Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Sunday Edition .001

I may start doing a list of comments on Sundays much like other bloggers do every day of the week. Every day of the week is too much trouble but I might be able to issue a global report on Sundays. Sounds about right to me except, you understand, when I don't feel like doing it. Anyway, this week's nonsense includes comments about the recent news, local, state, and international.

• The US government has decided to replace the picture of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. They want to replace it with a pick of Susan B. Anthony or a scene from the suffragette movement. More politically correct symbolism meant to reduce respect for another great American leader. Now, if they wanted to put Marilyn Monroe or Sharon Stone on the $20 bill, then we'd have something to get excited about.

• A popular local blogger appears to have gone wheels-off. No, not me, although admittedly my wheels came off a long time ago. According to the broken sentences posted on the progressive-supporting site, said blogger had an issue with vertigo which ended up putting said blogger into rehab. Rehab? For vertigo? Well, in any case, the staff here at NTD wishes our fellow blogger a speedy recovery from whatever it is that ails the electronic editor.

• Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell off $750 Billion of US interests if a bill is passed in the US Congress that would allow lawsuits against Saudi Arabia for being involved in the 9/11 attacks. Why aren't we hearing more about this? Because the powers that be still want to back-peddle on the idea that the US government, along with international globalists ("financiers" as the legitimate press sometimes calls them), is responsible for the attack as well as the following "War on Terror." It's all bogus, baby. Don't you get it? We'll never hear the actual criminals admit that they "facilitated" wars, that they manipulated and subverted the will of the people as well as the course of history, and even captured hearts and minds at the cost of millions of lives. They're like Wall Street. Like Hillary. Like the great state of Texas itself -- that is, too big to fail.

• In another move orchestrated by international progressives, governments continue to facilitate the immigration of third world citizens to the first world. As you know, the US has opened the gates to illegal immigration. If it were simply a matter of economics in that the US needed more unskilled labor, well, that's one thing; but, Obama believes America is too white and wants to change the color of its dominant citizens. Change the demographics, change the politics. Think big. By the way, they say the same strategy is being utilized in Europe by Muslim immigrants.

• Of course, along with the immigration strategy is the no borders strategy. It's what it sounds like -- the borders are open (from one direction only -- those coming to America, not those desiring to go to Mexico or Canada) and people can just wade across the river or walk through the north woods without fear of recrimination from the Border Patrol. So what happens to sovereignty when there are open borders? What is a country without borders, anyway? I thought the government was supposed to man the borders in order to prevent foreigners from pouring into what the rest of us have worked so hard to achieve for ourselves. No?

Those children HAD to die!
What difference does it make?
• The GOP presidential race debacle continues to prove that the Republican Party has become little more than a straw man for the Democratic Party. I've been saying the fix is in for years, maybe now some of you will listen to me. The truth is, there is no democracy here.

• In the I-can't-believe-people-fall-for-this category, admitted socialist (Bernie Sanders) is running for president of the US. What alternate reality have we entered? Is there no way out? His opponent, a yet to come out of the closet female communist, is projected to win the whole shebang because she was promised the position by the shadow government in exchange for her loyalty. It must be fun to be a tyrant. I'll bet it costs a lot of money to buy the US presidency.

• Globalists created ISIS to have a boogeyman, to scare America, to create enough fear to finance their new globalist programs. Like global warming, for instance. Well, they're calling it climate change now because it makes for a more logical argument. I mean, the weather is always changing, right? How can anyone argue with that? You see, what we have to do (to save the human race from extinction) is stop burning fossil fuels because those pesky hydrocarbons are jamming things up and then we gotta reduce the population by five and half billion souls. That'll get the population down to a manageable number. And if you don't happen to be a happy recipient of life's lottery? Too bad.

• Good news for MMA fans! The UFC has received approval to promote and stage fights in New York. The only caveat is that the fighters will be forced to use pompoms as martial arts weapons. Any real flesh on flesh contact will result in disqualification. I'm joking.

• Leftist Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is being impeached and it looks as though her thirteen year run is over. If it was Hillary, she'd say they were after her simply because she's a woman, but the truth is, like Hillary, the Brazilian president is corrupt.

• Japan is shaking again. Severe earthquakes are rocking the oriental islands. Coincidentally, there was a 7.8 magnitude quake across the Pacific in Ecuador too. Those are some big shakers with lots of damage to people and property.

In summary, the land is literally moving beneath our feet, our leaders are corrupt, the police are dangerous, even Christians are distrustful of everybody, and there's not enough money to go around. Oh, it's raining too. Now, more than ever, you have to remember to take it easy, man.

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