Friday, March 23, 2012

Review of The Find by James Valko

The Find is a fast-paced adventure novel by author James J. Valko. Valko spins a tale that includes elements of science fiction, romance, ancient history, and intrigue while asking who is behind the curtain of the world stage and how they can manipulate not only worldwide perception but also entire governments.

The story starts with a group of archeologists working on a dig in the scenic Grand Canyon who uncover something extraordinary and wind up paying with their lives. That is, all but two of them. The protagonist of the book, Bruce Brackin, is a down and out reporter/photographer who is assigned by a corporate news organization to cover the news of what happened at the archeological site. Once on location, Brackin begins to discover that things are not as they seem; there is a cover-up that appears to involve the FBI investigators.

From that point on, Valko coaxes the reader along with a tale of corruption at the highest levels. But that’s not all. There are also fantastic elements at work here – (spoiler alert) a million year old mind-bending device that can essentially bestow consciousness-raising abilities on those who know how to use it.

Main character Brackin hooks up with a female archeologist who is wanted by the FBI as well as another set of mysterious characters who are well-equipped and well-financed. The ensuing chases and unraveling of the plot are slightly reminiscent of a Dan Brown book – not to mention the constant reminder of high level conspiracies.

The Find is Valko’s first effort in this genre and he does a decent job in telling his story. It is an extraordinary story, but that is one of the charming features that make such a tale fun to read. Valko is certainly familiar with the great conspiracy theories of our age as well as speculations on ancient history and quantum physics. One of the book’s themes is the possibility that ancient cultures may have been advanced beyond our wildest dreams and, the way Valko lays it out, it is fun to think about.

The Find is 316 pages and is presented by Fireside Publications. Available from Amazon in paperback and ebook for Kindle. More on Valko can be found at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do You Remember The Americans?

Standin' by a snow drift in the pale moonlight,
Hitchhikin' west on a highway at night.
Tryin' to get to Frisco, lookin' for my girl,
Here comes a trucker, hope he don't mind my long curls.
I remember years ago hitchin' this same road,
Never saw a trucker leave a man out in the cold.
Hitch-hikin' west at night.

No Riders sign on the window never meant a thing,
Nowadays they just roll on, lookin' kind of mean.
Kind of makes me wonder, scratch my head and kick the snow,
Four years overseas who are these strangers in my home?
Where are the country people does anybody know?
Do you remember the Americans, where did they go?
Were they simply bought and sold?

(Stephen Stills)