Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Manipulating, Mind-Reading Felines

Responding to doubters about Adzo's telepathic abilities, I have posted this picture of my talented feline as proof. While the picture was taken, Adzo was sending out messages telling me he wasn't feeling well. I have to admit it's not unusual for him to complain in order to gain attention. Don't believe me? Well, I managed to record a portion of Adzo's message and here it is. Okay then, any more questions about telepathic cats? I didn't think so.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Your Pirate Name Here

Why is Roger jolly?
And to think I didn't even know I had one. Go here to discover your very own pirate name. Yes, that's right, there is such a thing as conversion from English into piragleese and furthermore, some genius has coded it into a web site. According to the profile, my pirate name is Iron Tom Flint. My Chinese name, on the other hand, is Won Fien Yung Dood.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 Gets a Facelift

I pulled out all the fancy code at and re-wrote everything to make it simpler. It worked. Also, it looks better, but you can judge for yourself. Surf over to the re-designed site and let me know how you like it. Look for the wings of Isis while you're there.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Among The Stars Book Release

Among The Stars now available!

Today is the day the sequel to the Harry Irons Trilogy is released. Entitled Among The Stars, the story picks up where Minerva's Soul leaves off. Well, sort of. I don't want to ruin it for you, so for the time being I'll stay mum on story details. I will say that Among The Stars is just over 99,000 words in length and probably contains at least one of your favorite characters.

This was a special project for me for a number of reasons, but number one is my pleasure in offering the public quality science fiction that can be read without giving a reader tired head.

Among The Stars is only offered in ebook form and can be downloaded at either Amazon or Smashwords. In upcoming weeks, it will be offered at other fine online book dealers including Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel.

Finally, thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy Among The Stars!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Atopia Chronicles

Phuturenews predicts Neanderthal baby by 2023
Late last month, I was contacted by indie writer Matthew Mather who asked if I would take a look at his latest creation, a set of six novellas that Mather calls The Atopia Chronicles, set for release on August 11. I was intrigued by Mather’s interest in the approaching symbiotic relationship between man and machine as signified by the great change they tell us is approaching. It will be such a great change, they’ve given the moment its own name: the Singularity. Dramatic. Eh?

So, Matthew Mather has written a multi-part story that tells us what people will be doing as the Singularity draws nigh and let me tell you, it looks like we’re going to be busy. Author Mather has created a unique environment, named Atopia that physically consists of an island floating free in the Pacific Ocean. Atopia is a nation unto itself but all that national sovereignty business may not be required after the Singularity passes, which will occur as soon as the rest of the world logs into Atopia’s pssi net. Say what, you say? Pssi net, that’s poly-synthetic sensory interface for you noobs. The pssi is what makes it possible for individuals to access the virtual net and to experience the world, well, virtually, which of course, also means that many, many modifications can be made by and for individuals to suit their personal tastes. Imagine the possibilities.

But wait, there’s more. With all the different virtual worlds to choose from, we begin to understand that Atopia, via its computer scientists and business men and ladies, has supplied the means to access the multiverse. If it doesn’t turn out to be as much fun as one had imagined, one can always hit the panic button and return to base.

These alternate realities are referred to as phutures. A “phuture” is an alternate future reality branching off the present moment. As one of Mather’s characters tells us, “Some scientists, initially on the fringes, had begun claiming that these weren’t simply simulations, but had become portals into alternate parallel universes forward along our timeline…” Intriguing idea.

Matthew Mather has constructed the larger story into six smaller stories, the smallest pulling maybe forty pages on the Kindle and the largest at a hundred and fifteen. The stories are filled with interesting and memorable characters but take care in not confusing who is human and who is a computer construct. Mather describes the Atopia stories as “sidequels”, all starting at the same moment in time, so you can start by reading any of them in whatever order you choose. Each paints another stroke across the world of Atopia, eventually combining to solve the mystery that connects them. The suggested reading order is Blue Skies, Childplay, Timedrops, Brothers Blind, Neverywhere and the conclusion Genesis & Janus, although The Atopia Chronicles are styled to be read in any order the reader chooses. Choice, by the way, is a big deal in Atopia.

For a wild ride on a multi-layered track, try Matthew Mather’s The Atopia Chronicles. Available at Amazon. For more on phuture news, go here.

The promotional launch for the series is this weekend, August 11 and 12. During that time, "Blue Skies" may be downloaded for free, and the "Complete Atopia Chronicles" may be purchased for 99 cents.