Monday, June 20, 2016

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The Usual Internet Suspects.
The powers that be have succeeded in gaining control of the internet. The internet is now highly organized, constantly monitored, and fast becoming a place where free speech is nonexistent. Did I also mention that the internet also offers unique avenues for propaganda that Facebook and the US government have recognized and made it their goal to guide and form American opinion?

This control has been accomplished by a number of technical and administrative means. Sure, there is still the underweb and Tor and ways to remain anonymous -- if you are so technically inclined. Most people are not.

Lately, Google has switched to an internet navigation protocol called HTTPS. It's referred to as a more secure connection and makes it more difficult for hackers to eavesdrop on your internet business. This, of course, is malarkey. The hackers you have to worry about are the ones employed by the US government. Additionally, many internet users don't want those types of secure connections because it essentially does away with your anonymity.

I am no longer anonymous.
And what's wrong with that, you say? It makes people more responsible for their words, you say? It cuts down on lying and provides a means for authorities to track you if you remind the public Lebron James is a black man or if you say something stupid like you have the right to free speech.

My own little blog, the North Texas Drifter, has been chugging along for a few years now. I talk about any number of things here at NTD, but naturally the loss of freedom and the communist revolution in the US has not gone unnoticed. I don't like what has happened and where we appear to be headed. According to the Constitution of the US, I have a right to say so.

Now, Blogger is owned by Google and, as you probably already know, Google is one of the major players on the internet (and robotics, AI, networking, database programming, and well practically anything tech-related.) and is well-connected to the government and the globalists. You get the picture. They're plugged in and they have tons of money and power. They see themselves as futurists and holding the technological keys to all that is good. So, Blogger and Google have decided there is simply way too much subversion going on and, in claiming the fight against terrorism to be the motivating factor, they have instituted the secure internet protocol that essentially announces your identity while online. If you don't use the new protocol, well then you can't play. You won't be able to connect to many, many sites that do not use the same secure protocol.

Do not take ayuhuasca during an anti-war rally.
That's a lot of news for you to absorb but practically overnight, Google screwed us. The immediate effect on the North Texas Drifter has been to reduce site traffic by 300%. Thanks, Blogger. Thanks, Google.

The way to combat this type of attempted control is to not use Blogger as a blogging platform, build your own website, and set up your own blog with Wordpress. Ta-da, I have accomplished this and you can find my new blog (The Blog) here. Please bookmark and begin checking in once in a while. We're just getting started, but I am posting and the Comments section is open!

Have you been censored by Google?


  1. No no no, NTD will remain as a place where friends meet to discuss overthrowing the authorities and declaring ourselves tax-free. Until, you know, we get what we want. I will continue posting until my demands are met. First, I want a pizza.

  2. Very interesting, Dr. Danger!