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The Sunday Edition (.007)

Confederate Memorial Day was May 10.
Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces. The holiday, which is observed every year on the last Monday of May, originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868, when the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans founded in Decatur, Illinois, established it as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers. By the 20th century, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions, celebrated on different days, had merged, and Memorial Day eventually extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

• We can all breathe easy now that Facebook has declared itself innocent of influencing Facebook users by artificially suppressing conservative topics on its "Trending News" feed while promoting "progressive" topics. If you're a conservative or a Christian and you do the Facebook thing, then you may have run into Facebook bias already.

Here's a weird thing: Glen Beck (conservative pundit) loves Mark Zuckerberg and believes him when the internet billionaire says Facebook is clueless about the Trending Topic's accusation. Glen Beck used to be funny before he sobered up.

• In yet more Facebook news, there is no escaping Facebook’s advertising reach. The social network has announced that it will now be foisting ads on to every single person who uses third-party sites that are signed up to its advertising scheme, regardless of whether the user has a Facebook account or not.

Until now, Facebook showed ads only to its members when people landed on third-party sites that were signed up to its Audience Network ad system. That meant that it only ever bothered tracking what Facebook users did, in order to learn about them and better target advertising.

Now, though, reports the Wall Street Journal, it will use the same techniques—largely plug-in and cookies, but also Like buttons too— in order to track what everyone does when visiting those web pages.

• In a letter to Congressman Goodlatte, the IRS Commissioner says he’s too busy to attend his own impeachment hearings. This is the same IRS that targets conservative groups. Well, so much for a free and fair America. Why do those who do such things always get away with it? Why? I'll tell you why -- because they were working for the Democratic Party and have the blessing (and knowledge) of the president. The truth is, all those communists we call our leaders should be shot. It's time for a reset.

• When President Obama says he wants people to "morally evolve," that's just code language meaning Obama simply wants people to come around to his way of looking at things. You know that, right? If everybody agreed with me, then I'd know how it felt to be Elvis. I love you all and good night, America!

Morally evolve, my athletic ass! How can a grown man say such things and expect to be taken seriously? I suppose the same thing could be said about me, but then again, I'm not the president. If I was, I'd tell you all who killed Kennedy and I would confess that the whole show is out of control because of the lack of morality and proper leadership.

Take a breath. You're going to need it because now we're going to look at the continued erosion of the right to self-defense. If you want to skip the gun stuff, scroll down until you see the pic of Austin Powers.

• The Mission Statement for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence says it "seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy." That's certainly a mouthful, eh? Who knows just exactly what it means? How far will they go in securing my freedom from gun violence?

As a lifelong hack, wordsmith, whatever, whenever I see such a painfully contorted sentence as that offered above, I recognize an inability to state a coherent argument. So, the logic of language is dropped by misusing words and making up definitions that are more to the "progressives" liking. The new language suits the purposes of revolution. As Charles Manson is credited with saying, "Nonsense makes sense."

I wondered who funds these people (the CSGV) and then I see that their address is in Washington, DC. These people are highly funded, highly motivated, Washington insiders and eventually they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment. But don't worry, by that time the entire Constitution will be a moot point. It may be already.

Josh Horwitz
Joshua Horwitz, J.D., is Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Mr. Horwitz is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received his law degree from the George Washington University. He is currently a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the co-author of a book, Guns, Democracy and the Insurrectionist Idea, that was published by the University of Michigan Press in 2009. Mr. Horwitz has spent nearly two decades working on gun violence prevention issues.

• More gun news. Law-abiding gun owners in Los Angeles are to be punished as a result shooting spree by Muslim terrorists. From the LA Times:

The state Senate on Thursday approved sweeping new restrictions on using guns in California in response to the December mass shooting by two terrorists that left 14 dead in San Bernardino.

Lawmakers approved 11 bills including measures mandating background checks for Californians buying ammunition and outlawing the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines.

The bills, which next go to the Assembly for consideration, represent the most ambitious effort at gun control in decades in California, which already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

...The measures banning rifles with detachable magazines and requiring background checks for ammo buyers are opposed by the National Rifle Assn., Gun Owners of California and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms industry.

Click to enlarge.
...Two of the bills approved by the Senate would ban the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines as well as semiautomatic, center-fire rifles with “bullet buttons,” a recessed button that, when pressed by a sharp object, allows removal of the magazine.

Those already possessing such guns would have to register them with the state as assault rifles.

...Another measure approved Thursday would ban the possession of large-capacity magazines, those holding more than 10 bullets. Sen. Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) told her colleagues that large-capacity magazines were found at the scene of the San Bernardino shooting.

...Yet another bill approved Thursday, authored by De León [Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles)], would require those buying ammunition to present identification, which would be used by the seller to check to make sure the buyer is not a felon or otherwise prohibited from possessing guns.

This is a total gun ban.

The government lets the terrorists in, they shoot people up who were nothing but nice to them (so the official story goes), then the government bans law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves from said terrorists.

Great job, guys.

• Why can't you get a BA in Christian Studies at a state-run university?

Is Michelle Obama a man? Might explain why all this transgender stuff is in the national news. Pretty far out, eh?

• Last week’s unanimous passage of a Senate bill making it easier for 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia and other foreign terror sponsors was widely heralded as a major victory.

It’s more of a cruel hoax.

It turns out that just before the vote, Sen. Charles Schumer and other proponents of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act stuffed an amendment into the final draft allowing the attorney general and secretary of state to stop any litigation against the Saudis in its tracks.The madness goes on and on and on...

Yes, JASTA would remove the statutory restrictions that have prevented 9/11 families from taking the Saudi kingdom to court. But Schumer helped craft an entirely new section to the original bill, giving the Justice and State departments the power to stay court action indefinitely. All they have to do is inform the judge hearing the case that the US government has engaged with ­Riyadh in diplomatic talks to resolve the issue.

Charles Shumer is a known professional politician, gun-grabber, a globalist, a Democrat, and a yankee from New York. How many things can a man have going against him?

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Dictator of Facebook

I saw a headline today declaring Mark Zuckerberg as the dictator of Facebook, as if Facebook were a country or a legal entity unto itself. Uh, it sort of is, isn't it?

As of the first quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed 1 billion. Active users are those which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days. Furthermore, as of that quarter the social network had 1.51 billion mobile MAU. The platform is also the most popular social network worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Facebook is currently the biggest social networking service based on global reach and total active users. Launched by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and some of his contemporaries, the service was initially only available to Harvard students but soon expanded to regional universities, the Ivy League and further universities before opening up to high school students and global users aged 13 or over. Currently, the Facebook usage penetration among internet users in leading markets is above 80 percent.

Facebook users must register before using the social network and are free to create a personal profile in order to interact with other users which they can add as friends. Furthermore, Facebook users may join user groups based on workplace, college or school and can also categorize their Facebook contacts into lists. Users can post status updates or other content and message each other. Facebook users can also interact with a wide selection of applications including social games or other services like the photo-sharing app Instagram.

In September 2012, Facebook announced over one billion active users across all platforms. The social network is also accessible to mobile web users and has published a series of apps based on original Facebook features such as Facebook Messenger, which as of the third quarter of 2015 has a 37 usage penetration rate.

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

-- Winston Churchill

Memorial Day 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Hank's Birthday!

How Old Are We?

The cosmic age problem is a historical problem in astronomy concerning the age of the universe. The problem was that at various times in the 20th century, some objects in the universe were estimated to be older than the time elapsed since the Big Bang, as estimated from measurements of the expansion rate of the universe known as the Hubble constant, denoted H0.

Since around 1997–2003, the problem is believed to be solved by most cosmologists: modern measurements give an accurate age of the universe of 13.8 billion years, and recent age estimates for the oldest objects are either younger than this, or consistent allowing for measurement uncertainties.

Many of my Christian friends tell me the world is six thousand years old. Science says otherwise. I don't have a problem either way, but I've been told if I don't believe the world is six thousand years old, then I'm going to hell. I've also been told by atheists what an unaware idiot I am. I don't begrudge them their opinions because, yes, sometimes I am an idiot. However, sometimes so are they so it appears to balance out. My idiocy against yours. I will add that the current understanding of a quantum universe allows for the most dogmatic creationism so if you fancy yourself a scientist, don't forget there are a number of fascinating new theories on how reality maintains itself. It's not a clockwork universe, apparently.

Aristotle thought the earth had existed eternally. Roman poet Lucretius, intellectual heir to the Greek atomists, believed its formation must have been relatively recent, given that there were no records going back beyond the Trojan War. The Talmudic rabbis, Martin Luther and others used the biblical account to extrapolate back from known history and came up with rather similar estimates for when the earth came into being. The most famous came in 1654, when Archbishop James Ussher of Ireland offered the date of 4004 B.C.

Within decades observation began overtaking such thinking. In the 1660s Nicolas Steno formulated our modern concepts of deposition of horizontal strata. He inferred that where the layers are not horizontal, they must have been tilted since their deposition and noted that different strata contain different kinds of fossil. Robert Hooke, not long after, suggested that the fossil record would form the basis for a chronology that would “far antedate ... even the very pyramids.” The 18th century saw the spread of canal building, which led to the discovery of strata correlated over great distances, and James Hutton’s recognition that unconformities between successive layers implied that deposition had been interrupted by enormously long periods of tilt and erosion. By 1788 Hutton had formulated a theory of cyclic deposition and uplift, with the earth indefinitely old, showing “no vestige of a beginning—no prospect of an end.” Hutton considered the present to be the key to the past, with geologic processes driven by the same forces as those we can see at work today. This position came to be known as uniformitarianism, but within it we must distinguish between uniformity of natural law (which nearly all of us would accept) and the increasingly questionable assumptions of uniformity of process, uniformity of rate and uniformity of outcome.

The oldest dated rocks on Earth, as an aggregate of minerals that have not been subsequently broken down by erosion or melted, are more than 4 billion years old, formed during the Hadean Eon of Earth's geological history. Such rocks are exposed on the Earth's surface in very few places. (Some meteorites, such as the ALH84001 Mars meteorite found in the Allan Hills of Antarctica, are older but they were not formed on Earth).

Some of the oldest surface rock can be found in the Canadian Shield, Australia, Africa and in a few other old regions around the world. The ages of these felsic rocks are generally between 2.5 and 3.8 billion years. The approximate ages have a margin of error of millions of years. In 1999, the oldest known rock on Earth was dated to 4.031 ± 0.003 billion years, and is part of the Acasta Gneiss of the Slave craton in northwestern Canada. Researchers at McGill University found a rock with a very old model age for extraction from the mantle (3.8 to 4.28 billion years ago) in the Nuvvuagittuq greenstone belt on the coast of Hudson Bay, in northern Quebec; the true age of these samples is still under debate, and they may actually be closer to 3.8 billion years old. Older than these rocks are crystals of the mineral zircon, which can survive the disaggregation of their parent rock and be found and dated in younger rock formations.

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Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw (born Arthur Jacob Arshawsky; May 23, 1910 – December 30, 2004) was an American clarinetist, composer, and bandleader. Also an author, Shaw wrote both fiction and non-fiction.

Widely regarded as "one of jazz's finest clarinetists," Shaw led one of the United States' most popular big bands in the late 1930s through the early 1940s. Their signature song, a 1938 version of Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguine", was a wildly successful single[citation needed] and one of the era's defining recordings. Musically restless, Shaw was also an early proponent of Third Stream, which blended classical and jazz, and recorded some small-group sessions that flirted with be-bop before retiring from music in 1954.

Shaw was born Arthur Jacob Arshawsky in New York City, the son of Sarah (née Strauss) and Harry Arshawsky, who worked as a dressmaker and photographer. His family was Jewish; his father was from Russia and his mother was from Austria. Shaw grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, where, according to his autobiography, his natural introversion was deepened by local antisemitism. Shaw began learning the saxophone when he was 13 years old, and by the age of 16, he switched to the clarinet and left home to tour with a band. Returning to New York, he became a session musician through the early 1930s. From 1925 until 1936, Shaw performed with many bands and orchestras; from 1926 to 1929, he worked in Cleveland and established a lasting reputation as music director and arranger for an orchestra led by the violinist Austin Wylie. In 1929 and 1930 he played with Irving Aaronson's Commanders, where he was exposed to symphonic music, which he would later incorporate in his arrangements.

Shaw first gained attention with his "Interlude in B-flat" at a swing concert at the Imperial Theater in New York in 1935. During the swing era, his big band was popular with hits like "Begin the Beguine" (1938), "Stardust" (with a trumpet solo by Billy Butterfield), "Back Bay Shuffle", "Moonglow", "Rosalie" and "Frenesi". The show was well-received but forced to dissolve in 1937 because the sound was not commercial. He was an innovator in the big band idiom, using unusual instrumentation; "Interlude in B-flat", where he was backed with only a rhythm section and a string quartet, was one of the earliest examples of what would be later dubbed third stream. His incorporating of stringed instruments could be attributed to the influence of classical composer Igor Stravinsky.

In addition to hiring Buddy Rich, he signed Billie Holiday as his band's vocalist in 1938, becoming the first white bandleader to hire a full-time black female singer to tour the segregated Southern US. However, after recording "Any Old Time" she left the band due to hostility from audiences in the South, as well as from music company executives who wanted a more "mainstream" singer. His band became enormously successful, and his playing was eventually recognized as equal to that of Benny Goodman: longtime Duke Ellington clarinetist Barney Bigard cited Shaw as his favorite clarinet player. In response to Goodman's nickname, the "King of Swing", Shaw's fans dubbed him the "King of the Clarinet." Shaw, however, felt the titles were reversed. "Benny Goodman played clarinet. I played music", he said. In 1938 DownBeat Magazine's readers agreed with Shaw's evaluation and named Artie Shaw as the King of Swing.

Shaw took himself seriously as an artist and valued experimental and innovative music rather than generic dance and love songs, despite an extremely successful career that sold more than 100 million records. He fused jazz with classical music by adding strings to his arrangements, experimented with bebop, and formed "chamber jazz" groups that utilized such novel sounds as harpsichords or Afro-Cuban music.

The long series of musical groups Shaw formed included such talents as vocalists Billie Holiday, Helen Forrest and, Mel Tormé; drummers Buddy Rich and Dave Tough, guitarists Barney Kessel, Jimmy Raney, and Tal Farlow and trombonist-arranger Ray Conniff, among countless others. He composed the morose "Nightmare", with its Hassidic nuances, for his personal theme, rather than more accessible songs. In a televised interview of the 1970s, Shaw derided the often "asinine" songs that bands were compelled to play night after night. In 1994, he told Frank Prial (The New York Times), "I thought that because I was Artie Shaw I could do what I wanted, but all they wanted was 'Begin the Beguine.'"

During World War II, Shaw enlisted in the United States Navy and later formed a band, which served in the Pacific theater (just as Glenn Miller's wartime band served in Europe). After 18 months playing for Navy personnel (sometimes as many as four concerts a day in battle zones, including Guadalcanal), Shaw returned to the U.S. in a state of physical exhaustion, receiving a medical discharge. Following the war, the popularity of big bands declined as crooners and bebop came to dominate the charts. In the late 1940s, Shaw performed classical music at Carnegie Hall and with the New York Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein.

His last prewar band, organized in September 1941, included Hot Lips Page, Max Kaminsky, Georgie Auld, and Guarnieri.

Like his main rival, Benny Goodman, and other leaders of big bands, Shaw fashioned a small group from within the band. He named it the Gramercy Five after his home telephone exchange. Band pianist Johnny Guarneri played a harpsichord on the quintet recordings and Al Hendrickson played an electric guitar, which was unusual in jazz recordings of the time. Trumpeter Roy Eldridge later became part of the group, succeeding Billy Butterfield. The Gramercy Five's biggest hit was "Summit Ridge Drive". A CD of The Complete Gramercy Five sessions was released in 1990.

Throughout his career, Shaw would take sabbaticals from the music business. This included studying advanced mathematics, as cited in Karl Sabbagh's The Riemann Hypothesis. His first interregnum, at the height of his success, was met with disbelief by booking agents. They predicted that Shaw would not only be abandoning a million-dollar enterprise but that nightclub and theater owners would sue him for breach of contract. Shaw's offhand response was, "Tell 'em I'm insane. A nice, young American boy walking away from a million dollars, wouldn't you call that insane?"

In 1954, Shaw stopped playing the clarinet, citing his own perfectionism, which, he later said, would have killed him. He explained to a reporter, "In the world we live in, compulsive perfectionists finish last. You have to be Lawrence Welk, or, on another level, Irving Berlin, and write the same kind of music over and over again. I'm not able to do that." and "I have taken the clarinet as far as anyone can possibly go. To continue playing would be a disservice." He spent the rest of the 1950s living in Europe.

In 1981, he organized a new Artie Shaw Band with clarinetist Dick Johnson as bandleader and soloist. Shaw himself guest conducted from time to time, ending his self-imposed retirement.

After Canadian filmmaker Brigitte Berman interviewed Shaw, Hoagy Carmichael, Doc Cheatham and others for her documentary film Bix: Ain't None of Them Play Like Him Yet (1981) about Bix Beiderbecke, she went on to create an Academy Award-winning documentary, Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got (1985), featuring her interviews with Shaw, Buddy Rich, Mel Tormé, Helen Forrest and others. Later in 2003, along with members of his original bands and other music professionals, Shaw was extensively interviewed by Russell Davies for the BBC Television documentary, Artie Shaw — Quest for Perfection, which became his last major interview.

In 1991, Artie Shaw's band library and manuscript collection was donated to the University of Arizona. In 2004, he was presented with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

A self-proclaimed "very difficult man," Shaw was married eight times: Jane Cairns (1932–33, annulled); Margaret Allen (1934–37, divorced); actress Lana Turner (1940, divorced); Betty Kern, the daughter of songwriter Jerome Kern (1942–43, divorced); actress Ava Gardner (1945–46, divorced); Forever Amber author Kathleen Winsor (1946–48, annulled); actress Doris Dowling (1952–56, divorced); and actress Evelyn Keyes (1957–85, divorced). He had one son, Steven Kern, with Betty Kern, and another son, Jonathan Shaw, with Doris Dowling. Both Lana Turner and Ava Gardner later described Shaw as being extremely emotionally abusive. His controlling nature and incessant verbal abuse in fact drove Turner to have a nervous breakdown, soon after which she divorced him. Shaw even briefly dated actress Judy Garland in 1940.

In 1946, Shaw was present at a meeting of the Independent Citizens' Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions. Olivia de Havilland and Ronald Reagan, part of a core group of actors and artists who were trying to sway the organization away from communism, presented an anti-communist declaration which, if signed, was to run in newspapers. There was bedlam as many rose to champion the communist cause, and Artie Shaw began praising the democratic standards of the Soviet constitution. In 1953, Shaw was forced to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee for his leftist activities. The committee was investigating a peace activist organization, the World Peace Congress, which it considered a communist front.

He was a precision marksman, ranking fourth in the United States in 1962, as well as an expert fly fisherman. In his later years, Shaw lived and wrote in the Newbury Park section of Thousand Oaks, California. He died on December 30, 2004 at the age of 94. According to his publicist, he had been "in ill health for some time, but I don't know the specific cause of death." In fact, Shaw had long been suffering from diabetes. In 2005, Shaw's eighth wife, Evelyn Keyes sued Shaw's estate, claiming that she was entitled to one-half of Shaw's estate pursuant to a contract to make a will between them. In July 2006, a Ventura, California jury unanimously held that Keyes was entitled to almost one-half of Shaw's estate, or $1,420,000.

Shaw did many big band remotes, and he was often heard from the Blue Room of New York's Hotel Lincoln. It was the location of his only regular radio series as headliner. Sponsored by Old Gold cigarettes, Shaw broadcast on CBS from November 20, 1938 until November 14, 1939.

Artie w/wife Lana Turner.
At the height of his popularity, Shaw reportedly earned $60,000 per week. For a comparison, George Burns and Gracie Allen were each making US $5,000 per week during the year the Artie Shaw Orchestra provided the music for their radio show. He also acted on the show as a love interest for Gracie Allen. I only bring this up because my brother-in-law is impressed with how much people earn.

Shaw made several musical shorts in 1939 for Vitaphone and Paramount Pictures. He portrayed himself in the Fred Astaire film, Second Chorus (1940), which featured Shaw and his orchestra playing "Concerto for Clarinet." The film brought him two Oscar nominations, one for Best Score and one for Best Song ("Love of My Life"). He collaborated on the love song "If It's You" sung by Tony Martin in the Marx Brothers' film, The Big Store (1941). In 1950 he was a mystery guest on What's My Line?, and during the 1970s he made appearances on The Mike Douglas Show and The Tonight Show.

Many of his recordings have been used in motion pictures. His recording of "Stardust" was used in its entirety in the closing credits of the film The Man Who Fell to Earth. Martin Scorsese also used the Shaw theme song, "Nightmare", in his Academy Award-winning Howard Hughes biopic, The Aviator.

He credited his time in the Navy as a period of renewed introspection. He entered psychoanalysis and began to pursue a writing career. His autobiography, The Trouble With Cinderella: An Outline of Identity, was published in 1952 (with later reprint editions in 1992 and 2001). Revealing downbeat elements of the music business, Shaw explained that "the trouble with Cinderella" is "nobody ever lives happily ever after." He turned to semi-autobiographical fiction with the three short novels in I Love You, I Hate You, Drop Dead! (1965, reprinted in 1997), which prompted Terry Southern's comment: "Here is a deeply probing examination of the American marital scene. I flipped over it!" Shaw's short stories, including "Snow White in Harlem," were collected in The Best of Intentions and Other Stories (1989). He worked for years on his 1000-page autobiographical novel, The Education of Albie Snow, but the three-volume work remains unpublished. Currently, through Curtis International Associates, the Artie Shaw Orchestra is still active.

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The Sunday Edition (.006)

“If something is going to happen to me, I want to be there.” -- Albert Camus, The Stranger

This is the 6th edition of the NTD Sunday Edition. Please enjoy all the news that's fit to print and some that isn't.

• I saw where a guy from Wise County was convicted of murder and other crimes and I remembered once when he was a high school teen, he went berserk and went after somebody in the school cafeteria. I stopped him. I put him down nice and easy and even padded the back of his noggin so when he hit the floor he didn't crack his skull. True story. I may have prevented a mass execution. And what am I having for dinner tonight? Beans! Anyway, I wish that young man had turned out differently. When I had him pinned on the floor, I told him to take it easy. Apparently he did not take my advice. Like so many others, he was just naturally pissed off about his station in life. I know it's not an excuse.

• President Obama came into office seven years ago pledging to end the wars of his predecessor, George W. Bush. On May 6, with eight months left before he vacates the White House, Mr. Obama passed a somber, little-noticed milestone: He has now been at war longer than Mr. Bush, or any other American president.

If the United States remains in combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria until the end of Mr. Obama’s term — a near-certainty given the president’s recent announcement that he will send 250 additional Special Operations forces to Syria — he will leave behind an improbable legacy as the only president in American history to serve two complete terms with the nation at war.

Mr. Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and spent his years in the White House trying to fulfill the promises he made as an antiwar candidate, would have a longer tour of duty as a wartime president than Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon or his hero Abraham Lincoln.

• The US Senate has agreed to pass a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Huh? Didn't bin Laden do it from a cave in Afghanistan?

The bill would allow victims of terror attacks on U.S. soil or surviving family members to bring lawsuits against nation-states for activities supporting terrorism. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill. Saudi officials reportedly threatened to sell off billions of dollars in U.S. assets if Congress passed the bill.

• The time is right. Rocky Horror is coming to the small screen. 

• I am off Facebook completely. Not only have I shut down my author account, but I've shut down my personal account and my half-dozen bogus accounts, including splendora79, bigbosshoss44, savedbyscreech, hackyou, googlethis, and my Indian name, fartnomoreforever. Now if I could just figure out how to avoid Google.

• Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials -- Environmental groups in the great northwest say the science is clear, so textbooks should be too.

In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland People's Republic Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.

“It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis,” said Lincoln High School student Gaby Lemieux in board testimony. “Climate education is not a niche or a specialization, it is the minimum requirement for my generation to be successful in our changing world.”

The resolution passed Tuesday evening calls for the school district to get rid of textbooks or other materials that cast doubt on whether climate change is occurring and that the activity of human beings is responsible. The resolution also directs the superintendent and staff to develop an implementation plan for “curriculum and educational opportunities that address climate change and climate justice in all Portland Public Schools.”

• Moving on to more important matters, the Target Bathroom Policy continues to hold the nation in suspense. As retailer Target sees its stock plummeting and sales dropping in the midst of a boycott over its recently announced pro-transgender bathroom policy, the company’s CEO is insisting the weather is the cause of falling sales, not the company’s bathroom policy.

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Target CEO Brian Cornell pegged the downturn in the company’s fortunes to the cold weather as opposed to anything the company itself is doing or not doing.

“It’s been a very wet and cold start to the year and it’s reflected in our sales,” Cornell told the paper. “We haven’t seen anything from a structural standpoint that gives us pause.”

In other words, the weather is responsible for the downturn, not Target’s “structural” transgender bathroom policy.

Indeed, a month after the initial announcement, the Target CEO came out to double down on the transgender agenda, so it appears the company is digging in heels instead of looking for ways at appeal to customers.

"Well? Are you?"
Still, Cornell’s weather assessment does not quite tally with other reports stating Target has taken a major hit since it announced its transgender policy.

Granted, most retailers have been down over the first quarter and the start of the second quarter this year. But Target has been on a downward trend exceeding the fall of its competitors. Target, for instance, says it will post a $1 to a $1.20 adjusted earnings per share, which is well below the $1.38 analysts expected. Further, at 1.2 percent, the company’s sales are below the 1.5 to 2.5 percent annual target it had hoped to realize. With the tumble, Target warned that its sales might be flat by the end of the second quarter.

A closer examination, however, shows that sales and the company’s reputation have taken a particular hit since its April 19 pro-transgender bathroom announcement, a decision that sponsored a major boycott movement that earned 1.2 million supporters in only a week’s time.

A recent Business Insider article noted that Target’s reputation has tumbled six points among consumers in the last several months. In the months prior to the bathroom policy announcement, 42 percent of consumers said they would shop at the department store chain. But in the month following the bathroom policy announcement, the number dropped to 36 percent.

The reports also found that consumer perception of the Target brand is at its lowest in two years.

Whatever the cause of the drop, since April 19, Target has lost nearly $6 billion in stock values.

Blue Moon
• We are treated with the occurrence of a Blue Moon which happens, you guessed it, only occasionally. And it’s happening this weekend.

In fact, Saturday (last night) and Sunday will offer a dual opportunity for stargazers to get excited because aside from the infrequent Blue Moon Saturday evening there will also be some high-jinks from Mars on Sunday evening.

Mars will be in opposition, meaning the Earth will be passing directly between Mars and the sun. That could make Mars brighter than any star or planet in the night sky.

If you watch the southeastern part of the sky Saturday night you might be able to see the shining Blue Moon while the Red Planet also beams a bright rusty-orange glow at the same time. Mars will be bright for the next couple of months.

The last Blue Moon happened in July of 2015. The next one won’t happen until January of 2018. Traditionally, a Blue Moon is what people called an extra moon in a season.

Seasons typically only see three full moons, making 12 full moons in a calendar year. The fourth full moon in a season and 13ths for a year is rare.

A warning: A Blue Moon is not actually blue. It is mostly bright white but can take on a bluish hue depending on the season and conditions.

• Hey! There was a reported shooting at the White House. No pics, no video, just take their word for it. Do I think it happened? Nope. Likely another staged incident. Nothing to get excited about.

• This green stone bracelet was discovered in 2008, and after a detailed analysis, scientists concluded that its age is 40.000 years! This might not only be the oldest piece of this kind of jewelry we know of but one of the oldest, if not the oldest artifact that required the use of tools.

The bracelet was found in the Denisova cave located in Siberia’s Altai mountains. The mountains got their name from a hermit Dennis (Dionisij) who lived there in the 18th century. The first findings were made during the 1970’s and consequently led to more excavations. At the moment, there are 22 layers in the cave that are being researched, strata that cover the period of time from the 18th century AD to 120.000 – 180.000 BC.

• Joe Biden is like low-hanging fruit. He's just too easy. But here we go anyway: Vice President Joe Biden told the U.S. Military Academy's class of 2016 on Saturday that greater diversity, including more women and openly gay soldiers, will strengthen the country's armed forces.

"What the... !?$"
More than 950 cadets received their degrees and commissions as second lieutenants. Among them were the first seven women to be commissioned into combat divisions since combat restrictions for them were lifted.

The vice president saluted class president Eugene "E.J." Coleman for publicly coming out as gay.

Wow. West Point 2016.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Truth Is What The Government Says It Is

Americans are hopelessly separated from one another by differences between race, sex, education, class, intelligence, talent, morality, and so on. It's true. It's a deliberate fragmentation of our society by the globalists, or the socialists, if you prefer. Labels, being what they are, help us to define and, yes, even to discriminate over what is not preferable to ourselves. We were warned about the communists. They even told us what they were going to do. And yet, we allowed it all to happen.

For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to live under communism, allow me to enlighten you. Under communism, misery is spread around and shared -- no one has to be miserable alone. If you're a minority communist, then you will be placed in a position where you can lord over white people, most likely in some low level bureaucratic job that'll pay just enough to cover your union fees each month.

Under communism, you won't have to worry so much about getting shot in an armed robbery because guns will be banned from the civilian population. We wouldn't want voters hurting themselves now, would we?

Also under communism, everyone will be equal, except those who rule. They need extra political clout and limousines and fine cigars, so we'll make sure they live in situations that will cause the common people to admire and respect their position. Heck, they're practically gods anyway, so why shouldn't we treat them as such? Makes sense to me and Nancy Pelosi.

Communism also gets rid of lies. That's right, that pesky free speech clause is gone under communism and people can no longer make up lies about the government or about man-made climate change. Listen to me: the government is good and people are soylent green! Ha ha, free speech is stupid and Shakespeare should have been arrested and hung for being a white devil!

Under communism, the government is going to give you a job so you don't have to worry about going hungry or without a roof over your head. You also don't have to worry about thinking for yourself. The government is going to do that for you. It's going to be utopia!

You can go to church if you want, but we aren't going to encourage it. Eventually, we plan on phasing out religion altogether.

Welcome to the new world order where truth is what the government says it is and if you don't work for the government, why, what good are you? We may be fragmented and we may all hate one another due to racism but forget about all that because we're communists now, comrade, and the only thing that matters is the success of the glorious state! I've got a tingle running down my leg!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The largest number in the English language with a word naming it is a googolplex. This number is equal to 10 to the power of a googol, or 10 to the power of 10100. This number would be written as 1 followed by 10100 zeroes (except that, as there are far fewer particles in the universe than there are zeroes in a googolplex, the number could never be written out in full). The names "googol" and "googolplex" were both suggested in the 1930s by Milton Sirotta, the nine-year-old nephew of mathematician Dr. Edward Kasner.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roll With It

Ultra Spiritual

Within Carina Nebula

Click to enlarge.
This craggy fantasy mountaintop enshrouded by wispy clouds looks like a bizarre landscape from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, which is even more dramatic than fiction, captures the chaotic activity atop a pillar of gas and dust, three light-years tall, which is being eaten away by the brilliant light from nearby bright stars. The pillar is also being assaulted from within, as infant stars buried inside it fire off jets of gas that can be seen streaming from towering peaks.

This turbulent cosmic pinnacle lies within a tempestuous stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7500 light-years away in the southern constellation of Carina. The image celebrates the 20th anniversary of Hubble's launch and deployment into an orbit around the Earth.

Scorching radiation and fast winds (streams of charged particles) from super-hot newborn stars in the nebula are shaping and compressing the pillar, causing new stars to form within it. Streamers of hot ionised gas can be seen flowing off the ridges of the structure, and wispy veils of gas and dust, illuminated by starlight, float around its towering peaks. The denser parts of the pillar are resisting being eroded by radiation.

Nestled inside this dense mountain are fledgling stars. Long streamers of gas can be seen shooting in opposite directions from the pedestal at the top of the image. Another pair of jets is visible at another peak near the centre of the image. These jets, (known as HH 901 and HH 902, respectively, are signposts for new star birth and are launched by swirling gas and dust discs around the young stars, which allow material to slowly accrete onto the stellar surfaces.

Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 observed the pillar on 1-2 February 2010. The colors in this composite image correspond to the glow of oxygen (blue), hydrogen and nitrogen (green), and sulphur (red).

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Sunday Edition (.005)

Khan fm Star Trek
Welcome to the NTD Sunday Edition .005 for May 15, 2016. It's been another busy week in the world of illusion and political intrigue so let's get right to it, shall we?

• The new Muslim mayor of London is named Khan -- the same name of Star Trek's greatest villain! Is it coincidence? Or is it conspiracy? This is not a joke.

• The situation in Venezuela is reaching all out chaos as crippling socialist policies have resulted in a devastating power and food shortage, as well as looming political instability. Venezuela is falling apart. Brazil may not be far behind.

• Air Force 4-star Gen. Lori J. Robinson takes over the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command in Colorado last Friday. She has no combat experience nor does she have even one hour of flying time. They say her one redeeming feature is that she's good at video games. In another move intended to make the Marine Corps more inclusive, lighter and able to move quickly, the White House is considering giving a six year old black girl the lead Marine job. Hoo-yah! This, unfortunately, is a sad joke.

• The Great Transgender Bathroom Debate of 2016 is still raging through the Ft. Worth Independent School District. Apparently, the Superintendent thinks "open bathrooms" is something like "open borders" and it's stirring up some north Texans. I demand to share a bathroom with monkeys!

• A fire that caused an explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant that killed 15 people in 2013 was a criminal act, federal authorities announced Wednesday.

Federal and state investigators said no arrests have been made but that they were investigating who was responsible for causing the fire at the West Fertilizer Co. facility on April 17, 2013, in the town of West. The fire caused ammonium nitrate to ignite, triggering a massive explosion that killed 15 people, injured hundreds and left part of the small town in ruins. It marked one of Texas' worst industrial accidents.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives special agent Robert Elder said investigators came to the conclusion after ruling out other reasonable causes, but he didn't release specifics. Inspectors have previously said three possible scenarios caused the fire: faulty electrical wiring, a short circuit in a golf cart stored at the plant, or arson.

"We have eliminated all reasonable accidental and natural causes," Elder said. "This was a criminal act."

Uh-oh. The ATF. Remember those guys? They started a fight down outside Waco and had to get the FBI and Delta Force to clean up their mess. Now they say the humongous fire and blast in West, TX, on April 17 in 2013 was intentional, yet they have not offered up a culprit.

At the time, a lot of people suspected the government had a hand in the fire and explosion. Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but arranged incidents never have just one reason. We could speculate the Fed was running an operation as a show of force, much like the original ATF raid on Mount Carmel.

The mayor of West says he can't imagine why anyone would want to do such a thing. I'd like to offer up the reason is that the current administration is little more than a bully to its citizenry. How much of a stretch is it to imagine a government out of control?

You know, I've lived and worked in different places in the US and I am always surprised to see the prejudicial attitudes that non-southerners have about southerners -- they think of us as sub-human -- and if one lives in New York City or Chicago, then that somehow imbues them with extraordinary powers of perception and an equally strong sense of (social) morality. It's not such a difficult decision to decide to blow up a bunch of sub-humans and blame it on white, domestic terrorism. Get ready for it, America...

Well, the massacre of civilians at a Waco religious facility did provide a clear demonstration of the willingness of Democrats to murder Americans to demonstrate their power. Now they want us to give up our guns? Not a chance.

• Hillary sure is coughing a lot. Choking on her lies, I'd wager. I have one word for Mrs. Clinton: Ricola! Okay, here's eleven more words for Mrs. Clinton: Eventually, you're going to have to pay for what you've done.

• Christian asylum-seekers in Germany are regularly bullied, beaten and forced to participate in Muslim prayer services, according to a report released this week.

There are currently more than one million migrants and refugees living in Germany, the vast majority of whom are Muslims. The new report, titled “Religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees in Germany” was prepared by the humanitarian relief organization Open Doors, and documents a sharp increase in aggression and violence towards Christians in the refugee centers.

Particularly under attack are Christian converts from Islam, who are considered apostates by the Muslim migrants.

• I made iced tea for the first time this season. It was good and my summer has officially begun.

• This item is old news by now, but it deserves a mention, especially if you hadn't heard the first time around.

Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.

An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.

Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.

Not only is it an incredible spectacle, highlighting the very moment that a new life begins, the size of the flash can be used to determine the quality of the fertilized egg.

Researchers from Northwestern University, in Chicago, noticed that some of the eggs burn brighter than others, showing that they are more likely to produce a healthy baby.

Somehow, this discovery makes perfect sense to me.

• It is rumored that Caitlin Jenner, aka Bruce Jenner, regrets having "transitioned" to be a woman (this is all sooo confusing because Caitlin/Bruce still has his/her manly parts.) and is now considering transitioning back to a man. What's with this "transition" nonsense? If he still has his manly parts, all he/she has to do is put on his/her old jeans and a t-shirt. Bruce... Cait? You are one confused human person. I'll bet he wishes he'd have stuck with internet porn now.

All right, that's enough insanity for today. However, there's a new week coming and I can promise as long as the communists are in charge we're bound to see yet more from this confusing, upside-down world of ours.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Government May Not Be Transparent...

Looks like John's got a case
of Saturday Night Fever.
...But The Corruption Is

Whilst perusing the internet, have you ever run across a teaser link that promises to show you John Travolta's lover or maybe 3 Surefire Methods for Losing Weight, or something that catches your interest and you follow the link to discover a news story that looks wholly legit and after all, the link was on a CNN or FOX News page, but you ended up reading something like this -- and only figured out later, not only is the news story bogus, but so is the site.

What kind of Twilight Zone phenomena is this? I've been seeing more and more of this lately. Totally bogus stories mixed in with lightweight articles about celebrities and athletes and politicians and pop stars. You might even know what I'm talking about.

There's a scene in The Invasion with Nicole Kidman where she finally realizes her worst nightmare has come true. That's the same expression I have on my face.

So who runs The name is suspiciously close to the well-known conservative religious site, WorldNetDaily, which is often flailed by the Obama press, the global press, the MSM, or whatever you want to call it. New World Order Media owns the copyright for the website, so I'd say it's an in-your-face communist operation. Pure disinfo designed to confuse people about the World Net Daily (WND) organization.

More suspicious disinfo on the About Us page at


World News Daily Report is an American Jewish Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv and dedicated on covering biblical archeology news and other mysteries around the Globe.

Our News Team is composed of award winning Christian, Muslim and Jewish journalists, retired Mossad agents and veterans of the Israeli Armed Forces.

We are based in Tel Aviv since 1988 where are published more then 200,000 copies of our Daily Report paper edition everyday.

Thank you for your interest in our newspaper and long live Israel!

At the bottom of the disclaimer on the WNDR site, it says: "WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle."

I can't help but wonder who would be
behind such unmitigated evil...
The statement lets them off the hook for any responsibility they may have for intentionally misinforming people. There is no banner on the WNDR site and there is reference to a number of bogus articles at the WNDR site but no attempt at an explanation. That is exactly what I don't like about Typically, they repeat mainstream lies, but this time, there was no such effort.

If you believe who they say they are, you're an idiot. There are linguistic cues and grammar mistakes that indicate an origin other than Israel. No email address, but there is an email form. No phone number, no address, yet I'm seeing this bogus stuff all over the place and it's linked to legitimate sites (Ha! What's legitimate anymore?). It's an epidemic and I'll bet somebody is making half a penny every time one of those bogus link buttons gets clicked. I'll suggest something else too: because of the easy confusion between the names, my guess is our current crop of gangster leaders is running a scam.

You know what? Who's to say all the bogus articles are lies? Maybe some of them are intended leaks. Like, the Smithsonian employee who was arrested for committing a sex act with a 2500 year old mummy. Check it out here.

It could be true, right? He was working late one night, he started feeling a little randy on his break, one thing led to another, and before you know it, he was inserting himself into history.

Friday, May 13, 2016

I feel pretty today! I think I'll use the girl's bathroom!

A Magical Crock

Feminism: A magical crock of sh*t.
The Disgruntled Man Epidemic and More Destructive Effects of Feminism

by Hugh James Latimer

“We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” (C.S. Lewis)

Postmodernism willingly allowed for and encouraged the feminist hate we witness spewed nearly everywhere today. There is no censuring the hate, only censuring of objective truth. There is no censuring immorality, only the censuring of natural law.

Building on the topic of my previous submissions (Seven Survival Tips for the Modern Feminist and Seven Survival Tips For the Modern Feminist- Take II), I would like to back track and clarify the dire picture we find ourselves in today (as a culture) thanks to the influences of modern day feminism. In this article, I will outline the seven most destructive effects of feminism today and propose a solution for each, hoping only for one hard-line feminist to read this and ponder the option of courageously walking away from one of the biggest deceptions of our time. I will also offer encouragement to the men out there who are married to feminists.

This topic definitely relates to the survivability of our species, because if we continue down this road of extreme feminism without a serious morality check and the “glass ceiling” is finally shattered for good, we will most likely morph into a cannibalistic Black Widow or Praying-Mantis society, rapidly leaving all reason behind forever.

7 Most Destructive Effects of Feminism

Murder – Abortion
Broken Families – DHS and family court’s gift to mankind
Discouraged and Disgruntled Man Epidemic – Need I say more?
Butchered Anatomy – Breast implants, liposuction, big-pharma miracle pills
Glorified Immorality – Pornography, warped sexuality
Justified Tyranny – Social Justice Warriors
Silenced Populace – Fearful leaders who lack courage, conviction, or morals

Proposed Solutions

• Stop Murdering and Hold Those Who Profit From Abortion Accountable

As mentioned in previous articles on feminism, the most important solution and the most crucial one is to halt the proliferation and business of murdering the unborn. Feminists, especially the hard-core ones, will argue until they are blue in the face that this is only about the rights of women. Hello! What about the rights of the child? Some will go so far as to justify murder, up to the moment of birth, because after all, they say “it” is not a baby until officially separated from the mother. “Murder is okay” they argue, as long as the “fetus” is still in the womb. Once the “fetus” is out of the womb, now that presents a more difficult problem for the feminist. However, no worries, this thing called a baby can still be efficiently “dealt with”. Simply leave the child on the operating table or in a garbage can in a closet to gasp its remaining life force breaths and sometimes even cry out in excruciating pain, dying a slow, sterile, cruel death alone. Voila! Problem solved. I hate sarcasm, but I am learning that some things are better said in a cruel, hard tone rather than a politically correct, respectful tone. Bottom line: the act of systematic murder and, maybe worse, justifying murder is the root of the extreme hatred in our society and should be viewed as pure evil!

• Defund DHS and Restore Those Who Have Been Raped By the Court System

Yes, there are completely worthless parents who intentionally hurt their children, which ends up producing a cycle of self-destruction in the family unit. Yes, these malicious acts need to be brought out into the light and those who hurt others must be held accountable. Yes, there are those who abuse and neglect children. However, that does not mean that we need to assume this about the majority of society. The level of trust between strangers and even neighbors has been decimated in our culture. Everyone is suspicious of everyone. We now live in a country of big people who actually receive a sense of satisfaction when tattle-telling on others. What a sick society this is!

There exists no sanity in harassing, hunting down, falsely accusing, and crushing the spirit of the innocent in order to maintain a broken-unethical system of profit (which is becoming more apparent in the DHS system). It is common knowledge now that DHS makes a profit on the illegal kidnapping of children from their legal guardians, relocating these traumatized children into often less than safe conditions (foster homes for profit). Basically, there are some who chase the commission not justice and restoration. Statistics show that children placed in foster care are more likely to be abused, raped, or at the very least emotionally damaged ( A child belongs with his parents, and this is good policy. Sometimes the church, family, and friends need to step up, but there is no excuse for the criminal acts going on in this system right now.

Yes, there is the exception, but the exception should not be the rule. What is most disheartening is the false-accusation case. For example, when a neighbor, grocery store clerk, dentist, or teacher alerts the “authorities” with their “anonymous” tip that someone appears to neglect their child, what happens if the accusation is completely inaccurate? Why is this going on in the first place? For one, society has been offered authoritative parenting advice from the super feminist Janet Napolitano; so, to be good patriotic citizens, people follow her orders. After all, “If you see something, say something!” False accusations, illegal home-visits/raids, and the illegal kidnapping of children can end up utterly destroying a family. No matter what anyone says, a parent never recovers their reputation after a false accusation! Restoration and justice must return to this system.

There is an agenda here, and it lies with the main objective to break up the family unit. What is most sick about these organizations is that they are actually making a profit off of these children. This is abhorrent!

• Repent, Ask For Forgiveness, Change Your Ways, and Move On

This is concerning the accused feminist and injured party – the disgruntled man. Enough said!

• Restore Natural Health

Although this was mentioned in my previous article, “Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals To Alter Your Mood or Hormones”, it is certainly worth repeating. You are what you eat and ultimately what you medicate yourself with. If you are hooked on SSRIs or other pharmaceuticals to function, consider what life would look like if you decided to get a second opinion from someone who wasn’t in the profit-making business with big pharma. This may end up ultimately saving your life.

• Call Evil What It Is

Stop lying to ourselves and our children. We need to be honest about what is right and wrong before wrong becomes the new right and there is absolutely no acknowledgement that evil exists at all. We should heed the warning about educating our children from C.S. Lewis, in one of his greatest works, The Abolition of Man:

I know her mom.
For every one pupil who needs to be guarded from a weak excess of sensibility there are three who need to be awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts. The right defense against false sentiments is to inculcate just sentiments. By starving sensibility of our pupils we only make them easier prey to the propagandist when he comes.2

• Restore Natural Law

Women are beautiful and strong in their own way. Men and women are different, but when a society encourages and applauds a man for taking on the traits of a woman and vice versa, something is deeply wrong in our nature. A man is a man, and he deserves the right to be just that. We are not corporations and should not be treated as such. We are living human beings with souls. We have a Creator. We do not answer to an algorithm and should not, ever! Humans should never be beholden to technology or an ingenious business plan. Humans have unalienable rights that will never be taken away, no matter how much evil is thrown into the system to distort, confuse, and distract those who do not comprehend truth. Eternally, we will never answer to man, because man is fallible and weak. Ultimately, when the system breaks down, man becomes evil. The jurisdiction of God transcends all governments, court systems, or fancy badges. This is about professing an eternal truth that may come at a great cost, even the loss of life. It is, however, the only truth worth standing for. We can “eat and drink and be merry,” but in the end we can’t take any of it with us. So, it is more important to look beyond the grave than to trick ourselves into thinking we will never die. No matter how hard you try to stay alive, extend your life, or enhance your fleshly body, you are 100% guaranteed to die. Even if you download your brain into the latest software, thinking your consciousness will live on forever, you still haven’t dealt with the fact that you have a soul. The soul is not completely understood by man, so why gamble with a high-tech company promising everlasting life? Restoring natural law is the only way to restore truth, peace, and goodwill between men. Evil will always exist and people will always die, but natural law and objective truth is an eternal concept, not a chapter in your philosophy 101 book.

• Those Who Wield Their Power To Censure and Abuse Will Be Held Accountable

This is simply a suggestion coming from an average person without a political science degree on how the system might be able to clean house of the hate-filled feminists who refuse to relinquish their power. Lacking a brilliantly gifted mind for strategy and leadership, I am left to speculate and strategize based mainly on the common sense and street smarts I was raised on. So, without any more small talk, this is my “big idea”:

• Restore the office of Sheriff to enforce the old law

Send out the warning to those who are guilty of oppression, abuse, and deception:

Massive notice posted officially on as many information sources as possible (street, newspaper, radio, TV, Internet, government buildings). These are the people in our society who have destroyed families, been promoted, and protected despite breaking the law, participated in murder, deception, and ultimately the manipulation of truth. You know exactly who they are nationally. Moreover, you know who they are in your own community. Those who post the notice can make it as formal as they’d like– legal documents are nice, but if the legal system is a complete joke and the judge you are submitting the notice to will be on the list, perhaps this is not the most efficient approach. This is only the beginning of a process to hold people accountable and bring reason back to our society where a man deals directly with a man, face to face, without the distraction of a corporate system to profit between the two. This is a process to serve the long-overdue–just due directly to those who think they are above the law.

• Give the criminals a grace-period:

“Turn yourselves in to the Sheriff and leave the country permanently within six months or face the law of the land in common law courts where there will be a legitimate jury of your peers.”

Providing this option is the merciful thing to do.

• Restore leadership via the lowest local election possible county-wide:

Effective immediately, all government officials are relieved of their position. Start from scratch and fill vacancies in essential community agencies (water and transportation). Of course, this only applies to government employees. An entirely different approach would have to be considered in order to address the hate-filled feminists in private corporations, obviously guilty of cruelty and abuse without accountability.

Enact these changes peacefully, orderly, and mercifully.

This is the most important one!

• Encouragement for Men Married to Feminists

I have mentioned this before as well, and I apologize that I can’t relate to how you must be feeling or how discouraged you may be. To endure such a hardship is no small feat. You need to be commended for maintaining your marriage and for not giving up, despite the difficulty of being married to someone who refuses to acknowledge objective truth. You are not alone! That is a fact. There are thousands, maybe millions, of men right now who are silently (some not so silently) suffering abuse and neglect as a result of feminist hatred. I can only hope and pray that your situation will change soon. Don’t give up, and remember that prayer and perseverance is your most powerful ally in this fight.

“It is the magician’s bargain: give up our soul, get power in return.”