Monday, April 29, 2013

Economic Conundrums

I know, I know, I talk about the inevitable economic collapse bearing down on us and people become uncomfortable. You'd rather not hear about it, as if ignoring the mounting warnings will make it all go away. Well, I'm sorry, but it's not going away. It's coming. Better to make some sort of preparations than to be caught flat-footed.

So, what's it going to look like, you might ask? Good question. The events in Boston last week is one example, but that's just dealing with civil authorities. When the doo-doo hits the oscillator for real, most of those guys are going to bail because they've got families and property to protect too. Plus, it's going to become a lot more dangerous to work for the government. Just imagine standing outside a locked door and telling the occupants to open up so you can confiscate their firearms, or their rations, or their water...

Ever see The Omen?
By now, it’s no secret that our President and Congress have no plan to get the economy moving again. Too many of us are jobless, too many are dependent on handouts, and the uncertain regulatory environment makes investing too risky. The truth is, they know what's coming, there's no way to avoid it, and they're too busy lining their own pockets and jockeying for position.

All the same, pundits like to argue that another Great Depression could never happen because we are smarter than then and we have all these economic tools in place that would prevent such a catastrophe. Economic tools? Whaaaat...?

And so they say, “things are different this time.” On that point, they're right. Things are worse, much worse, than in 1929.

Here’s why:

Hmm. Bran flakes or Twinkies?
While America in 1929 might have had some of today's social problems, they certainly did not have them on the same scale. Eighty-four years ago, the federal government had very little debt. Now we are $16.5 trillion in the red. Additionally, that's according to the government propaganda machine, so you can bank on it the real total is much, much higher. For those of you asking why an insurmountable debt matters, just go back to sleep and we'll both be better off.

Most state governments weren’t facing insolvency in 1929. Today most are broke and operating on promissary notes. We have $4 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities at the state level, thanks to decades of union control of local government. Remember, there were no public employee unions in 1929.

Back in the good old days, we didn’t have Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, much less Obamacare. Rest assured, these entitlement programs will eat through our entire federal budget in a few years.But don't worry about that because we don't have to wait that long.

Illegal aliens were non-existent in 1929. Now, in California alone, it costs $10.5 billion a year to pay for the incarceration, health care and welfare costs of illegal aliens. Or is it undocumented workers? I forget. Anyway...

In 1929, the culture of dependency was unheard of. This time we have food stamps and dozens of other housing and welfare programs. Indeed, over 100 million Americans are now dependent on the Federal government. That's fully a third of the population depending on the government to keep them afloat.

Ah, and taxes were significantly lower in 1929. Most businesses paid no taxes at all in 1929; compared to today we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Sales and FICA taxes didn’t exist in 1929. Today’s combined total of income, sales, local, state, gas and property taxes amount to the highest financial burden to the average taxpayer in the history of our republic.

Out for a night on the town.
All those problems we faced in the Great Depression from 1929 to 1938 -- unemployment, bank failures, currency depreciation, deflation (after hyperinflation), bankruptcies, a lack of proper housing, sickness and hunger -- we’ll face again, but this time, there may be civil war as well. Sadly, don't con yourself into believing Congress or the Democrats or the Republicans will save you. As we've witnessed already, when things begin to get tough, the government only protects its own.

If the United States government only spent the money it brought in, we would descend into an economic depression tomorrow. The only way we can continue to live out the economic fantasy we see around us is by pushing the problem onto future generations. And so we print billions of dollars every month and continue to add to the growing mountain of debt.

We are addicted. If we stop printing money and stop the accumulation of debt, the economy will collapse. It would have been prudent to allow the worst to happen in 2008. But we didn't. So now, if we continue printing money and continue accumulating debt, the economy will still collapse due to the hyperinflation that is bearing down on us. Notice the rise in food prices lately? Gasoline? Either way, this is all going to end very, very badly.

Men too.
What to do? What to do? The sky is falling! Yes, it is, but don't panic! Instead, remember your faith in God. If it is weak, ask for renewal and it will be granted. Stop thinking of yourself as dependent on anyone or anything except for God. Give thanks for what you do have. It's okay to receive help but don't make a habit out of it. Those are the first two steps towards salvation and self-sufficiency. If you'd like to know more, drop me a line. It would be my pleasure to turn you into a survivor, free of charge.

Wish I'd Said That...

...God knows I've thought the same thing:

"It was true that I didn’t have much ambition, but there ought to be a place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?"

-- Charles Bukowski

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Morse Code

One of the most efficient methods of communication over great distances was created during the early 19th century. Samuel Morse’s invention of the simple and ground breaking mode of communication united the entire world, and forever changed our way of life. Want to learn Morse Code? Go here for a simple, free training program.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Forbidden Planet

I have several favorite science fiction movies, but maybe my number one is Forbidden Planet (1956). Loosely based on Shakespeare's The Tempest, the story begins in the 23rd century with a visitation of an advanced spacecraft (C57-D) and crew from Earth to the planet Altair-4, located sixteen light-years from Earth. Commander John J. Adams (Leslie Nielson – that’s right, the guy from Naked Gun) and crew find two survivors of a previous interplanetary expedition sent twenty years earlier.

While in orbit, the crew receives a transmission from the planet’s surface. It is from Dr. Edward Morbius, the previous expedition's linguist, played by Walter Pigeon. He warns them away, adding that he cannot guarantee their safety and that further assistance is not necessary. Commander Adams ignores the warning and insists on landing coordinates.

C57-D landing on Altair-4.
After landing, they are met by Robby the Robot, who takes Adams, Lieutenant Jerry Farman, and Lieutenant "Doc" Ostrow to Morbius's home where they meet Morbius. He tells them of an unknown "planetary force" that killed the other members of the expedition and vaporized their ship, the Bellerophon, as the survivors tried to flee the planet. Only Morbius, his wife (who later died of natural causes), and daughter Altaira were somehow immune from the influence of the planetary force. Morbius is afraid Adams and his crew will suffer the same fate. Altaira is played by a babelicious Anne Francis who is fascinated to meet other humans after knowing only her father.

The Krell machine.
As the story progresses, the planetary force indeed makes its presence known and it is linked to the Krell, a highly advanced native species, that were mysteriously wiped out 200,000 years before, just as they achieved their crowning scientific triumph -- a machine built to materialize anything the Krell could imagine.

In case you decide to watch for yourself, I won’t spoil the remainder of the story. I will tell you that the characters and the setting have been compared to that in Shakespeare's The Tempest, and its plot contains story analogs and a reference to one section of Jung's theory on the collective subconscious. Forbidden Planet is the first science fiction movie in which humans are depicted traveling in a starship of their own construction. It was also the first science fiction movie set entirely on another planet.

Forbidden Planet features special effects by A. Arnold Gillespie, Irving G. Ries, and Wesley C. Miller which were nominated for an Academy Award. It was the only major award nomination the film received. Additionally, it featured the groundbreaking use of an entirely electronic musical score by Louis and Bebe Barron.

Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Edward Morbius
Anne Francis as Altaira "Alta" Morbius
Leslie Nielsen as Commander John J. Adams
Robby the Robot as Himself
Warren Stevens as Lt. "Doc" Ostrow
Jack Kelly as Lt. Jerry Farman
Richard Anderson as Chief Quinn
Earl Holliman as Cook
George Wallace Steve
Bob Dix as Grey
Jimmy Thompson as Youngerford
James Drury as Strong
Harry Harvey, Jr. as Randall
Roger McGee as Lindstrom
Peter Miller as Moran
Morgan Jones as Nichols
Richard Grant as Silvers
Frankie Darro, the stuntman inside Robby the Robot (uncredited)
Marvin Miller, voice of Robby the Robot (uncredited)
Les Tremayne as the Narrator (uncredited)
James Best as a C57-D crewman (uncredited)
William Boyett as a C57-D crewman (uncredited)

After the movie was released, a novel was quickly written by W. J. Stuart (the mystery novelist Philip MacDonald writing under the pseudonym), which chapters the novel into separate first person narrations by Dr. Ostrow, Commander Adams, and Dr. Morbius. The novel goes deeper into the mysteries of the vanished Krell and Morbius's relationship with them.

Upon publication in 1956, Anthony Boucher dismissed the novelization as "an abysmally banal job of hackwork." Sounds like some of my detractors. Critics. What are you going to do?

New Line Cinema had developed a remake with James Cameron, Nelson Gidding and Stirling Silliphant involved at different points. In 2007, DreamWorks set up the project with David Twohy set to direct. Warner Bros. re-acquired the rights the following year and on October 31, 2008, J. Michael Straczynski was announced as writing a remake, Joel Silver was to produce. Straczynski explained that the original had been his favorite science fiction film, and it gave Silver an idea for the new film that makes it "not a remake", "not a reimagining", and "not exactly a prequel". His vision for the film would not be retro, because when the original was made it was meant to be futuristic. Straczynski met with people working in astrophysics, planetary geology and artificial intelligence to reinterpret the Krell back-story as a film trilogy. As of January 2013, no more information had been released about this possible Forbidden Planet remake; Straczynski's and Silver's project appears to have either disappeared into development limbo or possibly gone directly into industry turnaround.

I’m thinking one of those guys has read the Harry Irons Trilogy and has forgotten all about the re-make of Forbidden Planet. They’re probably trying to figure out how to approach me about a five movie deal. I’m ready. I keep my phone with me at all times.

Meanwhile, while we’re waiting for that, look up Forbidden Planet on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed. Watch the original Forbidden Planet movie trailer below:

Monday, April 22, 2013

It Can't Happen Here!

Some of my acquaintances ask why I bother documenting the systematic abuses foisted on the American public by our out-of-control central government. “You’re a sci-fi writer, man! Write your stories. Leave the intrigue to the professionals.” To which I say, I am a professional and besides, what is happening is more fantastic than the fictional worlds I create. What’s happening is the biggest game in town, indeed, in the world. Liberty is fighting fascism right here in hometown USA. I couldn’t ask for a more intriguing story.

It seems there is something happening every day that confirms our fears about what President Obama intended when he promised change during his campaign. Although there’s no transparency (as promised), you don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing. News pundits and information analysts have more than enough information now to connect the dots. Our country is being fundamentally changed and not in a good way.

If these trends continue, and there is no reason to assume they will abate, the picture becomes a nightmare.

The madness is reaching a crescendo. The zombies can hear nothing but the static between their ears. Half the population is under the control of Obama and a Democrat Party who are deliberately dismantling America one day at a time in the name of collectivism.

The population has been cowed into a state of near-total complacency and an actual police state is being rolled out right before our eyes, complete with the planned destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Anyone who objects is labeled a terrorist. Look at this video from Boston as police searched house to house looking for a wounded, nineteen-year-old bomber.

I don’t know about you, but I believe the video clearly shows what the federal government fully intends to do in every city of the US.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats do anything to stop this march into tyranny. Why, you may ask? Some are ideologues and believe the power grab is for the good of the planet. Others are simply selfish power-mongers just like some of our community leaders right here in Wise County, Texas. Others have been taken over by corporate interests or have been promised positions of power in the new society.

America is being turned into a nation under siege, with the sexual abuse of the citizens by federal agents (TSA), with secret execution lists of American citizens (NDAA), with secret prisons and the theatrical staging of mass shootings to keep the population psychologically at bay in a never-ending state of fear. Plus, let’s not forgot the Boston bombing and the blast in West, Texas, that killed five times as many (and yet the MSM merely gives it a passing acknowledgement).

It’s a fixed game. The government and the media are colluding to create a narrative in order to influence the general population. They are on a timetable. That’s why the president was so upset the new gun bill legislation did not pass. They are desperate to disarm the citizenry before martial law goes into effect.

Don’t look for any good news because all the pundits I track say 2013 will be like 1984 on steroids

The new government is communist and requires the complete federal takeover of the economy, as well as the total disarmament of the population, and the elimination or re-education of all who believe in freedom and liberty.

Keywords such as “love” and “peace” will be used to provide a cover story for hatred, destruction and war. President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, is already one of the most repugnant war criminals in human history, having launched or continued eight regional wars, complete with the dropping of “peace bombs” on innocent women and children. And yet the zombies march on.

Here is a list of predictions I have adopted from others on the web who also see the rise of tyranny and the destruction of free America.

1) The planned global debt collapse arrives this year (2013), finally triggering hyperinflation.

2) Obama suspends the Second Amendment. They’ve been after our guns for years and they won’t take no for an answer. Let’s hope Rick Perry will stand firm when the feds come to Texas.

3) Martial law will be declared across America. Driven by the false flag events, Obama will declare martial law and announce a mandatory nationwide gun confiscation measure. Of course, this will lead to even more violence as armed citizens fight back.

4) Extreme shortages of guns, ammo, magazines. Their barter value skyrockets.

5) Military strikes against Iran. The excuse will be that Iran has nuclear weapons. It’s the old “weapons of mass destruction” line used by President Bush used to attack Iraq. Obama will use the same ploy.

6) Expect more false flag attacks carried out within the US and blamed on patriot groups. Did you notice how disappointed the media reacted to the accused in the Boston bombing? Some of the zombies actually spoke and told us they were betting the bombing was carried out by white guys. Some of the non-sleeping pundits believe a very large false flag attack will be carried out by the government and used to blame patriots and gun owners. It could be another school massacre or the bombing of a government building or even the release of a radiological weapon in a major U.S. city. A nuke.

It’s hard to believe it’s come to this, but there is no limit to the evil of Big Government. They will do anything to maintain power and destroy our liberty, even if it means sacrificing a few hundred thousand innocent lives.

7) DHS will arm the TSA and utilize roadway checkpoints. The checkpoints will restrict ground travel and armed TSA goons will molest women and children on highways just like they already do in the airports. TSA “officers” receive no police training. They take no oath of office. They are not “law enforcement” by any stretch of the imagination. They receive a week’s worth of training and are let loose on the American people. (A typical police officer, in great contrast, will receive many months of training and swear an oath to protect the Constitution.) The uniforms worn by TSA are actually costumes with fake badges that mean nothing more than a plastic badge you might buy at a toy store.

8) Secret resistance groups will form across America. They will take many forms, including info-warriors, online resistance, protests, and physical resistance groups that carry out missions in the physical world. In times of government oppression, resistance grows quickly.

9) First Amendment rights will be suspended as government seizes websites. Websites like,, and NorthTexasDrifter will be seized by the government following a declaration of Martial Law. The purpose is to prevent people from asking questions or being informed. The U.S. press, already tightly controlled by the White House, will be completely taken over. Natural News is already working on an “information underground railroad” technology that can allow readers to stay in touch with us without using websites, browsers or email.

10) We will see the rise of violent rhetoric among the population as disagreements turn to threats. Differences between government worshippers and government skeptics will reach a boiling point. Those who worship government believe everyone should be disarmed and controlled by a centralized government -- which they see as the ultimate source of wisdom and love. Americans who love freedom and liberty, on the other hand, see government as inherently evil. So it’s not a stretch to expect isolated acts of violence between the zombies and the patriots.

11) Global government finally makes its move. Expect to see UN troops in US cities before the end of 2015. The military occupation of America will be called a “peacekeeping mission” just like it’s called everywhere else UN troops go. That is when armed resistance will really kick into high gear. Blue helmets make easy targets for American sharpshooters, and American patriots have squirreled away billions of bullets for a rainy day. There will be no hesitation to fight back against enemy occupation.

12) We will see accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers, veterans, and evangelical Christians. As all this is taking place, the media will unleash a wave of vicious attacks on anyone who owns a gun or believes in the Constitution. Gun owners will be labeled as terrorists, and anyone who talks about the Bill of Rights or the Constitution will be subject to arrest and imprisonment in Obama’s secret gulag prisons (NDAA).

13) Disagreement with the government will be characterized as a “mental disorder”. Don’t laugh. The criminally run industry of psychiatry will enter into the fray, providing a convenient “mental disorder” label that can be used to arrest and medicate anyone who opposes the federal government. “Obedience Defiance Disorder” is already on the books in the industry of psychiatry, and it will be used to deny firearms to anyone who makes any statement whatsoever against the government. If you post a pro-gun comment on Facebook, for example, not only will your Facebook account be terminated, you can also be arrested and drugged for having a “mental disorder.” In many instances, this is already taking place.

14) There will be a continued rise in unemployment, food stamps, and welfare as Obama accelerates the deliberate destruction of the US economy. The planned destruction of the US economy will accelerate from 2013 – 2015, causing millions more to lose their jobs. Employers will continue offshoring jobs, slashing job positions and job hours. Food stamp rolls will balloon, and the ultimate goal is to make more people dependent on the government so they will continue to vote for whichever candidate promises the most aggressive expansion of collectivist government.

15) We will see the criminalization of preparedness activities as government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens. The storage of ammunition, firearms and even food will be outlawed in America. Preparedness activities will be considered acts of treason against the nation, and people will be arrested and imprisoned for “prepping.” The government, however, will continue to stockpile ammo, weapons, food and survival gear. But that’s only for government. All private citizens will be criminalized for such actions.

16) There will be riots in the streets, quickly followed by martial law and suspension of civil rights. This could be triggered by any number of incidents: financial crash, bank holidays, the announcement of Martial Law, food shortages, etc., but no matter what the cause, the riots will be used to further monopolize power in the hands of government by having government instigators join in and creating havoc through the use of explosives and/or discharging firearms. These actions will allow the media and the government to characterize all crowds as terrorists and open fire on protesters everywhere. Of course, it will accelerate the rise of the resistance.

17) Deliberate food shortages will be used as a weapon of government control. Food will be denied to areas that have a large number of resistance members.

18) Solar flares will be used as an excuse to disrupt communications.

19) You will be told the answer to all our problems is “MORE government!” No matter what happens in 2013 – 2015, you will be told that the answer is to have more government control more of your money and your life. The only reason we have problems today, we’re told, is because government doesn’t yet have enough control. If we would only give up our paychecks, our jobs, our private property, our rights and our freedoms, government could provide for everyone.

Thinking Americans know this has all been tried before in North Korea, China, Cuba, Angola, etc., with a result of disarmed populations suffering under the brutality of tyrannical communist regimes.

In any case, that’s the future unfolding before America. Obama has been installed in the White House precisely for the purpose of turning America into a communist nation. Will the criminal-in-chief be able to complete his plans? Perhaps, but not without a civil war that will make the first American Civil War look like a rugby match.

On a final note, there is also a chance of something else taking place, prior to all the events listed above, an event that would cement Obama's place in history. I won't go into the details because I don't want to be hassled by the FBI, but it would be similar to an American event that occurred fifty years ago. Think about it and remember, a zombie without imagination is like any other zombie. History repeats itself.

Born Like This

"We are
Born like this
Into this
Into these carefully mad wars
Into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness
Into bars where people no longer speak to each other
Into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings
Born into this
Into hospitals which are so expensive that it’s cheaper to die
Into lawyers who charge so much it’s cheaper to plead guilty
Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed
Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes"

— Charles Bukowski

Feet, Miles, & Acres

Why are there 5,280 feet in a mile? And why are nautical miles different from the miles we use on land?

Well, the basic concept of the mile originated in early Roman times (likely, the first millenium prior to the birth of Christ). The Romans used a unit of distance called the mille passum, which translates into "a thousand paces." Since each pace was considered to be five Roman feet — a bit shorter than our modern feet — the mile ended up being 5,000 Roman feet, or roughly, 4,850 of our modern feet.

So, how did we end up with a mile that is 5,280 feet? Let's look at the "furlong." The furlong wasn't just a unit of measure from horse racing; it originally came from the length of the furrow a team of oxen could plow in a day. In 1592, the British Parliament set about determining the length of the mile and decided that it should be made up of eight furlongs. Since a furlong was 660 feet, the total was 5,280 feet. Ta-da!

If the statute mile is the result of Roman influences and furlongs, how did the nautical mile arise?

A nautical mile originally referred to one minute of arc along a meridian the encircled the Earth. A meridian consists of 360 degrees, and each of those consists of 60 minutes of arc. Each of these minutes of arc is 1/21,600th of the distance around the earth. Therefore, a nautical mile is 6,076 feet.

The word "acre" gets its name from an Old English word meaning "open field." Like the mile, the measurement of an acre comes from the concept of the furlong. Remember, a furlong was considered to be the length of a furrow a team of oxen could plow in one day. Over time, the old Saxon inhabitants of England agreed that this area was equivalent to a long, thin strip of land one furlong in length and one chain — an old unit of length equivalent to 66 feet—wide. And that's how we ended up with an acre that's equivalent to 43,560 square feet.

Lastly, as the name implies, the foot was actually based on the length of the human foot. Romans had a unit of measure called a pes that was made up of twelve smaller units called unciae. The Roman pes was a bit shorter than our foot, around 11.6 inches. The 12-inch foot didn't become a common unit of measurement until the reign of Henry I of England during the early 12th century. Some scholars believe it was standardized to correspond to the 12-inch foot of the king.

That is how these standard units came into existence.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Socialism always leads to a profound loss of freedom and prosperity.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gun Control by the Left Is Not New

For many Americans, the raid on the Branch Davidian church outside Waco, Texas, represents the nightmare our government has become. On February 28, 1993 federal BATF agents arrived in force at the Branch Davidian complex. Although the state-controlled media painted a different story afterwards, they initially said the Davidians had failed to pay a small fine on a minor firearms charge.

Instead of knocking on the front door, they stormed the complex, opening fire with fully automatic machine guns without provocation (despite what the media reported), and ignoring the fact that there were women and children inside. The purpose of the raid (supposedly) was to arrest leader David Koresh, who could have been easily arrested outside the property on multiple occasions without incident.

But the ATF wanted to make a statement. They desired a confrontation. In the initial exchange, several church members and BATF agents were injured and killed. The BATF claimed the Davidians shot first, however the main exterior door showed 13 bullet holes coming from the outside in, and none going from inside out. This same door mysteriously disappeared and has never been found.

For 51 days, politicians and media vilified Koresh and the Davidians as ATF, FBI, and military special ops personnel surrounded the complex, cut off power, cut off phone service so those inside could not tell their side of the story. Essentially, agents of the US government laid siege to the church while the devout crouched inside.

It ended on April 19, 1993 when Delta Force agents, using A-1 tanks and firing from helicopters, flooded the building with a combustible gas and started a fire (later denied) that consumed the building and caused the deaths of 86 men, women, and children.

David Koresh was demonized as a lunatic, but the truth is, he was a devout man devoted to Biblical scriptures.

The Clinton White House never felt the need to ask permission from Congress before launching the raid, and Congress never raised a serious challenge to the White House's assertion of complete sovereignty. Our elected representatives and media provided the illusion of participatory government, while Janet Reno (Clinton’s Attorney General) and various anonymous and unelected underlings (Hillary Clinton) held the reins of government and abused their power on a horrific scale.

Our government treated the Branch Davidians as any totalitarian state might treat its most alienated subjects. It aggressively broke into their home, shot at them recklessly and mockingly defiled their graves. It blocked off their water and their communications with family, counsel and the press. It waged psychological warfare and showed no mercy -- even on the little children that were gassed. The handful of survivors were imprisoned and all were effectively dehumanized by the central state's lapdog press.

Since then, there has been no relief, no justice. Our government now wages war on gun owners, pro-life activists, home-schoolers, veterans, and evangelical Christians.

Hillary "What Difference Does It Make?" Clinton
The state fully intends to divide us and set us against one another in its unrelenting march into oppression. When anyone is victimized by the state, all who believe in and love the universal values of freedom, as well as the finer principles on which America was founded, have a moral obligation to oppose it.

Waco is a symptom of a greater problem. The continuity between the Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies on issues of civil liberties demonstrate something many people don't want to think about. America's police state is utterly bipartisan. It is designed to persist and indeed extend its reach with each administration, no matter the party in charge. In fact, the political party illusion serves to distract people from the real issue, which is the state's trampling of our liberties and the deliberate circumvention of constitutional rights.

Both Clinton and Bush, and now Obama have gotten away with massive prosecutorial abuses, federal police brutality and dramatic attacks on due process, all while the public argues over which side is the worse liar and who did what, when and where. Bush's Patriot Act was condemned by the left while he was in office, but Obama's and Clinton's assaults on privacy are ignored or encouraged. The right called Clinton's seizure of Elian Gonzalez tyrannical, but believe Bush had the "inherent authority" to detain and abuse people without trial or due process. The left laments how the mainstream media supported WMDs in Iraq, but kept silent when the media parroted Clinton's Kosovo war propaganda.

Obama's and Clinton's gun grabbing are decried as totalitarian by the right, whereas the Bush federal government got away with door-to-door gun confiscations in New Orleans after Katrina. The federal response to Katrina alone should have lost Bush all of his support among those who found Waco unacceptable.

The thing is, most Republicans and Democrats are for gun control. Additionally, neither has ever done anything significant to rein in the IRS. Just as Clinton's men helped to whitewash the massacre at Ruby Ridge, which occurred during the first Bush's presidency, Republican fixers were eager to help cover up the Clinton administration's crimes at Waco.

The idea that the Democrats are more sensitive to civil liberties is too absurd for words. Obama's abuses of power far outshine any of his predecessors.

What happened at Waco should remind us that Democrats are no more restrained than Republicans when it comes to being "tough on crime."

FBI sniper trophy pic.
If Americans are ever to regain their liberty, a political realignment must emerge that shatters the dishonest and distracting constructs of left and right, Democrat and Republican, and focuses instead on liberty versus the state. Asking a liberal what he thinks of Waco, or Obama's list of abuses might give you an idea of whether he tends toward liberty or statism. Asking a conservative about Iraq or the door-to-door gun confiscations in New Orleans after Katrina may provide similar illumination. Those of us who oppose mass murder must work together against the criminal, bipartisan, police state.

Much of this piece was taken from an article written by Anthony Gregory
Government agent posing on David Koresh's bike.

What Happened to Carlos?

This is an older article concerning the government murder of 76 men, women, and children at the Branch-Davidian complex outside Waco, Texas in 1993. It was written by David Hardy, a lawyer representing the survivors of the raid and subsequent fire that razed the church to the ground. David Hardy also testified before Congress as to what really happened on April 19, 1993. I have added nothing to the piece and re-printed it here in whole. Additionally, I have seen portions of the FLIR recordings mentioned in the article. At one time, they existed. Like much of the other evidence in the Waco case, the recordings have “disappeared”.

Lawyer Reveals Expert Witness Findings
David Hardy
April 30, 2000

David Hardy
David Hardy is an attorney who has been involved in civil litigation relating to the Waco raid of 1993. Hardy had significant dealings with Carlos Ghigliotti, an expert Congress had hired to review infrared film taken during the FBI raid of the Koresh compound. For the first time Hardy reveals what Ghigliotti told him about the film.

For the last year I have been privy to certain secrets which I was sworn not to reveal. For reasons I'll mention later, I am now released from my promise of secrecy.

The presence of FBI gunshots on the Waco FLIR [Forward-Looking InfraRed] videotapes has been news for the past few months, but the story had been sitting on media shelves for years before that time.

The FLIR videotapes were made by an FBI aircraft orbiting the Davidian building and show the scene as if it were a black and white video, in terms of heat and cold. The most important tapes were made on April 19, 1993, the day of the fire.

On that day, FBI swore again and again it did not fire a single shot and tried its best to keep Davidians from burning in the blaze.

My involvement in the Waco matter began in 1995, when a friend of mine contacted me about the case. Apparently "60 Minutes" had taken an interest in the aerial infrared footage and sent it to be analyzed by a private firm called Infraspection. While experts at Infraspection determined the blips of light on the footage were gunfire, "60 Minutes" decided not to air the story at that time.

I contacted Infraspection and they offered me the names of other infrared specialists who might be willing to take on the work.

They highly recommended Ghigliotti, who ran a lab in Laurel, Md.

Ghigliotti said that before he would put his name on an opinion, he would need a first-generation copy of the original FBI tape; he would stake his reputation on nothing less than the best material. At that point, the best we had were third-generation copies in VHS, so we had to let the matter go.

Three years later, in late 1999, I got a call from Ghigliotti. He needed some other Waco videos which I had pried out of the FBI and ATF.

He related that he had been retained by the House Government Reform Committee, chaired by Congressman Dan Burton, and was examining the FLIR tape under their authority.

Ghigliotti added that he had obtained a remarkable copy of the FLIR, a quantum leap above what anyone else possessed. He had discovered that, even when the FBI said it was passing out a first-generation copy, it was in fact giving out a copy, not of the original tape, but of a digitized "master copy."

Knowing that digitization compresses the image and discards detail, he had demanded and gotten a copy of the original 1993 tape, made in Super VHS with some format specifications which ensured it had all the sharpness and quality of the original.

By good fortune, I was flying to his area on some work anyway, so I arranged to visit him in his lab.

It was impressive. He had a bank of Super VHS recorders feeding a row of large monitors, and tapped into a pair of the hottest computers I'd yet seen. With this, and some hardware he had personally designed, he could coordinate two, three, or four different videos and show them in parallel, frame by frame; thus an infrared image could be played alongside a simultaneous video made in visible light.

He was a pilot, and used the arrangement to track things such as illegal water pollution (the polluting water is generally warmer than the river or bay into which it flows, and thus shows up on infrared, while the coordinate visible image makes it easy to spot the location.).

Ghigliotti had no politics that I ever noted, he was proud of his skill, and he was rigorously honest. He staked his reputation on every opinion, and made sure that it was unimpeachable.

In fact, he once mentioned, he'd been hired by the FBI in the past, and cited them as a reference. He would let the chips fall where they might.

Carlos Ghigliotti
Sitting there in his lab, I was a bit cautious about asking his opinion of the Waco tape. I got a feeling, though, when he remarked, "The only thing that pisses me off over this, Dave, is when I hear government officials lying about things that I know happened, because I've seen the evidence."

It was perhaps typical of him: A lack of honesty was more offensive to him than the prospect of official abuse or even homicide. Carlos lived by the truth and could not condone any failure in that arena.

Carlos Ghigliotti did offer me a few previews. He ran a portion of the FLIR video, which depicted events after an FBI tank had demolished the large room, commonly known as "the gym," at the back of the Davidians' home.

By this point, the gym was a field of construction rubble loosely attached to the main building. In the midst of the image a strange flash occurred, perhaps ten feet long.

I asked what it was — clearly it was too long for a gun flash.

"That's a bullet in flight," Carlos said. I knew that a bullet after firing is far too hot to pick up, but I'd never realized they could be seen in infrared. I asked him if he was sure.

"I've imaged them when I've flown over shooting ranges. I know what I see there," was his reply.

Carlos rewound the tape.

"Now, let's see what he was shooting at." He pointed to a spot in the gym wreckage. The unmistakable image of a human being was there, jumping up from behind the cover of one pile of wreckage and sprinting to dive behind another.

The bullet flash came just after he dove down.

"Missed him by half a second," Carlos said.

I almost gasped. On my FLIR copies — previously described as first generation, the best you could get — the flash was visible but the man was not.

Carlos' copy, and equipment — and his eye for detail — had found the holy grail.

He had proof that the FBI was lying.

FBI agents had dismounted from the tanks and engaged in a foot assault, invading the building.

"Yes," Carlos said, "they're lying."

He showed me another preview. This one was from ordinary color video, shot by telephoto media cameras from their position miles away. It was shot aftter the fire was already raging. The images were blurry and the angle shallow — bushes and tanks blocked part of the view of FBI agents moving around.

I'd seen the tape before, but Carlos' eye had seen what mine had not.

"Watch this guy here," he said, pointing to a specific human image on the other side of the parked tanks.

The agent moved, stopped ... and took a shooting stance. You couldn't see the weapon, but it was the stance of a man shouldering a rifle.

Then he turned his head toward the cameras, saw that he was on a line-of-sight with the media positions, and suddenly ducked down and lunged in front of one of the tanks.

That wasn't all. Carlos showed me another of the conventional video sequences.

From in front of one of the tanks came a long bright streak of fire, looking like a large tracer bullet.

"That's not a sunlight flash. I've imaged the same flash from videos taken at two ... no, three ... different angles," Carlos said. "I think it's the fuse on a pyrotechnic grenade."

Pyro shell.
The "pyros" are teargas shells, well known for starting fires.

I noticed that the angle of the flash was decidedly downward. Carlos explained that the FBI was shooting down into the Davidians' underground storm shelter, sometimes called "the pit."

I said wait a second ... the pit was the exit of the underground tunnel leading out of the Davidian house.

The tunnel was where the FBI (incorrectly) thought the women and children had been placed. So now the FBI is gassing what it thought was their only escape route out of the fire. Carlos nodded affirmatively.

Before I left that day, Carlos gave me another tip.

There is a soundtrack on the last FLIR tape — I should listen to it carefully. When I got back to my office, I did just that.

Before I was through, my jaw was sagging. FBI officials had admitted they stopped fire engines from responding to the fire, but only for a few minutes, until they thought it was safe for the engines to go in.

The soundtrack of the FLIR picks up their radio traffic that day. On the soundtrack, the commander at the scene is calling for fire engines, being told they are on the way, and hearing reports that none are arriving.

He finally gets so upset that he screams into the radio, "If you have any fire engines down there, get them up here immediately!"

He is told they will be there momentarily ... and none arrive.

Either he had been overruled by higher command, or the agents had gone insubordinate and were making sure the Davidians would burn. There was also a strange conversation about someone outside the building, and then pops that sounded like gunfire, and the FLIR aircraft pilot's asking another crewman "did you hear that?"

Carlos and I stayed in touch by telephone and e-mail. I sent him useful data when I found it, and kept my mouth shut.

By the end, Carlos told me that he had spotted nearly 200 likely gunshots, many at full auto.

The FBI hadn't merely fired shots on April 19, it had hosed down the back of the building with rapid gunfire.

Carlos had carefully plotted the movements of each shooter. He could now show shots from one location, the shooter moving to another, and shots from his new site.

At least two individuals were shooting, close in to the building, with others lending support from a distance. And, all the while, the FBI was giving out press statements claiming that the flashes could not be gunfire because no shooters were visible near them.

The FBI was digging itself deeper and deeper into the hole.

Carlos also told me that he'd seen FLIRs from nights before the gassing assault, and that it was apparent that the FLIR aircraft was being used to monitor the Davidians' water supply.

The water was stored in those big plastic tanks at the rear of the building, and the coolness of the water inside showed up as a darker area. It was apparent that the water supply was shrinking, and by April 19 was almost gone. He had heard the aircraft crew talking about it and noting that the level was going down.

So, essentially, they knew that thirst would force an end to the siege within a few days of April 19. Which also meant that the FBI officials had lied to Reno when they said the Davidians had plenty of food and water and the siege was unlikely to end soon.

During this time-frame, Carlos's name first cropped up in the press, as an expert for the House Government Reform Committee who had opined that the FBI fired shots. Strangely, the Committee distanced itself from its own expert, stating in the same article that his opinion was based on regular video rather than FLIR — which wasn't the case.

I asked Carlos if the Committee was abandoning him and covering matters up.

No, he replied, it was quite the opposite. He was briefing them on virtually a weekly basis.

They had uncovered a lot more information than he had. What he knew he couldn't talk about, except that one tiny part of it was that, not only the initial ATF raid, but the entire siege, had been funded out of money dedicated to the war on drugs.

One might say that the entire Waco affair was funded by official embezzlement, since all legal guidelines for use of those millions had been violated by ATF and FBI.

There were other things, he added. But these could simply not be let out.

They were sufficiently shocking to where the Committee was genuinely concerned that, if known, they might inspire violent retribution from radicals.

I said I'd heard statements like that — the truth about Waco could not be explored, for fear of violence, but discarded them as agency excuses.

Carlos said no — the fear is real, and it's not poppycock. The truth is really that grim. The Committee had not yet figured out how to reveal the truth without running this risk, and until it did, it had to disavow his work and sit on the other information.

Much of the data was in the hands of certain key reporters (a few of whom he named), and they were sitting on it for the same reason. But it would come out in time.

In March of this year, Carlos called with several more discoveries that truly sealed the matter.

He'd managed to spot when a hatch opened on the tank at the back of the building, and when a crewman got out of it.

That crewman then fired at an image of a man who fled back into the burning building. Carlos had said that the House Government Reform Committee knew the name of the FBI agent under that hatch. When his testimony was taken, he denied everything — but began shaking violently as he did so.

Carlos had another breakthrough. I'd spotted a strange flash on the tape, and for once had found one that he'd missed. While he was looking for that, however, he found some other flashes.

He told me that he could now link, by time and place, one of the conventional video images of an FBI agent taking a shooting stance, to the FLIR image of a gun flash at the same location and instant in time. The case was now open and shut.

Then, sometime in March of this year, his relationship with the Committee began to break up. I have only his side of the story on this. Apparently, the committee staff wanted quick results.

His response was that he had cataloged nearly 200 likely gunshots. To pin down each one to the certainty he required would take some more months. He wanted, not merely to say something looked like a gunshot, but that after examining every other possibility, after tying in the media videotapes and soundtracks, that there was no possibility it could be anything else.

He had reached that certaintly with some gunshots, but not with the rest. The staffers got into arguments with him. They wanted results, right then.

Some threatened not only to stop payment, but to sue him for what he'd already been paid. Chairman Burton himself called and tried to chew him out.

I urged him to stay on with them — this was vital, and politicos were often hard to work with, you just had to put up with them. He called back a day later and said he'd thought it over and, no, he had better things to do than work with people who threatened him.

He was going to give a preliminary report, brief majority and minority staff, finish his report on the gunshots of which he was certain, and present that with a list of all the things he had not been able to analyze.

On March 18, he faxed me a copy of his preliminary report, identifying when the FBI agent (described simply as an "unknown subject") exited the tank hatch, and the gunfire of which he was certain, together with a brief outline of the movements of the FBI shooters. (As it turns out, this fax is apparently the only surviving copy of that preliminary report, other than those given to the Committee.) In late March, he briefed the staffs.

It goes without saying that by this point, Carlos had become a rather dangerous commodity.

He had found the most solid of evidence that implicated virtually the entire FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and the FBI's high command, in clear perjury.

To the extent they were shooting and gassing in order to pin people in the fire, they were tied in on attempted murder, and accessory after the fact to attempted murder, as well.

Men were collecting government pensions who deserved to be in prison. The survival of HRT — the reputation and perhaps survival of the FBI — were on the line.

This was far worse than J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO, far worse than Watergate, and after years of covering up, the entire agency hierarchy was now stuck to the tar baby.

Now Carlos was no longer under the Committee's control; he was free to talk to whomsoever he chose. Indeed, he had already briefed one of the Davidians' attorneys, and was mulling over whether to testify in the wrongful death suit they had brought.

I've said that I had sworn secrecy, and that I'm now released from that promise. This is a rather long article, but there is a reason. It's in part a memorial for a feisty and totally honest guy I came to like a good deal.

On April 19 of this year, from a hotel room in Waco, I called Carlos to report a minor discovery I had just made at the scene. I got his answering machine, but when it came time to leave a message, the tape just said "tape finished. Thank you for calling."

I thought he'd run out of tape — never happened before, but who knows?

I tried again from time to time, with the same result. I sent e-mail asking him to call. No reply. Well, maybe he was out of town. He did have other court cases going, and had been talking about taking a vacation,

Early on April 29 I tried again, and this time nothing picked up; the phone just rang off the hook.

That afternoon I received a call. Carlos had been found dead in his office. (The press reports said in his apartment, but the address was that of his office; it was on the third floor of an office building, and had no living quarters.)

Perhaps his time was up. He was only 42, and looked in excellent shape (I bet he worked out), but he did have a Type-A personality. Whatever it was, the man most dangerous to a very powerful agency and scores of its agents had been removed from the scene.

The next day the House Government Reform Committee was quickly distancing itself from its own expert, a man who had been briefing it for months, had submitted his preliminary report a few weeks before, and had been briefing its staffs within the past two weeks.

An AP story quoted committee staff as saying that "Ghigliotti's work for the committee ended some time ago." Rumors were quietly placed that he was "controversial" and had been "fired by the Committee."

Let me set the record straight: I owe it to that honest man. In my phone log I have two calls from him, sometime between March 18 and March 23 (I often overlook writing in the new day). These are about 3-4 weeks before his death:

Notes on first call:

Kevin Binger, chief of staff to Burton, wanted report rewritten his way. Carlos needed stuff from locker (presumably Rangers' evidence locker or locker in custody of court) and committee refused to send him (Carlos) down there. [Again, the indication is that he's not fully broken off relations.]

Notes on second call: Shots from side of tank. He had been showing the FLIR of a tank hatch opening and a guy coming out of the CEV to the Demo staff members; they agreed that the hatch opened but some didn't agree they could see the person. They knew by name the person under that hatch. Guy dismounts and shoots at a Davidian. Something about audio track at another point says tank is in pursuit of an unidentified subject. [Word unclear, begins with C, likely "Congress"] only wanted his anomaly list [i.e., his list of thermal anomalies, rather than a study of each]. Over a hundred of those. Something about four gunshots. He suggested Demos might pay for analysis of the rest. Demos unaware. [As I recall, he said the minority staff had been kept apprised only of the major developments, and were surprised to learn of all the details.]

I had placed high hopes on the Congressional inquiry, but my trust level is rapidly declining.

Carlos had said that the Committee would let it all out eventually, that they were just keeping a distance from him in the press reports until that time.

But now he's dead, and the Committee is claiming falsely that he was fired and had not worked for them for some time. But for his fax, and a phone log, the story might pass muster and his discoveries be buried with him.

I'm beginning to wonder if Carlos wasn't a bit too trusting of his employers. There are ways to silence congressional oversight.

J. Edgar Hoover was a master of that... it was amazing what a few files on the pecadillos of congressmen could do. And so far, for all the thousands of pages of documentation the Committee has gotten — for the secrets they had uncovered, that Carlos takes to his grave, but considered so damning of the agencies that it might inspire another Oklahoma City — not one word has been revealed to the public, and no hearings are scheduled.

Nobody ever said that politics is conducive to honor. But Carlos deserved better — he was a genuinely honorable man.

Streets of Bakersfield

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2006 Triumph America.
"The physical distance between people has nothing to do with loneliness. It's psychic distance, and in Montana and Idaho the physical distances are long but the psychic distances between people are small, and in the coastal cities it is reversed. It's the primary America we're in. There's primary America of freeways and jet flights and TV and movie spectaculars. And people caught in this Primary America seem to go through huge portions of their lives without much conscious of what's immediately around them. The media have convinced them that what's right around them is unimportant. And that's why they're lonely. You see it in their faces. First the little flicker of searching. And then when they look at you, you're just kind of an object. You don't count. You're not what they're looking for. You're not on TV."

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Robert Pirsig

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Among The Stars

This exciting science fiction sequel follows the Harry Irons' Trilogy and acts as a fitting companion piece. Like the other Harry Irons' books, Among The Stars is now available as a hold-in-your-hand, industrial paperback book with startling full color front and back illustration! Order here.

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement could be the name of a popular musical group, but it’s not. Instead, it’s a weird concept and no one knows exactly how it works. The term is used to describe how subatomic particles can become correlated to predictably interact with each other regardless of how far apart they are, whether it be an inch or a light year.

Particles such as photons, electrons, or qubits that have interacted with each other retain a type of connection and can be entangled with each other in pairs, in a process known as correlation. Knowing the spin state of an entangled particle - whether the direction of the spin is up or down - allows one to know that the spin of its mate is in the opposite direction. Even more amazing is the knowledge that, due to the phenomenon of superposition, the measured particle has no single spin direction before being measured, but is simultaneously in both a spin-up and spin-down state. The spin state of the particle being measured is decided at the time of measurement and communicated to the correlated particle, which simultaneously assumes the opposite spin direction to that of the measured particle. Quantum entanglement allows qubits that are separated by incredible distances to interact with each other immediately, via communication that is not limited to the speed of light. No matter how great the distance between the correlated particles, they will remain entangled as long as they are isolated.

Entanglement is a real phenomenon (Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance"), which has been demonstrated repeatedly through experi-mentation. The mechanism behind it cannot, as yet, be fully explained by any theory. One proposal suggests that all particles were once compacted tightly together (as in the singularity state) and, as a consequence, maintain a connectedness. Much current research is focusing on how to harness the potential of entanglement in developing systems for quantum cryptography and quantum computing.

In 1997, Nicholas Gisin and colleagues at the University of Geneva used entangled photons to enable simple - but instantaneous - communication over a distance of seven miles.

Remember the teleporter device from the Star Trek television series? How did they do that? Well, they figured out quantum entanglement. How about in the real world? Are there any naturally occurring examples? Maybe. See the illustration below.

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Get a dose here.

Go to Hel-p Somebody Else Change

To those whom I have inadvertently or purposefully hurt over the years, please see this as an attempt to assuage the injuries you may have incurred. In that spirit, please click on the form below, save it to your desktop, print it out, and fill in the blanks. Maybe it will make you feel better. Ha!

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Black Swan Event

A Black Swan event is an event in human history that was unprecedented and unexpected at the point in time it occurred. However, after evaluating the surrounding context, domain experts (and in some cases even laymen) can usually conclude: “it was bound to happen”. Even though some parameters may differ (such as the event’s time, location, or specific type), it is likely that similar incidences have had similar effects in the past.

The term Black Swan originates from the (Western) belief that all swans are white because these were the only ones accounted for. However, in 1697 the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered black swans in Australia. This was an unexpected event in (scientific) history and profoundly changed zoology. After the black swan were discoverd, it seemed obvious that black swans had to exist just as other animals with varying colors were known to exist as well. In retrospect, the surrounding context (i.e., the observations about other animals) seemed to imply the Black Swan assumption – empirical evidence validated it.

The theory around Black Swan events was introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in 2007.

 15 Black Swan Events That Could Destroy The US Economy In The Next Year.

The Dog's Tail

Is Kim a threat? Don't think so.
According to the media, North Korea is sharpening knives and making provocative statements intended to instill fear and awe into the American public. All this going on, mind you, at a time in President's Obama's shaky presidency, when every day seems to bring on another revelation about the workings of the federals to overthrow the second amendment, to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, re-define marriage, to cover the murders of State Department personnel in Benghazi, and on and on and on. It's enough to make your head spin. So now we're being told North Korea is mad enough to start dropping nukes on Austin. Oh, please. There's a much larger chance the Department of Homeland Security will be kicking in your door to confiscate your firearms.

For one thing, Kim Jong Un's missiles can't get this far. Secondly, a nuclear response from the US could theoretically glass the entire country of North Korea. Little Kim knows that, too. So, why all the theater?

Good question. The broad answer is that the media is once again being used by the Obama administration in order to divert attention. From what, you ask? Well, the blatant lies that have been recently used and repeated in order to gain sympathy for the US gun grab. America is being transformed into a compliant country of brain-washed idiots. A Zombie Nation. I find them all around me, shuffling their way to the market, cell phones stuck to their ears, dressed in dazzling, rhinestone-encrusted blue jeans down here in Texas, railing about equality and social justice while paying for their new Tahoe with the money from their government entitlements (a two word phrase suggesting a pay-off of some kind in exchange for votes).

Don't be stupid, be like us.
"You're just being paranoid," they don't hesitate to tell me, "you're acting like a kook. How can you say nothing happened to those poor children?" I urge them, and you, to look at the evidence for yourselves. Certainly don't take my word for anything, but at least, check these matters for yourself. As a voting, concerned citizen, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to verify what our corrupt, in-the-bag media is conveying as truth.

My question is, why is the US government so intent on outlawing and confiscating weapons at this time in our history? There is a reason for it and it most likely has something to do with the ongoing push for a global government and the means to control the burgeoning population prior to the collapse of the world economy. Disarmament is a requirement. When people get hungry and can't watch NASCAR on ESPN, they're going to get testy.

Concepts of individual liberty are changing. Specifically, the changes are being forced upon us by those who think they know better. Look at this recent vid of Melissa Harris-Perry:

With pronouncements such as this, there really isn't much of a mystery as to what is going on. The power elite are afraid of us. They are afraid we will rise up with the sheer force of numbers and claw our way up their ivory towers and throttle their brittle necks for all the lies and all the mass murders, and the distortion of truth -- simply for the acquisition of power and the reinforcement of their phony-baloney jobs.

What -- exactly-- is so funny?
I mean, really, come on, do you think Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden or any of those other clowns are any smarter than you or I?

I read this morning where President Obama is traveling with eleven of the Sandy Hook families. He wants to keep these people close to him not only to help boost the gun control narrative wherever he goes, but also to keep an eye on them. Such a large conspiracy only needs to be kept under wraps until legislation is passed and laws are in place. Afterwards, they can legitimately come for those of us who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.

We are perched on a precipice. All signs point to the conclusion that a number of events are set to occur that will tip our teetering country into the molasses of full-on socialism and the creation of a world where God-given rights are disqualified as being too dangerous to allow.

It is an exciting time to be alive. If I am forced to drink Kool-Aid, make mine raspberry.

Edit: Two weeks ago, I wrote a movie review on this very blog for Olympus Has Fallen, a tale about a North Korean threat to the US. What a coincidence. Or not.