Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Confederate Heroes Day

Confederate Memorial Day is also called Confederate Heroes Day in Texas. It is a public holiday observed by the US states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas since the end of the American Civil War to remember the estimated 258,000 members of the Confederate States Army, Navy, Marines, and militia who died in combat while fighting the damn yankees. The day is also marked by observances in other states (God bless them.). It is observed in late April in most Southern states to recall the surrender of their last major field army at Bennett Place on that date in 1865. The war officially ended with the signing of Presidential Proclamation 157 on August 20, 1866.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Inverted Symbolism

An upside-down cross, or the inverted cross, is a symbol with a long history and, in modern times, divergent meanings. As its name implies, an upside-down cross is simply a Latin cross turned so that the crosspiece is closer to the bottom than the top. A person hanging on such a cross would be positioned head-downwards.

For centuries, the inverted cross was considered a Christian symbol, based on an ancient tradition that the apostle Peter was crucified upside down. One version of the story says that Peter, facing martyrdom by crucifixion, requested that his cross be inverted because he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as Christ. The upside-down cross, sometimes called the Cross of St. Peter or the Petrine cross, thus became a symbol of humility. The inverted cross is sometimes associated with the pope, who Catholics believe can trace his authority back to Peter. Artwork featuring the Petrine cross may contain an overlay of the “keys of heaven,” based on Matthew 16:19.

Recently, however, it is common for the upside-down cross to be used as a symbol of atheism, humanism, and the occult. Several black metal bands use an inverted cross to call attention to their supposed devotion to Satan. Upside-down crosses appear in horror movies such as The Omen and The Conjuring as a signal of demonic activity. The symbol crops up in tattoos, on pendants, and as a logo on t-shirts. Sometimes, it is accompanied by statements such as “Believe in Yourself,” “There Is No God,” “Black Mass,” or “Not Transformed.” In these contexts, the obvious intent of the inverted cross is to declare an opposition to Christianity. Turning the cross upside down becomes a means of denying the truth of Christ and mocking His sacrifice.

So, what is the meaning of an upside-down cross? It depends on the context. When the symbol is used in a church setting, it is most likely a reference to Peter and the manner of his death. In other contexts the inverted cross is often an anti-Christian symbol. In our fallen world, holiness is often mocked and what is good and pure is twisted by the “god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4). The cross, a symbol of Christ, is turned upside down to become a symbol of the devil.

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Just Beer

Hey! Are you out of control with your alcohol consumption? Find out here.

Climate Change -- Another Government Program

Environmentalists are being used by globalists to push the false propaganda of a threat to humanity and the Earth due to carbon emissions. Why haven't you figured out yet that the whole thing is a scam designed to replace western culture with beehive socialism? As a result, environmentalists are called “watermelons” – green on the outside, red on the inside. Red – as in Communist.

Well, environmentalism is now all about ending capitalism. Exaggeration?

The 1970’s Global Cooling Compilation – Looks Much Like Today: “A compilation of news articles on the global cooling scare of the 1970’s.”

Flash back forward – and it is suddenly, magically, Global Warming. Which – when the planet stopped warming nearly two decades ago – suddenly, magically became Climate Change. All (totally irreconcilable) variations on a theme. It’s the greatest scam on Earth.

The ultimate goal remains the same – to end capitalism. And the fuel of capitalism – is oil. Gut the oil industry – and you undermine the entire capitalist system. And they are always looking for new and inventive ways to do it. To wit:

The Dangerous Ideological Roots of Climate Disclosure: “Having failed in their attempt to paint energy companies with the same brush as tobacco companies, environmental activists have switched tactics and are now accusing publicly traded oil and gas corporations of hiding the true costs of climate change to their businesses. The effort threatens to change the current focus of financial reporting—which is to provide salient information to investors—and instead serve the policy agenda of liberal activists.”

The anti-capitalists are nothing if not resilient:

“It’s no surprise that global-warming activists are turning to financial disclosure as a political tool. Labor unions and environmentalists have become adept at using shareholder leverage to embarrass corporate managements, forcing them to spend time and money on compliance and defense, and steering them toward the activists’ social and political goals. However, attempting to subvert reporting requirements goes well beyond what these entities have attempted.”

And a consistent government assistant in the anti-capitalism movement – hails from very Lefty New York State:

Crazy enough to believe in climate change?
“They have enlisted New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman to lead the cause. Earlier this year, he announced that he is looking at whether Exxon Mobil ignores the true risk of global warming in evaluating its energy reserves. If global warming accelerates, Schneiderman’s logic goes, then Exxon would be stuck with fossil fuel reserves rendered worthless by future regulations or a concomitant reduced demand for oil.”

Get that? Schneiderman is attempting to punish ExxonMobil – for failing to properly guess and then calculate how much government will punish ExxonMobil in the future. Of course, he’s by no means the only government flunky in on this – the lackies at the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are too:

“In 2010 the SEC issued an interpretive guidance document to remind companies to disclose business risks created by climate change.(T)he SEC wanted companies also to disclose the potential impact of legislation, regulations, and international accords related to climate change on their businesses, as well as any negative effects on the production process or consumer preferences.”

The multitudinous layers of government demand companies accurately project the cost of prospective, as-yet-non-existent taxes, laws and regulations – that the multitudinous layers of government might at some point in the future impose.

Obnoxious? Absolutely. Hypocritical? More than a little. We can’t get government to accurately assess the damage done by the taxes, laws and regulations they have already foisted upon us, even though there is existing law requiring that they do so.

These are petroleum businessmen – not regulatory soothsayers. There’s only one way for them to know how much governments will damage them in the future. That is for governments to pledge to not damage them in the future.

But they are thoroughly ensconced in their propaganda – so I’m sure they aren’t holding their breath waiting for that -- but they should because, you know, the air is poisonous and such.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Moment Of Clarity

As a social integrating concept, diversity does not work. Diversity does not make us stronger. As a matter of fact, diversity helps to fragment communities and foment discord. Diversity does not work as an answer to social integration. I mean, think about it. You want to throw Jews and Muslims together in a Chicago high-rise? No! Of course not. So why would we insist on throwing together other "diverse" groups whose members, or at least a portion thereof, hate one another for racial or religious reasons? Heck, I generally can't stand government workers. I sure don't want to live beside one. Diversity. Ha! What a load of steaming animal byproducts.

The wise and judicious Democrat US Senator Al Franken of SNL fame.

Maxine Waters is still calling for the President's impeachment on NO GROUNDS at all other than disagreement with his politics and his skin color. I'm sure Maxine will soon pick up on the next news piece:

Twenty-five researchers made a drastic break away from ethical standards by meeting at Yale University on Thursday to discuss evidence questioning the commander-in-chief’s mental health. The "experts" were unanimous in their conclusions that the president suffers a combination of personality disorders and they defended their conclusions by saying it was their ‘ethical responsibility’ to warn the American public about the ‘dangers’ Trump poses to the country. They insisted the president displays anti-social, narcissistic and chauvinistic tendencies that, they believe, are grounds for impeachment.

On a side note, I feel that the government should pay off my mortgage and buy me a new pickup because I have put up with bitter and self-centered relatives and bosses my entire life. I deserve a break and a position of great importance.

I keep wondering about the Bible verse written on Aaron Hernandez' forehead. Was it written backward? Did he use a mirror or maybe he had one of his pals in jail ink it for him. John 3:16 was the verse. Ya think somebody snuck in there and killed old Aaron and made it look like a suicide? There's a pretty good chance that's the way it went down. Edit: now the MSM is saying Hernandez may have offed himself because he wanted to hide the fact he was secretly gay. Speaking of which, in a recent interview, Kaitlyn Jenner (aka Bruce Jenner, Kat to her closest friends) says if you go after the transgender community, then she'll go after you. To my knowledge, I have no transgender friends, neighbors, or relatives. It has never crossed my mind to "go after" one of those people.

If you're a member of the Democratic Party, for all intents and purposes, you are a communist. If you voted Democrat in the last election, your ideology identifies you as a communist. My guess is, you have no problem being labeled a communist because you have no sense of history and little to no regard for freedom. Also, you probably think Hillary is the smartest woman in the world which permanently marks you as a total idiot. You should subscribe to Maxine Waters' Youtube channel.

I don't think Bill O'Reilly is much of a loss to the conservative side. He will be replaced by half a dozen others with better temperament and brains.

Nationalism is on the upswing, in case you haven't noticed. Lots of liberal hand-wringing over the new perception. Yet, with all that said, it's best to remember, Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Thank you, Mr. William Muny, for helping to clear the bar after closing.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Texas Rat Snake

Texas Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoleta lindheimeri)

I ran across one of these critters today while looking for a, oh well, never mind. These types of snakes are good to have around so I wished him well and we parted company. Here's the lowdown on the Texas rat snake.

The Texas rat snake is one of the most commonly encountered species of non-venomous snake in North Texas and this is especially true for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These are large snakes capable of growing more than 77 inches (2 m) in total body length. The largest individual recorded measured 86 inches (2.18 m). Despite their size, Texas rat snakes are non-venomous and pose no threat to humans. This species is highly adaptable to a wide range of environments including forest, grasslands, suburban areas, and even locations within an urban setting.

The presence of this snake in any setting near human habitation is a strong indicator that rodents such as rats and mice are also in the vicinity. These snakes are effective and efficient predators of disease spreading rodents. Diseases such as the plague and Hantavirus can be fatal to humans and have been identified from rodent nest in the Tarrant County. Fortunately, snakes are immune to these and do not transmit the illnesses to people. Asides from disease, rats and mice are responsible for damage to buildings, crops, and homes. Because of the benefit this snake serves, it should not be killed or molested.

Texas rat snakes are excellent climbers and there have been occasional reports of Texas rat snakes climbing the sides of brick walls on buildings. This can be the result of the snake-detecting the presence of rodents, which often seek shelter in attics. This species will also climb trees in pursuit of eggs, birds, and squirrels. In many rural areas where poultry are maintained this snake has earned the common name ‘chicken snake’. This is due to the snake’s enthusiasm for freshly laid chicken eggs and chicks.

Texas rat snakes use constriction to kill their prey. Upon encountering a prey item, the snake strikes out, secures a grip with its teeth and immediately wraps its body around the animal. Once the coils are around the animal, the snake flexes its muscles as the prey exhales. This prevents the prey from inhaling another breath and it eventually dies of suffocation. Once the prey is dead and unable to resist, fight back or present a health risk to the snake, the rat snake begins to feed.

Texas rat snakes are bold and ready to defend themselves from perceived threats. When approached they may vibrate their tail; raise the front portion of their body off the ground in an ‘S’ shaped configuration, hiss and sometimes strike. Striking and biting are often a last resort after being harassed. If the snake is grabbed it will usually bite and smear fecal matter onto its captor. The wound caused from the small needle-like teeth of this species to the hand is superficial at most. Often the bite mark is gone within a day or two.

As seen in the photographs, adult specimens can be variable in coloration from one location to the next. Specimens found in the eastern portion of the state often bear a dark gray base coloration while those encountered in the oak woodlands of central Texas display a more yellowish tint. Despite the regional variations in color, the flesh between the scales of this snake is reddish orange.

Unfortunately, this beneficial and harmless species is often confused with venomous snakes such as copperheads, cottonmouths and western diamondback rattlesnakes. Because of its size, this species has also been the source of many ‘boa and python’ sightings. This is not because Texas rat snakes are difficult snakes to identify, but instead because the individual making the claim is not familiar with snakes native to Texas.