Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You Might Be Considered Racist If...

You don't like basketball.

You lock your car doors while driving through the poor side of town.

You legally own a firearm; especially if you have a concealed-carry license.

You are conservative.

You follow fundamentalist Christian belief.

You have no sense of rhythm.

You don't like soul food, soul music, or did not watch Soul Train when you were a kid.

You think the Constitution is still relevant.

You don't like Oprah, Barack, Spike Lee, or Cam Newton, or that atheist black guy who plays God in the movies. What is his name?

You own a Confederate battle flag or engage in any southern heritage festivals or organizations.

You say something a minority member might find offensive.

You offend any minority for any reason.

You were born south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

And finally, you just might be considered racist for the simple fact that you're white.

The truth is, these days one can be tagged as a racist for saying practically anything. The use of racism as a viable political argument is no longer valid because in terms of debate, the social concept has become over-used. Racism has become the Left's new McCarthyism. The whole idea is a cash cow with the means for shaking down select industries or individuals.


  1. No, I'm not.
    Yes, you are.
    No, I'm not.