Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rocky Has Left The Planet

My boy Rocky.
I had a premonition last week and sure enough it has come true. My feline companion Rocky has given up the ghost and joined his brother Bullwinkle, hopefully now romping through Elysium fields. I only had those boys for about a year and a half but they were sure fun and great companions. For pity's sake, neither could stay away from the old highway.

My boys had the life knocked out of them by separate pick-up trucks driven by separate Texas boys just as crazy as me but I'm quite sure I've never hit either a single dog or domestic cat. I hit a bobcat one night between Bridgeport and Decatur but that's a whole other story. If there's a bright side to this tragedy, neither Rocky nor Bullwinkle ever knew what hit them. It was like, what was that? and then nothing. As far as death goes, that's pretty easy. Like a light being turned off. Heck, I always figured I'd end up in pieces some late night on one of these north Texas back roads. I've come close but not yet. If I was muslim, this is where I'd shout out something about two yahoos in the snack bar, but I'm not, so I won't. For a southern boy, it's probably the equivalent of saying hell yeah. Grim acceptance of my heart-breaking reality. Rocky and Bullwinkle don't care either way. I'm going to miss those two. Hell yeah.

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  1. So so sorry Tommy i know how much you loved those two.