Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Blog, Therefore I Am

Interests? I have interests. It's just that
I'm not very good at them
So just the other day I added a few things to the blog here at NTD and so I thought I might even add a few of my "interests" to my Blogger profile. Under "Interests" I wrote ice cream, metaphysics, faith, and music and then agonized over whether or not any of those sounded pretentious or potentially might reveal more of myself to the internet/world than I would care to share. I finally went with it because I was cooking or something and got distracted. Afterwards I checked and under the Interests heading on TommyBoy's profile page, it said ice cream, metaphysics, faith, and music. When I moused over the words I found links associated with each interest. I followed the ice cream link and discovered a list with four thousand other bloggers who also enjoyed ice cream in one fashion or another. My guess is that most of us like to eat it.

I looked at a few of the profiles to try to gain some perspective on what kind of person would list their interests for the world to see on a blog. The answer became painfully obvious after glancing at a few of those blogger profiles. They're all writers just like me.

Here's Megan Fae, a female from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her interests include:

Abandoned amusement parks, ABBA, Alter Ego, American Girl stuff: specifically Rebecca, Animal Crossing, Autumn, balloons, Banff, barrister bookshelves, Bayswater Arms Pub, BookCrossing.com, being bratty, bendy straws, birthdays, black & white stuff, Black Currant Diet Coke, Boggle, bonfires, bubble baths, Camp GUCI, chandeliers, chicken fingers with honey mustard, Chinese food, chivalry, Christine McVie, complaining, costumes, coupons/Jewpons, creme brulee, Dachshunds, deep bowls, Disney World, Double Dragon, dresses, emerald-cut diamonds, Emily Post, etiquette, Fine Arts, Fleetwood Mac, flying, Foxtrot comics, free stuff, frilly aprons, Gilmore girls, good oral hygiene, Havdallah, Hebrew, heist movies, Hermione & Ron, hot chocolate, houndstooth, Hyde Brothers bookstore, ice cream, impromptu dates, Judaism, knowing it all, lacy fluffy snow, lavender, lemon-flavored desserts, libraries, lilacs, lip gloss, LUSH, mail, Mario Kart 7, masculine hands, matryoshkas, matzoh ball soup, Meg Day, melville-free days, metal water bottles, midnight movies, mint chocolate, Modcloth.com, Mythology, naps, Nintendo 3DS, Over-the-knee socks, paddle brushes, painted nails, personal space, player pianos, polka dots, popcorn, Post-It notes, Pretty Little Liars, prose, quick typing, riding in cars, riding on trains, road trips, root beer, S.A.S.S. Books, Shoaff shakes, silver, singing, skirts, smart assery, stationery, stickers, stringed lights, Sucrets, sugar cookies from The Cookie Cottage, Switched at Birth, tea at four, the Fosters, the Terra Cotta Army, Tetris, theater tickets, Theodore, thunderstorms, Tiffany & Co, transliterations, traveling, trust funds, turkey bacon, Veronica Mars, Wellies, whining, wings, YA

Naturally, that's way more than I ever wanted to know about Megan Fae and so I began to think again that perhaps even admitting that one likes ice cream sort of makes one less unique rather than more. There's also the thing about privacy and how long will it be until there are bots roaming the internet looking for just that sort of personal information. Also, Blogger is owned by Google and it's accessed via a Google login, if you didn't know already, so does Google link up and keep track of email addresses and who is who in Googleland? Of course they do. So tell me again, why do I need to let the world know I like ice cream?

In summation, I do feel like it is pretentious to list my interests or my talents or how many hot dogs I can eat. Maybe I should just say "None."


What I will share with readers is that a storm passed through today. Hail was as large as baseballs. It blasted out my upstairs windows and one window downstairs. It looks as though my window AC was hit and dented sufficiently to render its further service useless. Other hits and nicks in window trim as well. My metal roof looks like the moon. The windshield in my old truck was shattered and one of the side windows broken out too. An exterior mirror was hit, a backup/brake light broken out, and the driver side door handle was broken. The roof and hood also look like the moon.

My neighbor Weldon lives across the road from me and his house looked as though it had been the target of a drive-by shooting. One of those baseball-sized hailstones passed through the siding, through the insulation and into the sheetrock. All Weldon's windows were broken out on that side of the house.

Texas can have some nasty weather. An hour later, the sun was shining and I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for all the repairs.


  1. Dude... hail that size is deadly. Sorry for your misfortune. That was a real beating...literally!

  2. Thanks for that, Mr. Crane. My garden is gone but I may be able to salvage a couple of tomato plants. Insurance guy called me back and made an appointment for a WEEK from call date! Farmer's Insurance. They're cheap -- now I know why. Well, what can I say? The Dude abides.