is required to cull out a species, nature makes the arrangements? Well, there was a report this week that 2015 had the lowest fertility rate in recorded history. How could they possibly know? Obvious propaganda but a portent for things to come?

Terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida, at a club for homosexuals called Pulse. Over 50 individuals have been shot by a man suspected of being a muslim terrorist. The anti-gun fallout will be epic. Apparently no one except one security guard was armed. Uh-oh, the shooter is reported to have used an assault weapon. I foresee plenty of news about this incident in upcoming days and weeks.

I'm not going to list all the links, but the economic news is less than encouraging. Most pundits outside the government say we're headed into a catastrophic economic collapse. Thank you very much, globalists, for manipulating the markets and turning us all into communists. Thank you Mr. Obama and a criminal government, for playing it all down so we don't panic or try to move out of the country prior to the coming economic tsunami.

What's going on in Syria? A news blackout? One day it's the end of the world and the source of all this crazy migration and the next day we hear nothing. That's not precisely true. Instead of hearing anything about the war in Syria, the MSM tells us about the rights of gay and transgender Americans.

No more right to free speech in America?
This transgender debate is serving multiple purposes for those looking to destroy the last vestiges of western civilization. Maybe that's a little bit alarmist, but the communists in charge have created another gender class. In New York, they've created 31 classes of gender, like Baskin-Robbins. Of course, it's all insanity and part of the rigged game that's being played out. What do you think is going on while everyone is distracted by men using women's restrooms? The end of free speech is what's happening. The apex of political correctness.

I heard a guy on the radio this week proclaim that war is coming to America. I am inclined to agree. State against federal. Black against white. Conservative versus crazy progressive. UN troops against white, Christian males. Can't happen here?

Do you believe the US government would resort to lies and staged events to convince citizens to give up their freedom? If you don't, you're foolish and I think I'm going to call you Pollyanna from here on out. By the way, love your suit.

Another story this week says Google is fixing Google searches to assist Hillary Clinton in her insane quest for the US presidency. About a month ago, I noticed a significant drop in page hits on the North Texas Drifter. It is like something is being filtered on search results for many of NTD's articles. Me just being paranoid? With as much as I know about computers, networks, databases, search engines, and propaganda, I think it's safe to say the NTD is among those sites unfriendly to Hillary Clinton and therefore targeted to suppress Google searches. Heck, I'll even admit it. Hillary is insane and a danger to world peace and individual freedom.

By the way, "freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose." (Kris Kistofferson)

One more time: do not believe the mainstream press. They are owned and controlled by manipulating liars who want our very lives. Get a clue. Save yourself.

The rats are chewing their way through America but at least we have a choice about which restroom we can use.

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